Why do we play?

Michael Mar From Capsule Computers wrote :

Now before you just look at the title and think “Oh, here comes some philosophical existential bullcrap” I think it’s worth stopping to think about the most basic of reasons why it is we play video games. The industry still constantly in a spotlight of negativity in the wider media for inspiring violence, breeding social ineptitude, encouraging children not to eat their vegetables and blah blah blah.

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militissanctus1890d ago

I play because, unlike a book or movie, you experience and influence the world around you in a video game. That's much more powerful to me than taking it all in as an observer.

masterabbott1890d ago

lots of good games have lols which ones are your favs?

ZacE1890d ago

I play because I can.

Spike_4141890d ago

I mainly play for the Story structure of games too, but I find alot of multiplayer sections of games like Mario Party enjoyable. Seriously, they make GREAT drinking games.

masterabbott1890d ago

i agree with you on that one a good story is what drives me forward to play.

coaidant1890d ago

Video games are a way of life

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The story is too old to be commented.