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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – 7 Minute Gameplay Video

Don't miss out on the 7 minute gameplay footage of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance!

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Video gone.
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Irishguy951682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

What the hell is wrong with his voice? Not a fan of the new Raiden. But whatever - Gameplay looks awesome

Oh also, 3.20 min cutscene 3 min gameplay.

GamersXTREME1682d ago

Agreed. I'm not crazy about his ultra-gruff voice myself but the gameplay looks slick.

Ashunderfire861682d ago

I think he might have a split personality. Watch the video again where he is talking to his boss. He sound a little different.

Lord_Sloth1682d ago

Split personality. There's Raiden, then there's Jack The Ripper which his mind created as a child to deal with the horrors of war.

GamersXTREME1682d ago

Yeah, I started to notice that the second time I watched the trailer. It's cool to see they're exploring that side of him.

prototypeknuckles1682d ago

return of the walking dead,sly, and raiden, februrary is going to be a great month

Genuine-User1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Great month unless you live in UK. We have to wait an extra 45+ days for Sly!

prototypeknuckles1682d ago

ah sorry man that sucks, believe me i feel your pain, you have to wait longer for an amazing game, but hey at least it will be worth the wait.

Summons751682d ago

Someone should send Ninja Theory for an example of how an actual hack n slash game is made. Less than 30 seconds from when the gameplay starts has more gameplay combos and action in it than DmC has in it's entirety.

League_of_Draven1682d ago

Why would they need an example of anything? Platinum Games titles are overrated and they often flop (just look at Anarchy Reigns). Rising looks terrible and the story for it is even worse. DMC is easily the better game.

Summons751682d ago

Anarchy Reigns has more quality in the first 5 minutes then Ninja Theory will EVER have in any of there games combined. You clearly are blindly hating too because you think the story is bad when it was written by Kojima Productions, the only thing PG did was the gameplay. Sorry Troll move on

BlaqMagiq241682d ago

So you played Rising? Can you please post videos then since you know how the story goes? Never mind you got your head so far up NT's ass to do that.

Blacktric1682d ago

typicaledgyNTfanboymanchild.fl ac

You enjoy your mediocre game made by the manchild Tameem who seems to be having a midlife crisis. People with decent taste will be enjoying Anarchy Reigns, Metal Gear Rising and God Of War: Ascension.

omi25p1682d ago

you just sound butthurt because Dante has brown hair.

raiden-491682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I'm sorry but do you play games because of there Hair xD

omi25p1681d ago

Thats my point, I dont care but the guy i was replying to is upset because of the hair colour.

magekyou1682d ago

Wow man, you are terribly butthurt aren't you?
You are literally on every DMC Article claiming how much of a superior being you are for hating on the new DMC.

You and your kind of elitist make me laugh. "We know the game better, it is a conspiracy if literally every critic is liking the game so far. We are the superior beings in terms of game design, it doesn't matter if we never worked on a single game in our life, we have no degree in game design or 3D animation or programing all together, we are just idiot trolls and basement-dwellers, but since we played DMC 1, we know it all."

Go cry in your basement, this DMC rocks, new Dante is awesome, it's going to be a commercial success, the same way it's currently a critical success, so go home and cry about it. Elitist POS.

"I played the old ones, and this one doesnt ressemble the older ones, therefore I am a superior being, and I know better than, say, millions of people."

N4Flamers1682d ago

Your argument is quite irrational. You're smoking him for not having experience in game design yet I doubt critics have that and you overlook the fact that you don't have to make something in order to have an opinion about it.

Honestly I would have loved a better DMC reboot. People don't hate on the reboot because its different they don't like it because it doesn't improve on DMC.As a reboot its gameplay isn't better than old school dmc and as a totally new IP it would still be worse. The criticts don't think so either because currently it has a lower score than dmc1 and 3

Allsystemgamer1682d ago

That looks insanely fun. Preorder. Done. Gray fox skin plz!!!!! I can't wait to play as fox!

sandman2241682d ago

Pre order for me. It's a quality game from a great franchise.