My Experience With The Walking Dead Was Ruined By A Bug

Kotaku: Zombie adventure and critically-acclaimed GOTY candidate The Walking Dead has made waves all year for its top-notch writing and ability to make people feel feelings. One of the game's feelingest feelings, by all reports, comes during the last few minutes of Episode Five (out of five—the game is structured episodically).

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1980d ago
Temporary1980d ago

No one gives a shit what you think Kotaku. You're a plague to the gaming world.

thorstein1980d ago

Yeah, no ess. Why write an article about a bug only this guy experienced? I guess there always has to be that one guy that must hate something everyone else adores. Can't wait to read his bashing review of Ni No Kuni or has he already done that.

Theangrybogan1980d ago

Yeah I wanted to read the article, then realised its kotaku and decided not to give them a hit.

tack1291980d ago

An article bashing The Walking Dead? ... Oh wait it's just Kotaku.

ScytheX31980d ago

havent read the article yet, about to but just wanted to mention i did encounter a few bugs forced me reload the game which was a bit of a bitch considering all the monologue prior to the part it froze at, example was on train climbing down the small steps to talk to clem Lee got stuck on steps hahaha couldnt move anymore -_- and then while looking for clem on top of a building again got stuck =p and couldnt move. but all in all game was still amazing.

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