Wii U Developer Shin’en Praises The Console

Shin’en’s Manfred Linzner recently took the opportunity to sit down with UK gaming publication GamesTM to talk about Wii U and development. The developer behind Nano Assault Neo said that the console’s development environment enabled them to make the game is a fairly short space of time. Linzner then went on to praise the Wii U GamePad saying that they were still able to maintain solid 60FPS without much effort on both displays. Here’s what he had to say.

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exfatal1987d ago

this is awesome news, plus i didn't no nano assault had local two player with gamepad. def wanna pic this up. Cant wait to see a bigger game pushing the wii u's limit. Square was always good at getting the best outta Nintendo systems, along side the obvious Nintendo

herbs1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

High praise for balanced hardware that Nintendo has been known for since the days of Gunpei Yokio...
And crickets, I guess this isn't really news after all ;)

decrypt1986d ago

Wii U Developer Shin’en Praises The Console

Thats because he knows...

(Console gamers.. Dont care about graphics.)

ElectricKaibutsu1986d ago


Whoa! Didn't see that coming!


HateFanboys1986d ago

Once again, its some psn/xbl/wiishop game developer kind of praising it. "yeah, its kind of easy to program for and yea i like the gamepad". Yeah, that settles it, its ultra super power and much better than 7-8 yrs old current gen systems. Where are all the triple-A game developers? Oh yeah, they are the ones actually telling us the truth about it

gapecanpie1986d ago ShowReplies(1)
PopRocks3591986d ago

Good news; no buzz. Thanks for your consistency N4G!

live2play1986d ago

developers that work on console show PRAISE "this is bias ofcourse they would say good things"

developers who havent even touched the system "i dont understand it, its weak"
this guy is telling the truth!

EddieNX 1986d ago

It's plain and simple what is happening.

Developers are trying to shoe horn xbox 360 code onto wiiu in a cheap attempt to cash in on new console owners.

Nano assault is either native 1080p or 720p with full AA because it looks sharper than Chuck norris' elbows. ANd it runs 60FPS 2 on multiplayer which is the same as 120FPS...

The game looks incredible for a 60FPS game and the planets (biotic speheres or what ever they are) look amazing. You can see the wiiu's GPU in action.

To all Sony/MS drones. Why do you think CoD on wiiu looks the same as it does on 360 ? BECAUSE IT'S THE SAME GAME. No effort has been made to make it look better.

Some developers have issues with the CPU when PORTING archaic 360 code onto it.

But I can 100% guarantee you , there is gunna be a LOT of silly looking trolls when the wiiu hits it's stride and looks a lot closer to ps4 and 720 than you might of expected. lol.

I will still be buying a ps4 anyway. (unless they don't block my used games)

MasterCornholio1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )


"But I can 100% guarantee you , there is gunna be a LOT of silly looking trolls when the wiiu hits it's stride and looks a lot closer to ps4 and 720 than you might of expected. lol."

Well a lot of people said that about the Wii but that didnt happen. The best thing to do is to wait and see what happens but i have a feeling that the Wii U will be another Wii in terms of how powerful it is compared to other next gen consoles.

P.S Isnt it strange that Nintendo fans are defending the graphics of the Wii U more than the gameplay possibilities of the controller? Funny i guess this gen Nintendo fans care more about graphics than gameplay since visuals is the only thing that they seem to talk about.

N4g_null1986d ago

@cornholio most wii owners had a pc and a wii. Grahics whores getting the job done. We are talking about graphics because they are good. We always talk about local multiplayer.

On top this game is really fun. Two people without a split screen is pretty crazy. I want more levels damn it!

I mean if the dolphin emulator ever makes it to the wiiu you will get toseesome real art that isn't hiding behind z brush and over detailing. Plus the games are actually fun.

I'm loving what these Indys are doing sure I could have got it on steam but steam doesn't have wiiu game pad support yet. Can not wait for shield, it should be fun.

I'm sure something will come out that is good enough for you eventually.

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DivineAssault 1986d ago

i wonder what new games its going to receive this year.. Indie games should flow in like crazy but upcoming multiplats is what it needs..Their 1st party exclusives will come in at some point no doubt but support from 3rd party publishers is uncertain..

Neonridr1986d ago

Absolutely. The Wii U definitely needs some strong 3rd party support and as it stands it looks like big titles like GTA V, Bioshock Infinite and Crysis 3 are skipping the system - at least for now.

But Nintendo should have a few cards up its sleeves still.

Nevers0ft1986d ago

Isn't everything releasing outside of Q1 still wrapped-up in Nintendo NDAs? I suspect they're holding back on announcing anything for Q2 onwards until they think the time is right.

Zodiac1986d ago

This is great news. I think it's a great console. It has the potential to the be the home of some truly creative games.

It is also getting lots of praise from indie developers, and indie devs are making some great games these days. It seems Nintendo is making the eshop very indie friendly, which can only be good.

The Wii had many gems, but they did not receive the attention they deserved. I hope this changes with the Wii U

I really think developers and consumers should think of the potential of this console and give it a chance.

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