Game Developers Should Steal from Filmmakers

Games are an outlet. They give us a window into new worlds and settings, much like those old books used to do. But we are evolved now. Books are for hipsters and uneven tables. Vidya games possess the ability to provide all the same sex, drugs, and rock & roll that a book is capable of, yet they rarely reach such potential. Game developers possess the ability to take us to uncharted realms in the interactive medium, yet they choose not to. Hell, compared to their less interactive brother, film, video games look like they were held back in 6th grade and never bothered to graduate. Today, Laser Lemming suggests to you, that video games are lacking in variety, both in setting and genre. And the solution my friends, is theft.

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TekoIie1888d ago

Its been happening the other way round recently lol.
What does the suit remind you of^^
Whos voice is that^^

isntchrisl1888d ago

If I ever see Pacific Rim the GLaDOS voice will constantly make me think of Portal.

caseh1888d ago

Well it goes both ways, like 90% of Kojima's influence for Snake is from films (Escape from L.A., James Bond etc)

wheresmymonkey1887d ago

Kojima's entire career has been ripping off films. Not a bad thing though. apart from that weird critique of godzilla in the middle of MGS3.