DmC - Dante With White Hair! Son Of Sparda Mode

Check out Dante with white hair... for real this time! Son Of Sparda mode gameplay.

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vork771792d ago

still not the dante we all love he look like a poser now

WeAreLegion1791d ago

Play the game. Stop complaining. He actually has the same attitude as he always has. Doesn't care... Just wants to kill demons...

He doesn't look like a "poser". A "poser" is someone who is trying to be something they are not. Dante doesn't really care what people think of him.

Temporary1791d ago

Hating on the new DmC is the cool thing to do by a very vocal minority on this website.

Their opinions count of course, but if you've already convinced yourself you werent gonna like it months ago, then why keep going after the articles ... lol...

just let us enjoy our game and be excited, dont keep jumping down our throats with your lame reasons to be disappointed.

We're gamers, we just want to play a game. What are you?? definitely not gamers since youre not even giving this reboot a chance...

vork771791d ago

i hate crapcom all together i have other games beside crapcom games to play

VsAssassin1792d ago

If only NT wasn't so arrogant in most of their past interviews (mostly Antoniades, I know), and if they only told fans that, "Dante won't have silver hair by default, but you'll be excited about our unlock bonuses.", unlock bonuses include, of course, switching to Dante's silver hair, then fans would've looked forward to this game instead of hated it at the onset.

Still, kudos for NT for garnering rave reviews on this game. I hope they can also show humility next time.

NovusTerminus1792d ago

It's not the hair... I just wrote this reply to someone wanted a "deeper" look at what is wrong with the gameplay. And thankfully, I am one CTRL + V away from using it again!

Mostly the "Just" system is messed up. Just Parry / Just Dodge gives you a full 30 frames to do the action making it super simple to use them and are no longer a "skillful" move.

Demon Dodging is broken because of this, when someone swings you have 30 frams or 1 entire seconds window to roll, and get a large, but timed power up that enables a SSS combo with one move.

The issue here is that the SSS will not drop until you get hit, meaning you can walk around and do nothing but not lose your combo at all.

Just Parry (Took the place of Just Guard and Just Release from Royal Guard) also gives you 30 frames to do, but not only that, if I recall correctly you don't even half to be attacking the that enemies direction to counter them. Making it a 360 degree parry. Also note that Osiris' prop shredder completely breaks this.

Jump Canceling also loses it's effectiveness due to the long windup for attacks you have to slow down allot, but it's all ok because the enemies will float for about 60 frames or 2 seconds before they fall, and the hitbox for the jump cancel in also very large, upto 2x or 3x the enemies size.

Combo's are now long by default, meaning you don't have to work to string them together since it takes them a while to stop on their own, you no longer have to try to link everything so perfectly.

Also the fact that everything floats in the air means that you can stay in the air by using Rebellion or Osiris to launch the enemy upward and snatch yourself to them even higher. If the enemy falls, either A use the whip to bring them back, or B use Osiris O button to bring them all the way back up to you.

This is a brief look into it, but I think it gets some points across.

DragonKnight1792d ago

That's the thing many don't understand. With Devil May Cry it was fun trying to perfect and devise new combo methods to get that SSS rating. With DmC there's no effort in it. Like you said, the combo animations are long so you don't need to do much to get a good combo rating. Why do people like games with no challenge these days? Thank goodness for the Souls series. I really hope Shibuya doesn't mess that up.

N4GDgAPc1792d ago

Later in the game it actually does get a little challenging. I garented your first time through you won't get SSS very much because you get hit alot. I played it on harder difficulty right away though. Don't know if its the same as in normal. For a game that is supposly really easy I did die quite a bit in the game. They mix different enimies together at once which make it challenging at times. If I had a somewhat challenge on hard mode I expect by the last difficulty mode it will be very challenging. Probly not throw your controller and break a few of them type of game but maybe you crack your controller^^

WeAreLegion1791d ago

I take it you didn't play the game on a higher difficulty? Try getting those combos on Hell or Hell mode.

izumo_lee1792d ago

This video i think is a good description on why this 'New Dante' probably will not be as loved as the old Dante. The dude makes very good points on the differences & what made the original Dante so endearing to fans of the series. Take a look & you be the judge.

Why DmC's Dante is a Bad Character

DragonKnight1792d ago

I posted that in another thread and still no one has commented on it.

izumo_lee1792d ago

I do not know why cause the guy makes such excellent points about new Dante. When i played the demo of DmC i immediately knew i was not gonna buy this game cause how unlikable this Dante is, as well as the gameplay just didn't feel right or what i expected from a Devil May Cry game.

Sure the game may be good like many critics are saying it is, but i am old school & i appreciate a games 'roots' rather than opt for change for the sake of change.

The made a very sad point at the end of his video. We may NEVER see old Dante & his world ever again & that is very sad to know. That image of him walking away without saying a word in Devil May Cry 4 may be the last image we ever see of him.

DragonKnight1792d ago

I know, I saw Dante walking away as Nero asked if they'd ever meet again and it was actually pretty sad. DMC4 had the best version of Dante in my opinion and it would be a terrible waste to see that light hearted joker with the carefree attitude just disappear for such an ugly, crude, boorish, douchebaggy, joker smile looking guy like Donte.

I'm old school as well and I think there are some things that should be shown respect and Dante has been seriously disrespected because of this new DmC game. It's a real shame and it's all because of Capcom's arrogance and laziness with DMC4.

N4GDgAPc1792d ago

Even though I like the original Dante better I did like the new one a lot. People that still call him emo need to look at him again. They changed him enough he doesn't look close to emo. And if you added the white hair he almost looks like dante original.

I look at this differently though. This was him at his younger stage. even younger than what he was in DMC3. He isn't that carefree attitude yet. And if you actually play the game you can see his attitude changes. He is only crude in the beginning not caring about life. He actually at the end seems like he cares more than ever what original Dante was which in some asspects was kind of wierd coming from Dante form.

Its like in dmc2. I look at that as he older and wiser. He doesn't go around like he use to because he is more mature. He is older in dmc2 than dmc4 which is why he still has that care free attitude.

WeAreLegion1791d ago

Dante is still care free.


How hard is it for you people to just play the freaking game? Honestly. I don't get it. It's a fantastic game and Dante is just as lovable as ever. He has the same attitude. You're just judging him, based on how he looks. A bit low, don't you think?

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sarshelyam1792d ago

I kind of feel the new Dante is much like the Dante from favorite of the series. There's certainly plenty more F-bombs and crude humor slung about, but I really can't get behind this video and its over-reaching attempt to discredit a character we've already seen in the series.

DMC3 Dante = arrogant & insufferable
DmC Dante = arrogant & insufferable

Murad1792d ago

I haven't played the latest DmC, but I think it's quite the opposite. DMC3 Dante had more style and far more insults that were actually insults.

DmC Dante as far as the demo goes for me, seems to be more of, F this type, or F that type, rather than the Dante from 3.

DragonKnight1792d ago

@sarshelyam: DMC3 Dante was far wittier and far less of a douchebag than Donte. What kind of fool thinks punching a guy and writing "F*ck You" as a name is in any way remotely funny, or witty?

N4GDgAPc1792d ago

I actually think original dante would do something i like though. He has that attitude to me. Capcom just wouldn't show something like that. How his attitude is in dmc3 I wouldn't be suprised he is the type that says swear words off screen^^ It just capcom wrote around that word where NT just made it realistic. And really when I heard complaints about bad language everywhere in this game I was thinking it was a fest of cuss words everywhere. There isn't very much of it.

He says shot couple times but its what almost everyone says when something bad is about to happen. What word do u think is said the most right before you get in a crash? Oh Shot!

-Gespenst-1792d ago

That video is just perfect. Everybody needs to see it.

1792d ago
Gamer-Z1792d ago

How he should have looked from the start

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