Why the PS2 Was So Successful

The news that the PS2 officially ended its manufacturing hit the Twinfinite offices pretty hard last week. Tears were shed. It is without a doubt, the end of an era. Since our site has a certain affinity for the number 2, the PS2 has meant something a bit more. Not only was it a great console, but many have decreed it the greatest console.

What made the little black box so amazing in a world full of quirky Nintendo consoles and Microsoft’s big black behemoth?

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wishingW3L1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

because most 3rd party devs developed exclusively for it. But why they did that? It was a combination of the hype, brand name at the time and good timing.

morkendo231835d ago

Do we really need to answer that???

VARIETY,VARIETY,VARIETY!!!! something ps3 is missing greatly fps,and multiplayer only games don't count as selection of variety of games more like single minded games. ( developers) stuck on FPS.

We need more VARIETY!!!!!! we need a PETITION, boycott developers no more first person shooters, no more first person shooters!!!!

caseh1835d ago

There's plenty of variety out there, not every game released is an FPS. I have about 80 PS3 games and only two of them are FPS games.

As for PS2 success, Sega alienated all 3rd party devs and went under as a result, Xbox was very late to the party and Gamecube had a fraction of the games and was seen by many as a console for kids.

Hardly rocket science is it.

miyamoto1835d ago

PS2 had the perfect balance of power, price and performance, multi purpose functionality CD DVD games, backward compatibility, balance of Japanese and western games, variety , diversity of game types,experimental and mainstream games, worldwide appeal, upgradability,

SilentNegotiator1835d ago

1) Games
2) Games
3) Games
4) DVD
5) Games
6) Good Price/Power balance
7) Games


dedicatedtogamers1834d ago

It definitely comes down to games.

But also, it has to do with a widening market. The stigmata surrounding gaming lifted around the time the PS2 came out. Arcades weren't those dark dens full of sweaty nerds, because arcades weren't around anymore. The internet wasn't the domain of WoW geeks, because the internet hadn't been integrated into gaming quite yet. More and more people who grew up with Nintendo and SEGA thought to themselves "maybe gaming isn't so bad. Let's try it". And lo, here's the PS2, the successor to the highest-selling console of all time.

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Relientk771835d ago

For me it was the quality and quantity of fantastic games, and backwards compability

Irishguy951835d ago

Highest amount of quality games by a long shot. Was the 'thing' to get for casuals and kids too.

Yangus1835d ago

Why? Simple. Many awesome games. End.

BitbyDeath1835d ago

Cause it came out before Xbox

nolifeking1835d ago

I remember a dream use, dreamers some dream coming first, but what do I know of facts or history?

BitbyDeath1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

I think it's a valid point.
Look what it did for the 360, turned a 30million dollar seller into a 70 million one.

People underestimate the power of releasing first, once peoples friends buy them then they gotta get one as well so they can trade games and talk about them + online etc.

If 360 and PS3 switched release dates i'd imagine the PS3 would be almost if not just as popular as the PS2.

Playstation has the games but it can only carry them so far.

Knight_Crawler1834d ago

I agree with you but I think the PS3 priced at $600 would still be an issue for most people and they would have waited to see what MS would had offer and at what price.

The 360 relaseing 1 year after the PS3 would have also been good for MS becuase they would have time to fix the RROS issue and also they would have gotten to see what Sony's final product was.

dedicatedtogamers1834d ago

The Dreamcast launched prior to the PS2. The Saturn and Neo Geo CD also launched prior to the PS1.


SilentNegotiator1835d ago

Everyone knows that you are to ignore head starts.

xPhearR3dx1835d ago

I agree with BitbyDeath, I was also a Playstation guy. LOVED the PS2, still my favorite console from every generation. However, when the 360 released, my friends had it and I wanted one. I HATED the original Xbox with a passion but loved the 360 at the time. So I bought one since the PS3 hadn't came out yet. I got a PS3 when it came out though, but I was so involved with the 360 and tons of my PS2 friends converted that I just stuck with it.

Had the PS3 came out at the same time or first, I probably would have never looked twice at the 360.

Ult iMate1835d ago

...And for the lower price, which is also important for the majority of average consumers.

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