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Ninja Theory’s first crack at the Devil May Cry series is a huge sucess in DmC: Devil May Cry, out this week.

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vork771889d ago

i rather take the blue pill so my reality is this game was never made

Heavenly King1889d ago

Capcom is spreading the love (money) with all the review sites lately.

RankFTW1889d ago

I'm sure Capcom have paid off every review site so far...

League_of_Draven1889d ago

I know you're still butthurt and in denial (especially now that you've found out that this game is really good) but acting like Capcom actually paid people off for reviews is stupid. Resident Evil 6 got low reviews from places like gamespot and such. If Capcom was really going to pay someone off then it would be during the time that RE6 came out since it's the bigger franchise with a lot of movies.

Face it, the game is good. Enjoy your tinfoil hats btw.

AdmiralSnake1889d ago

You both are honestly pathetic. If you're gonna list such claims, provide the proof to back it up.....wait none.

The media believes the game is good, accept it and move on. By logic, they would need to pay them for every single Top tier franchise they pump out.

It's sad how people get so angry over a good game getting good scores. Lol gamers this general is terrible.

RankFTW1888d ago

Maybe I should have put /s at the end of my post, had this game paid for for months now heh.

kingPoS1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Is that so?

kingPoS1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Wow you guy's really want this game to fail...
Is that how it is now?

You guy's don't deserve the innovative efforts of AAA developers. No! you deserve more & moar Call of Duty, more & moar Madden!

I can just imagine that reaponse.

[What!! This can not be! Thy new Devil May Cry hath attained a most favored response. Come my fellow companions! We must reveal the falsehood therein unseen.]

Or something like that. lol

VINNIEPAZ1889d ago

I know right? Its funny how most gamers WANT their own hobby (gaming) to fail. Its like if its not what they like they try to hate on others for liking it instead of just saying, "Un not for me but you guys have fun"

I cant fucking stand COD/Halo games but at least I stay out of their way and let them have their fun. Whats the point in hating?

zerocrossing1889d ago

I see exactly were your coming from, looking at it like that why not let the game go and accept it's not for you?

I think the biggest issue some fans have is that DMC was appealing to them and had been since the original, now that all the changes have happened to the mechanics, gameplay and story reboot, they don't feel like it's for them anymore or at least don't find this version as appealing, and are annoyed about that.

Im not justifying the overly extreme fan outbursts, I just wanted to offer a little more clarity on the situation that some may not be aware of, also I don't want to seem as if Im talking for everyone so I apologise if it came across that way.

Elda1888d ago

@VINNIEPAZ....isn't that just it????....excellent comment!!! I'm the same way,I never give anyone the blues because they admire or like something that I may have no interest in "different strokes for different folks"I have NEVER enter a forum bitching & trying to put down a game because they like it & I don't or resort to saying don't buy this game people are on this earth to do whatever they want,play whatever they want.

zerocrossing1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

You know I keep getting people telling me to keep my negative opinions of DmC to myself and not post negative comments on DmC or troll the articles articles, Iv not once trolled any article I just give my opinion and simply because it's negative people assume its hateful trolling.

This is a comment forum where we discuss video games both the negative and positive aspects, part of this is having conflicting opinions and being able to debate the pros and cons, DmC is unique in the fact it was very Japanese stylisticly but has been altered and westernised, now that in and of itself is no negative.

I can't say if the game is bad as a whole, but I can say I disliked the demo and that stands for something at least, Im not a blind hater I attempted to give DmC a chance numerous times but the more news that got around about the changes just led to me being put off more.

The lack of any negative reviews regarding DmC concerns me, not because I don't want the game to do well but as someone who is able to criticise it and has complaints regarding the game, I feel that any reviewer should be highlighting the negatives or at least giving a more well rounded review so we are all more informed on any of its short comings, maybe the full game is good and deserving of its scores I don't know yet and neither does anyone who is using reviews as confirmation of its quality.

People are going to like DmC and others are going to dislike it, whatever side of the fence you are on it doesn't mean we cant get along.

AdmiralSnake1889d ago

[email protected] the demo....

I've been playing it for 3 hours, it's a great game thus far.

Want to know some negatives about it ?

Well, the voice acting is pretty bad, least for Dantae, everyone else is OKAY.

I'd say the story is actually good and a bit interesting. The combat in my opinion is good, fair, some of the old fans will say it's dumb down and too accessible, ill give them that. It's a lot of fun, the combos and variety that they give you is amazing.

PS3 version has some frame rate issues, hopefully they patch it.

It has a lot of replay value, IMO. From unlocking all the souls, concept art, costumes for all of the weapons and Dantae himself, makes it worth playing for those who want all the achievement/trophies and collectables.

It's the fact that you guys didnt play the full game, and you're questioning those who did based off of a demo. It's really stupid, and most of you don't come off as humble, Im playing the full game, and this is what my opinion is about it so far. I won't give it any review score until I played enough to justify it.

However so far, it's NOT a bad game, it's actually a great game.

Some key things to point out. The platforming gets repetitive, and it's annoying the include it on every level so far....seems a bit unneeded IMO, w.e though. Anything else you wanna know, feel free to pm me.

zerocrossing1888d ago

Well my experience with the demo wasn't the best I imagine, I played the 360 version since my PS3 is dead now, and it froze on me twice also there was a huge game breaking glitch that accord during the boss fight.

I agree, completely judging a game based solely off the demo isn't the best thing to do, I found that even RE6 had some redeeming qualities in the full game, but a demo does stand to give the player a taste and if some people really hated it, it'd probably be best for them that they steer clear of the retail version.

I do plan on playing the full game however as I am a die hard DMC fan and wouldn't want to miss out on a great game for being blind and petty.

I had suspicions that mite be the case but its certainly not a deal breaker, anyway thanks and if I think of anything I'll let you know.

Hicken1888d ago

... you DO know what a demo is for, right? It's to test drive a game. Why the hell would I go spend $60 on a game I didn't think I'd enjoy? Even moreso if it's the newest entry in a franchise I'm already familiar with.

You say you're three hours in? I say shut the hell up: you haven't played the full game, either.

Here's the thing: nobody actually cares if it's a good game. Not the people complaining and wanting to see it fail. They want it to fail because Capcom and Ninja Theory took a franchise they loved and bastardized it with FULL KNOWLEDGE that a large part of the fanbase was NOT HAPPY.

They want the game to fail because MAYBE if it does, there won't be another one, and the series will go back to how it was previously. Maybe the Dante people know and love will return if this game tanks.

It's not wishing bad on the industry. It's wishing that a developer and publisher don't succeed in a venture where they deliberately and even insultingly ignored the fans wishes. I mean, who do they make these games for, anyway? Oh, right: US.

You enjoy it? That's fine. But all I needed was the demo to determine that it wasn't what I wanted to play. Not with Devil May Cry on it. Not with Dante IN it.

You may be too young to understand this, but a demo is supposed to be plenty to determine whether or not you're gonna like a game. To suggest that someone can't judge a game based off a demo is utterly retarded.

At least spell his damn name right. When you can't even get something that simple- just five freaking letters!- correct, it shows you have a disconnect with the people you THINK you're attacking. Because unless English was not their native language- and we know it IS yours- there's no way someone familiar with the franchise would spell the main character's name wrong.

Not a name that simple.

So yeah, keep your review, and anything else you have to say about it. You've already proven you don't know what you're talking about.