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Aliens: Colonial Marines - TV Commercial

Enjoy a new TV commercial for Gearbox's upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines (Aliens: Colonial Marines, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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JoGam  +   616d ago
Every year theres at least one game people cant wait to play and when its released, turns out to suck. I just hope this game isnt 2013 flop of the year.
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JoGam  +   616d ago
From left to right....Hudson, Apone, Hicks, Drake. One of my childhood favorite movies.
BanBrother  +   615d ago
Me to. This game could go either way as far as reviews are concerned, but I know i will love it. I thought the 2010 AvP was fantastic. Sure, it had its faults, but if you love Aliens and predator, it was a blast.

I recently watched the Extended blu-Ray version, and it is f****** amazing. The picture quality is so superb. Can't wait for this game.

The only bad thing I have heard about the game is that the Alien body's glitch a bit. At least you get to controlthem in 3rd person this time. AvP they glitched majorly as well.

Get away from her you B****!!!
Perjoss  +   615d ago
"Hudson Sir" *points* "He's Hicks"
Toolster  +   615d ago
Affirmative, I've been looking forward to this game for about 3 years maybe longer and I'm hoping to god they've done the franchise justice with an epic game.

Those things are gonna come in here like they did before, and there gonna come in here and there gonna Kills us!.........

Not on my watch!!! I can't wait
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SITH  +   615d ago
LOL_WUT  +   616d ago
That looks intense! I saw a space jockey hopefully in the game one of them wakes up and tries to go after you.
Chapulin  +   616d ago
Game over man!!!
Fishermenofwar  +   615d ago
The mostly come out at night..Mostly...
JohnApocalypse  +   615d ago
So the WiiU version is coming out the same time as the other versions

"What do you mean they cut the power, they're animals?"
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thezeldadoth  +   615d ago
debating on getting this for PC for better graphics, or for WiiU for controller integration.
herbs  +   615d ago
I guess the Wii U version isn't being delayed? Sure hope it stays that way :)
shaun mcwayne  +   615d ago
Looks like love at first sight to me. Oh, he likes you, Burke ...
shaun mcwayne  +   615d ago
So many good one liners, we could be at this for a while.
sitharrefus  +   615d ago
Wii u version for this one, the gamepad seems to be the way to go on playing this game in my opinion.
Ck1x  +   615d ago
Gearbox went into massive hype mode before Borderlands 2 was released and this game is now less than a month away. How come they aren't pushing more info out about this game? Unless they are trying to keep the story under wrap, this should be one of the big titles of 2013 (barring that its a good game that is...) This title has been a long time coming and has a huge franchise name attached that could easily make it a must have title.

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