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Satoru Iwata: Customers Understanding The Wii U "Will Take a Little Time"

Nintendolife: ''With a New Year and Nintendo's upcoming announcement of its Q3 financial results, Satoru Iwata and his team have plenty to think about. 2013 will be an important year to continue momentum on 3DS with big releases, and more importantly to grow the Wii U audience as much as possible.'' (Industry, Next-Gen, Wii U)

PopRocks359  +   744d ago
I'm thinking the Wii needs to fade into history for all of the confusion to completely dissipate. Maybe I'm naive, but it might be a smart move on Nintendo's part to cut down on manufacturing the Wii console.
exfatal  +   744d ago
I've heard they stop producing games for the wii so im sure the other companies will follow suit soon, so at least Nintendo has their full attention on the wii u.
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Pixel_Enemy  +   744d ago
Tell me more marshabilly5!
deafdani  +   744d ago
Why would they? The Wii is still selling pretty well, and every Wii sold turns a ridiculous profit for Nintendo. That's the same reason why they haven't discontinued the DS, despite the 3DS having been in the market for a year and half or so.
PopRocks359  +   744d ago
Correction: They actually have discontinued the DS and DS Lite models. Only the DSi and DSi XL are being manufactured right now while the 3DS and 3DS XL are also manufactured.

I'm not saying to cut off the Wii entirely, I'm suggesting Nintendo may want to ease up on Wii manufacturing so as to move the Wii lineup over and make more room for the Wii U. That way they still make some money off of the Wii while the Wii U becomes more noticed as a unique system.
Pixel_Enemy  +   744d ago
It's also called "install base" Why make a game for a console that just launched and has a TINY fraction of the install base as the previous console that is still selling?
deafdani  +   744d ago
Ok, sorry, I meant the DSi. My bad. Point is still the same.

And no, what Nintendo is doing right now is what makes the most business sense. If they do what you suggested, then they would be shortening the Wii's lifespan for no reason at all. Better try and sell as many of them as they can, while the Wii U's install base grows bigger over time. It's better to let the Wii disappear from the market naturally (out of consumer disinterest), than to cut it dramatically, or even try and sell less units like you suggested.

Same goes for the DSi.
PopRocks359  +   744d ago
Hasn't the Wii's lifespan already been shortened to the point of near death anyway? The last big Wii release from Nintendo was a Kirby collection and as far as I know the Wii has no more releases coming this year.

I already suggested not to cut the Wii dramatically. In fact my suggestion is just as much in line with what you're saying and to make it a gradual thing.

"I'm not saying to cut off the Wii entirely, I'm suggesting Nintendo may want to ease up on Wii manufacturing..."

EDIT: But the basic point here is that the Wii U is the new console and a part of the general public don't recognize it as a new console. Why not slow down on Wii production in favor of the Wii U when there are plenty of Wiis in stock in many stores?
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dedicatedtogamers  +   744d ago
Iwata is being very condescending as an excuse for the WiiU's mediocre performance. Nintendo as a whole has been very condescending over the last few years. When the Wii and DS launched, Nintendo never said stuff like this. They simply asked us to TRY it. They put the systems in our hands. Now, with the 3DS and WiiU, Nintendo is lashing out against consumers and saying "oh, you're not buying it because you don't understand it".

No, Nintendo. No. You are wrong. I understand the 3DS. I understand the WiiU. I simply DON'T WANT IT.

Perhaps if Nintendo spent more time trying to understand their fans, instead of trying to force us to understand THEM, their sales would be better.
MasterCratosKong66  +   744d ago
if it was normal circumstances i would understand, but the wii u is literally HARD TO UNDERSTAND. they never did this with the wii because everyone could pick up and play the wii very easily. the upgrade from older consoles to new consoles is usually a no brainer but i have a tough time explaining this to other people. i haven't met anyone so far who was able to really get the picture without spending an hour playing the thing first and then deciding whether they like it or not. that being said nintendo should be doing everything they can to help that process with marketing
pedroyamato  +   744d ago
Mr. Iwata, although I dont agree with all your moves as nintendo president I need to say wii u is a wonderful machine and unfortunately some ppl does not understand all its greatness.

But it is not all bad news Mr. Iwata. We are talking about teenagers, ppl without money, but plenty of time on the internet to hate and troll. Many of them were born playing ps2 so some even dont know the word sprite or 2d scrolling.
So their opinion really dont matter, today they hate nintendo, tomorrow xbox, next day playstation...blablabla, they need to hate on something, I mean, scream on mic or type pornage on the internet is the coolest thing in the world when your world is restrict to your house, school and 3 blocks away from home. Nintendo still has the most valuable franchises and while you guys can make good use for them nintendo will always be alive.
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Ares84HU  +   744d ago
I'm not a teenager, nor am I without money. Yet I don't want a Wii U because the controller is horrible and the machine itself isn't that great.

Anyone that isn't a teenager already figured it out that the next Playstation and Xbox is coming soon so the smart ones are going to wait for those consoles to come out and see what they are like and most likely, they will be MUCH better than the Wii U.

The Wii U is next-gen for Nintendo...just not the rest of the world.
DarkBlood  +   744d ago
oh god not you too dont become the one bubble man Ares lol
Ares84HU  +   744d ago
It's just an opinion.....if they take my bubbles for it than be it.

Just wanted to tell "pedroyamato" that his generalization is absurd.
pedroyamato  +   744d ago
It is okkk Ares.

You have the right to choose buy a wii u, or not.
We live in a democracy pal.

I was talking about Mr. Iwata trying to explain the wii u performance for the customers. I think there is no need since the ppl that bash wii u are not the one that can change the market flow - teenagers.

I am pretty sure u dont bash nintendo or any company since you look very mature!
deafdani  +   744d ago
Oh, I guess someone needs to tell me that I'm a teenager, then, because I bought a Wii U despite me being 30 years old. How dare I?

Seriously, though, you sound as ridiculous as those actual teenagers that think that grown up men only play Call of Duty and that Mario is only for teh kidz.

And yes, the machine itself isn't that great, power-wise. But the controller isn't horrible at all.
1upgamer99  +   744d ago
Clearly You don't have one...LMAO. Controller???? Really??? You do not HAVE to use any one controller. Use the gamepad as a MAP and use a freaking the Pro-controller if you don't want to use the gamepad as your main controller.
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jmc8888  +   744d ago
Not really. I'm not a teenager, and hadn't owned a Nintendo system since my N64 got stolen when there was a break in when everyone was away for thanksgiving in 1997. I was 19 then.

I bought a Wii U and love it. Not as powerful as my i7 920@ 4ghz and my Nvidia GTX 670, but the PS4 and 720 WON'T BE EITHER!

Since you are like me, older, 34 here, what makes YOU so certain it will be 'much better' than a Wii U, when I know it is impossible for it to be 'much better'?

The simple fact is the 720 and PS4 can't utilize 700-1500 watts like a PC can. Because a console can't, you won't get a GTX 670 level raw power inside a 720 or PS4. Let alone 2x GTX 670's, or 3x GTX 670's, 680's, or even 2x GTX 690's.

Nope check the wattage of the xbox 360, the launch console used about 310 or so watts. See the difference? Back then a good PC would use 450-700 watts. Now it's 700-1500 watts. Meanwhile they want to keep the wattage DOWN lower than the 360 launched at, because of Red Ring of Death.

On top of this, they want to sell the console for less, while NOT selling it at a loss (or a far lower loss) when it's launched, while selling them for currencies which have lost 2/3 of their value since 2005, while also adding in expensive add-ons that eat up a huge chunk of the overall system cost. Well Microsoft anyways. No word on Playstation. But the 720 is coming with a Kinect 2 AND a hand manipulator. (basically that manipulator is like the move wand, while the kinect is the ps eye). Well that's an expensive add-on.

The PC is already next generation, and all three consoles will be a less powerful 'next generation'. Wii U, 720, and PS4 at launch are all years behind PC tech. Which wasn't the case when the 360/PS3 came out.

So the 'smart ones', are more like the 'uninformed assumers'.

Hey, I'll buy a 720 and PS4 as well, as I like all the systems and like having a good PC. That's just where I spend my meager funds. They will all be good, and all be fun. But they will all be modest compared to a good (not great) PC. A great PC will absolutely trounce any of them.

But if you want to be able to pick whatever game you want to play up, you'll need all the consoles. If you want the touchscreen controller experience in a particular game, then the Wii U is the way to go.

I'll tell you this, I have the Kinect on my 360, I've already used the touchscreen capabilities on the Wii U controller far more than I even have used the Kinect. So I'd much rather MS have the added cost be in the form of a touchscreen controller rather than a Kinect 2 and hand manipulator. I mean after all, each of these components whether Kinect or the tablet controller is leading to more modest components being used in the system itself.

The controller also isn't horrible. Having it in your lap on a couch or recliner is completely different than standing up at a kiosk. If you've even tried using it and aren't just guessing. Plus there's a pro controller. I've got one of those too.

It's incredibly fun to launch killstreaks in CoD using the fast pinpoint ability of the touchpad to say launch an airstrike. It's cool to use it in games like ZombiU. I can't wait for Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Personally I loved the movie Aliens, and the motion tracker was awesome in the movie. Well now I get to have that motion tracker in my hands with the Wii U. I could have gotten the best looking version with my PC and amped up all the stuff on ultra, but it wouldn't have that motion tracker.
jmc8888  +   744d ago
Even then Aliens: Colonial Marines will look best on PC, and 2nd best on the Wii U. The devs have repeatedly said this.

The Wii U has power in new areas that needs to be developed (and the PS4/720 will utilize these and need them to be developed as well).

So the PC is next gen for the past few years all over the world, and the Wii U, PS4, and 720 will all be below that. Still fun. Still worthy of a purchase. But people need to realize facts.

You aren't cramming all the tech of PC's into a single low-medium end graphics card, 250 watt machine, and charge $399-549, and have it be 'much better' than a Wii U.

50-200 percent better tops, which isn't much. A higher level of AA. Maybe one notch of textures and shadows. More extreme tessellation. But ultimately, running the same games, at very similar graphical levels. Noticeable, but not in any way deal breaking, and for what might amount to half the cost, a very viable option for many people going forward in this greatest depression mankind has ever experienced.
saint_seya  +   744d ago
im 30, i can buy all the consoles in the market if i want, im a gamer sice im 4, and yet the wii u, like the wii are consoles that i wont buy ever, sice i dun like old dogs with new tricks.. for that matter, lets make a new control to the ps3 and call it ps4, since "graphics are not important and bla bla bla".. i remember all teh wii owners saying that hd wasnt needed.. but now they are all celebrating their hd console... irony..
jmc8888  +   744d ago
The problem with your comment is you are assuming the Wii U = 360/PS3.

Only people that don't understand specs say that. They look at raw clock speed, and compare it to a PC.

It doesn't work like that.

Simple fact is the Wii U has power available to it, which the 360/PS3 don't. So when running software that is made for the 360 in mind, this extra power is in no way utilized, and thus it doesn't show up.

But when actually utilized, the Wii U will mop the floor with a 360/PS3.

The PS4/720 will not be that much more powerful. It will utilize the same advances that aren't being utilized now either.

If you want to hold a wrong impression up as fact about the Wii U, then it's your right. But reality is completely different then you laid out.

Wii U is significantly more powerful than the 360/PS3. Just not in the ways noobs read specs.

If that was the case then the 3.6 ghz computers that came out ~ 2001 or so would be equal to the 3.6 ghz computer that are out now.
nintendoland  +   744d ago
look it's this bullshit again
doctorstrange  +   744d ago
"It's like a giant DS for your TV"
exfatal  +   744d ago
"Its like a giant HD ds for your tv"
fixed for ya.. and whats wrong with that? i'd always wanted to play my ds and now 3ds games on the tv somehow, and now they have the next best thing lol
doctorstrange  +   744d ago
Never said anything's wrong with it, I like my U. Just don't see why it's such a hard thing to convey.
Clarence  +   744d ago
I don't see it getting better for the Wii u anytime soon. The PS3 and 360 are outselling it. Just think how tough it will be when Sony and M$ release their new console?
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Kingofwiiu  +   744d ago
Mmmm you must be stupid right ?

Well let me explain. The 360 and ps3 are now really really cheap and have tons of games ready even the wii is still selling well for the same reasons...

When the 720 and ps4 launch they're not even gunna sell faster than wiiu , after all Wiiu is outselling the launch of the ps3 and 360. They will be in the same boat as wiiu - Expensive , Not that many MUST HAVE games , And people will think ''why should I upgrade from the 360 I bought last year when the 720 is just a 1080p 30FPS version of my 360.

When PS4 and 720 Launch all you're gunna get graphically is 1080p 30-60FPS Xbox 360 graphics with more AA and some tacked on DX 11 features. The common gamer won't vare for the difference.

After a year of being on the market those consoles will start to display WOW graphics and games and they will start selling really fast as the ps3 and 360 and wii finally stop selling all together...
jmc8888  +   744d ago
Exactly. Which means compared to a Wii U, it will be modestly better graphically.

So when a person is looking to pick up a console, they'll see most likely $249-299 or so for Wii U or $399-549 for PS4/720. Anyone that doesn't see that as a potential problem during the greatest depression mankind has ever known should go balls to the wall buying subprime mortgage derivatives.

As time goes on all three consoles will scale up as the new features of the GPGPU are utilized and programmers put more time, focus into the console as well as become more experienced with it.

The other thing they forget is that the new consoles won't see as many titles the first couple of years as the 360/PS3 do. They'll suffer from the same 'new console' problems that the Wii U and all other consoles of recent eras before have suffered from.

Basically when a new console comes out, it costs more money to produce games on that console, yet there is a far smaller audience that can even purchase the game. That's why you see some devs every generation that stick with the previous generation for a couple of years. They wait until the consoles have sold enough units to justify making a game on it.

It's why you saw some PS2/xbox games coming out on those systems and not on PS3/360. No one said it meant doom or bad things for the 360/PS3. But for the Wii U, suddenly it's a 'brand new problem' that 'only the Wii U' will suffer from.

It's hilarious. If it wasn't sad that is. How many times does the same stuff need to happen, over and over again before people remember it?

The facts are the PS4/720/Wii U initially will have good support, but many devs will choose to wait until enough units are sold so they don't go bankrupt making a game that can't possibly make it's money back. See Crysis 3 on the Wii U.

Crytek lost alot of money for EA with Crysis 2. It sold well, but the costs were astronomical. Crytek makes very technically advanced games, but EA is their master, and masters have no problem closing down devs like Crytek if their games don't make money. It wasn't about Wii U not being able to run it, it was that they didn't want to lose money making a special port version for a console that only has a couple million units worldwide sold by then roughly.

I highly suspect that the 360 and PS3 will continue to be big sellers when the PS4/720 comes out. Because it plays good games for cheap. As time goes on the Wii U will be competitively priced against those while basically being almost as good as a PS4/720 for probably about half the price.
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WiigotU  +   744d ago
Clarence the cheaper systems are selling with more games out now and ore new games coming soon. The more epensive system with no games out is def going to out sell them.

My niece just got a 360 kinect bundle that she didn't pay for that I used my store discount to absorb the cost. I bet you a thousand that she and thousands of other kids and adults will not be getting a more expensive system.

While everyone is dogging the wiiu where will you be when your new systems don't hit high numbers and sales look bad?
megamanX2  +   744d ago
"I don't see it getting better for the Wii u anytime soon. The PS3 and 360 are outselling it."

are u a moron? how many years have those other systems been out for now?
thaimasker  +   744d ago
You do understand that the PS2 outsold the PS3 And 360 in its first year to right? You have no Idea how the market works.
JohnnyAkiba  +   744d ago
In "little time" real next gen consoles will be released. xD
Steadyhndz  +   744d ago
Well in little time there's gonna be plenty of other better systems to choose that are actually up to date
herbs  +   744d ago
Nintendo has always been King at doing more with less...
Steadyhndz  +   744d ago
Well compared numbers from the Wii and the Wii U...the Wii U is gonna do pretty terrible. But time will tell. I won't make any hard statements about that subject for another year.
lilbroRx  +   744d ago
The Wii U is already doing well actually. Not making astronomical profits like the Wii did in the same time frame in no ways points to failure as it is still making a profit.

The Wii U only needs games to sale which is currently doesn't have many of. Once games that people actually want to play start hitting the shelf, the Wii U will start leaving the shelf.
MasterCratosKong66  +   744d ago
there is no such thing as an up to date system
ZeekQuattro  +   744d ago
Ahh I can seem some trolls stumbled upon this article. Now things should get real interesting.
danny818  +   744d ago
Will be funny if ps4 and 720 cater to the CASUALS and hardcore and Nintendo stock tanks. Ahaha!
refocusedman  +   744d ago
The thing is that customers shouldn't need time to understand a product. Most products that excel are simple and easily resonate with the public. I always thought The wii U was a horrible name especially if they are attempting to carve out an identity for a new console at least the ps and xbox has number iterations..
WiigotU  +   744d ago
So why would you pick a laptop over a mac or vice verca?
Knushwood Butt  +   744d ago
Yeah, seems like Iwata has lost the plot these days.

I think customers are trying to understand where the games are.
Plagasx  +   744d ago
First of all, Nintendo is stupid for naming the system the "Wii U"...

That alone confuses customers...
WiigotU  +   744d ago
Did people get confused with the ps, ps2, and ps3 and possibly the ps4?
Did people get confused with the 360?

I get you can be confused by the games because the box looks the same but if i'm looking a box and there is a system with a tablet I bet bells and whistles would go off and I would say why does this look different.
I get where your coming from but people can't be that dumb.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   744d ago
People are used to numbers after names meaning a new generation. Letters just mean an update. iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S. PSP to PSP Go. GBA to GBA SP. DS to DSi. DSi to DSi XL. It's when you change the number like in the iPhone 5 or PlayStation 3 or even the DS to the 3DS that people realize it's a new product. You can even use any number you want as evidenced by the Xbox 360.

I have my Wii U sitting next to my Wii under my TV and they look nigh identical. That box art with the big controller on the front with the console hiding behind it doesn't scream "new console" to me. It looks like a new controller called the Wii U, the controller U hold to play the Wii.

I bought a Wii U at launch and use it every day, but I can't pretend that Nintendo didn't screw up the name.
megamanX2  +   744d ago
Understanding The Wii U "Will Take a Little Time"

yeah thanx for that nintendo, and if these newer systems come out this year i might trade mine in. I just dont know about this system yet something about it doesn't seem right.....where is the excitement?
Kevlar009  +   744d ago
Nintendo should really create a new IP. Something special and unique that shows off the WiiU's capabilities, both in power and functionality. While releasing core franchises is a must, WiiU won't feel like a true console until that fresh and unique game is released. Miyamoto almost never disappoints
lilbroRx  +   744d ago
What are you talking about? Nintendo is constantly creating new I.P.

I don't know where people got this idea that they are only capable of selling the same games over and overage again.

The Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games, Wii Fit and Wii Sports were all new I.P.s last gen that broke records.

Nintendo has never been about showing off power. The best looking and performing games on any Nintendo console were always made by a third party, not Nintendo.
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metroidfusion2  +   744d ago
Ha ha people are/will keep saying the same shit over and over and nintendo will keep surprising and keep being successful etc etc I guess those same people will have to wait and see ha ha lol so keep bringing the hate
wiiulee  +   744d ago
wiiu is a fantstic system and whoever has it understand that and the truly fantastic games built for the system are coming soon, but better commercials from nintendo will help, just better advertisement and a small 30 dollar price cut
bootyCheese116   744d ago | Bad language | show
mochachino  +   743d ago
Wii was Nintendo's one major home console success in the past 3 gens.

The way Wii U sales are going, it looks like Nintendo is back to normal appealing only to the Nintendo hardcore fans making Nintendo 1 for 4.

Oh we'll, at least it's not Sega.
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