Crysis 3 - Final Box Art revealed

Box art reveal.

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dazzrazz1890d ago

In today's gaming world even a box art can become a instant article !!!

KingPin1890d ago

if the ps3 version and x360 version had 2 different covers, they'll compare that. heck, they'll even compare the graphics of both of them.

this site has really dwindled quality wise from 7 years ago.

delicia1890d ago

Yeah, the news here are getting weak. Do you guys know any other gaming news website? I mean, that updates almost instantly and has quality.

1890d ago
brettyd1890d ago

Place holder cover was much better.

animegamingnerd1890d ago

are't most place holder covers better

AznGaara1890d ago

It really is. I mean logically its easier to read the "Crysis 3" title in the placeholder because the background gives a better contrast.

Perjoss1890d ago

I love this website (see my links) lots of fan made box art, and they don't always make sense, some are just for fun, for example fan made box art for Gears of War on PS3 ( ).


torchic1890d ago

that looks friggin sick! can't wait to get my hands on it, nearing my Crysis 2 platinum trophy!

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The story is too old to be commented.