Pre-order The Walking Dead: SI at GameStop, Get Exclusive ‘Herd Mode’ DLC and a Walker Ear Keychain

We’re still waiting on some official gameplay videos from publisher Activision and developer Terminal Reality for The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, but if you want to pre-order the game without seeing it in action, GameStop will be giving you some exclusive DLC and a Walker Ear keychain (no picture, unfortunately).

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doctorstrange1350d ago

I herd this game was terrible

alexcosborn1350d ago

That's funny, I herd the same thing!

mushroomwig1350d ago

Nobody knows enough about the game to give that kind of opinion yet.

Jaunty1350d ago

We've seen footage to give that kind of opinion.

TrendyGamers1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

I really wish we could get some 'up to date' gameplay footage from Survival Instinct!

ftwrthtx1350d ago

Hard to get excited about a game I haven't seen much of.

PockyKing1350d ago

I've seen one clip of gameplay that was actual footage from the game and it's been on a commercial during every episode of The Walking Dead. It was like 5 seconds haha. It's weird that the game releases in just over 2 months and we've seen nothing.

betan211350d ago

I'm not sold yet and i idk if i ever will be at this point....

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