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People who prefer guns over hand-to-hand combat would most likely not get too much out of it Sleeping Dogs until later on in the story and then find very little fun post-story. But if you’re looking for a short rush of excitement and want something different from the more common, wrong side of the law and gun-focused open-world atmosphere, then Sleeping Dogs is definitely worth playing.

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GraphicX1957d ago

not a game i had on my radar, might give it a look now though.

LiViNgLeGaCY1957d ago

You should. I actually really enjoyed Sleeping Dogs. One of the better open world games in recent memory, in my opinion.

MaxXAttaxX1957d ago

Definitely. It's got better story pacing than some of the biggest open world games out there. The hand to hand combat was fun.

prototypeknuckles1957d ago

dude buy it, its a very good game.

MrDead1956d ago

You won't regret buying this game, it’s fantastic from start to finish.

I only have one issue with it and that’s the camera when driving, if there’s one thing all sandbox games of this type should copy from the GTA series it’s the way you control the camera.

Kamikaze1351957d ago

an amazing game for sure.

ZeekQuattro1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

It truly is an amazing game. I managed to get a good deal on it a few months ago. I loved the story, combat, voice acting, and the driving in this game. I also loved the fan service given by some of the many costumes in the game as well as voice actors known for being in Asian action flicks. I'm very grateful Square Enix resurrected the game. It was originally a new True Crimes game but plans fell through.

StreetsofRage1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

The title of the game hits it perfectly, it's the sleeper hit of 2012. In many ways, it out performs GTA especially the hand to hand combat. One of my favorite open world crime games I ever played.

You can find the game for $30 on Amazon. Definitely buy it.

showtimefolks1957d ago

i am gonna pick this up hopefully i can find it for under $30

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