An Open Letter to the Jiggle Physics and Digital Boob Gods

Beverly K from the D Pad D Bags says that Female video game characters should be beautiful, sexy, and elegant, just like the real things.

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LackTrue4K1921d ago

That reminds me, if the most recent Soul Caliber game is cheap now...?

Snookies121921d ago

I got lucky for Soul Calibur V. They had a Best Buy deal for the collector's edition brand new, for $19.99 US Dollars. I think that's about how much the regular game is now though.

DivineAssault 1921d ago

i personally liked 4 better than 5 but it was still good..

Flavor1919d ago

And while we are at it, let's recast all blockbuster Hollywood movies with short, dumpy women with no figure but great personalities.

Erimgard1919d ago

I get the point...but this was written in a really annoying and cheesy way that just seemed to counteract the entire mentality of maturity...

j-blaze1919d ago

i mean of all female characters in games he mentioned Elena and Chloe... that made me feel sick

Riderz13371919d ago

*Cough* Naughty Dog *Cough*. Oh I'm sorry, did I just cough Naughty Dog in your face? Hope you get the flu.

ShaunCameron1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

SMH. And they're not even playable characters, barely consequential to the overall story line of the game.

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