Earth Special Forces - New DBZ Mod for Half-Life Trailer Looks Epic, Puts To Shame Commercial Games

DSOGaming writes: "In December, we shared with you a teaser trailer for Earth Special Forces, a DBZ mod for Half Life that has been under development for quite sometime. As promised, the team behind it has released a full length video that literally puts to shame most commercial DBZ games."

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Snookies121792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

That... Was freaking awesome... This is actually going to be playable at some point? Forget retail DBZ games, these guys know what they're doing. (Perhaps guy? Not sure how many are working on it.)

john21791d ago

true, this is what a DBZ game should be. Lots of particles, explosions, and punches

Shadonic1792d ago

I remember this game aww yea i cant wait