The History of Sonic the Hedgehog - Video Tour

GameXplain: "We take a look at "The History of the Sonic the Hedgehog" book in this video tour that covers the entire history of Sega's popular mascot!"

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Eternalb1774d ago

That looks like a cool book

TongkatAli1774d ago

Its a tie cause they both epic and cool for different reasons.

prototypeknuckles1774d ago

i agree, i mean i wont sit here and lie, i like sonic way more than mario, but i respect mario and his contributions to gaming.

Y_51501773d ago

Imagine if Nintendo bought Sega!

LOL_WUT1774d ago

This will go well with all my other Sonic stuff, must buy!

CanadianTurtle1774d ago

I've seen so many history videos of the blue runner. In conclusion, he ran up greenhillzone with flying colours, then went downhill when Sonic Heroes was released.

DivineAssault 1773d ago

2D sonic days were great.. I dont care for what theyve done to it over the years but i definitely liked sonic much more than mario.. After the GBA sonics, it went downhill

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