The Important Thing is That New Pokémon Games are Coming to 3DS

GenGAME writes: "Whatever they may think of the games’ brand-new 3D visuals, fans of the franchise are sure to love Pokémon X & Y.

"As we learn more about the games, what we should really be concerned with is their gameplay. There’s a lot of room for innovation even within the framework that currently exists, and it’s going to be more important than ever that Game Freak delivers so the series’ jump to 3D is more than skin deep."

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Erimgard1986d ago

Pokemon will always be first and foremost about the addictive gameplay, and that's sure to exist in X and Y.

Adding a third dimension just opens up the door to more exploration-based elements, which I think is a good thing. The style of the graphics is pretty decent, just needs a little tune-up to look more polished, and it should be a great new generation.

LordHiggens1986d ago

I have never liked a pokemon game...ever. Something, however, tells me to give this one a shot. I'll probably hate myself for it...but I have an inkling.

MattyG1986d ago

As long as you aren't impatient they are very fun and addictive. I fell off the bandwagon in the fourth gen because I wanted to speed through them, but now that I have more time and I'm taking my time they are much more fun.

elhebbo161986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I hope the story is not the typical "i want to prove to my best friend/ enemy that I can be the best!" I want a fresh new story theme. either way the gameplay is what keeps me playing.