Dead Space 3 THE EG-900 SMG GameStop Pre Order Bonus Video

Gamestop has a sweet pre-order bonus, the Eg-900 SMG for those who order the pending Dead Space 3 and do some serious shredding.

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dazzrazz1798d ago

I'll buy this game used when it hits below $30 just because they put some stupid retail pre order specific guns and online pass :D

HarryMasonHerpderp1798d ago

My thoughts exactly.
Sick of this DLC BS.
EA just can't get enough of it.

Rhezin1798d ago

SMG? uggh this is getting more and more happened to this series? They get a new game director from COD or something?

Alos881798d ago

Technically this series has always had something like an SMG in the Pulse Rifle.

ame221798d ago

Does anyone else find it cheap for Isaac's voice actor taking part of this gamestop deal?

Garethvk1797d ago

I wish they would just make it so you can get the gun or bonus item regardless of where you buy it from. EA is still getting paid, why should people who buy from Amazon or another locale be locked out?