DmC: Devil May Cry Review [Capsule Computers]

Dustin Spencer from Capsule Computers writes: "Over two years ago, Ninja Theory and Capcom came together and announced DmC as a full reboot for the Devil May Cry franchise, causing the entire fanbase to erupt in anger. Dante sported a much shorter haircut, donning short, black locks - and his attitude reeked of a new found arrogance that this group just couldn't get past. Since then, this one title has triggered numerous debates and controversy, adding in more ammunition for the distrusting public to use against Capcom.

Judgement day has finally come. Dante is back, and like it or not - DmC is the best Devil May Cry to date. That is a bold statement to start off a review - but hear me out. Changing a character doesn't hurt a franchise when it is done right, and that is exactly what Ninja Theory achieved with this new and improved version of the much loved IP. Go ahead. Lay those pitchforks and torches down, as we present to you our review of DmC: Devil May Cry."

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anime_swag_pro1791d ago

The new dante is pretty much the only male video game protagonist I have ever found to be actually sexy.

Pozzle1791d ago

I thought old Dante was sexier. He had a nicer face and body. :O

anime_swag_pro1791d ago

True true. But I've always had a weakness for black hair.

Pozzle1791d ago

I liked him best in his leather chaps and weird I guess I'm not the best judge of attractiveness either. lol

pompombrum1791d ago

Question, how many times have you watched the twilight movies? And be honest.

anime_swag_pro1791d ago

Never. Just because I find someone to be sexy doesn't mean it is an insult to you. His personality is still shit. Doesn't mean he isn't nice to look at so long as he doesn't open his mouth.

DragonKnight1791d ago

His mouth when he smiles looks like this though...

Or this...

That's sexy?

DevilVergilX1791d ago

Good for them on the reviews. Still not buying it though lol. Boss only took 2-4 mins at times and the ending sucks

Hanso1791d ago

agree game is too easy 30fps terrible writing etc.
this doesnt deserve getting even used

pandehz1791d ago

Lol did a console gamer just talk about 30fps being an issue?

Hahahahahaha ok

DragonKnight1791d ago

yes pandehz, a Devil May Cry fan who's played Devil May Cry in 60FPS even just a few years ago talked about 30FPS being an issue. What, you don't think console games have higher than 30FPS? Take your fondness of casual games and go play them with your little brother.

coaidant1791d ago

I had my doubts at first, but I guess Team Ninja pulled it off