The Mass Effect and Dragon Age Crossover We All Wanted

Ever wondered what the Mass Effect crew would look like in the Dragon Age universe? Well now you don’t have to thanks to an epic art piece depicting almost every crew member and the Normandy.

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AztecFalcon1596d ago

Jack looks so much better as an elf.

PrimeLantern1596d ago

Was never a big fan of Jack but being a blood mage and a rogue elf apostate just works so much for her character.

crazy_man1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Is that you Garrus?

How did you level up even more in badassry!?!

prototypeknuckles1596d ago

my only problem is, how the heck could this even happen, i mean i guess time travel could be it, but time travel always creates paradoxes and loophole.

greatcrusader441596d ago

Don't question it, just... enjoy

Tr10wn1596d ago

wow great job, 2 of my favorite games and this wallpaper is perfect.