And That's Why You Don't Mash

Davis from Denkiphile Gaming: "Mashing’s bad. It’s really bad. Not only does it wear out your controller or arcade stick, but you’re actively putting yourself into sticky situations – especially if the opponent knows you're mashing. In the next video, I’m playing against another friend, who’s using Sagat, and he’s constantly mashing on his Tiger Uppercut, otherwise known as the standard panic button. Think of this as a PSA. Of course, I had already jumped beforehand (by accident), but you can clearly see how a mistaken ultra will lead to (unnecessary) damage."

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RuperttheBear1951d ago

So some guy beats his friend on SF, and it becomes news?

profgerbik1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Can someone pay me to sit around and write nonsense like that? I will gladly spend 24/7 doing it.

black9111951d ago

If anyone knew I was reading this.