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Medal of Honor Should Return to the World War II Setting

OnlySP writes: Modern military shooters.

Let me guess; you’re probably groaning after reading that last sentence. And really, who can blame you? Ever since Call of Duty 4 really got the modern military ball rolling back in 2007, we’ve seen what seems like an endless parade of shooters taking place in urban environments where you shoot Russians or Arabs with M16s.

The ironic thing is that this trend was introduced because gamers were bored of another overused setting: World War II. When Medal of Honor: Allied Assault really got the WWII ball rolling in 2002, we got what seemed like an endless parade of shooters taking place in European cities where you shoot Germans or Japanese troops with Thompsons. (Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

PockyKing  +   826d ago
I would love to see a WWII game focused on Battle of the Bulge and all.
Breadcrab  +   826d ago
Yeah, it's pretty rare to see WWII levels in games set in snowy environments. Also, the general geography of that area (forests, mountains), could make for some interesting level design.
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DasTier  +   825d ago
Lol when I think of world war 2 games I think of Medal of honour Allied Assault, spearhead and breakthrough, (had snow levels), call of duty, united offensive and call of duty 2, all had snow levels. Infact I think both of these games focuse on th battle of the bulge, especially the early cods. But a fully dustructive ww2 shooter would be epic.


I believe the medal of honour team already visted vietnam way back in the mid 2000's with Men of Valour, prior to world at war, but again a fully destructive Vietnam game is not something I'd turn down.

He'll I just want Bad Company 4, but to take inspiration from the expendables, while keeping similar open levels to the 2nd and adding in alot more gore, wolfenstien & red Orchestra style.
guitarded77  +   826d ago
It's just weird... WWII was played out, so everything went modern warfare, now we want to go back to WWII. I wouldn't mind a new MoH in WWII if it's done right. Warfighter was in my opinion the biggest letdown of 2012. I like Killzone because it's a blend of the best things Modern/WWII/SciFi. The only downside of WWII is the limitations on weapons. A good Vietnam game would be interesting.
PockyKing  +   826d ago
Vietnam would be cool, but I think it would feel a bit too similar to what World at War did with the Japanese. Just think about it though, the intensity of World War 2 battles with Frostbite 2.0, D-Day, Bulge, those battles would look amazing with the engine running on Next-gen I bet. Haha damn, I'm getting myself excited over something that probably won't happen anytime soon, damn haha.
Veni Vidi Vici  +   826d ago
I still don't think they've taken advantage of the future/sci-fi setting for FPS's. We've done WWII, Modern, and semi-future. How about far into the future? Yes, it's been done, but not enough, IMO. Most that have attempted it, have failed. We need more "GOOD" far future FPS's. It allows for the devs to be as creative as they want with regards to weapons, vehicles, settings, etc.

I have just one request for it. If it's going to be far into the future, it can't have powder based bullets. We won't be using gunpowder in weapons of the future. I don't get why so many futuristic games or movies gloss over that fact.
Mutant-Spud  +   826d ago
I'd rather see an alternate history, "what if" FPS with the high production values of Battlefield 3, have realistic technology and locations but completely fictional scenarios which are not tied to any real events.
-France loses WW1 and there's a civil war between pro German and anti German factions.
-In the late 1930's Anti Nazi groups in Hamburg rise up against the Hitler government.
-Nationalist China emerges as the dominant faction after the defeat of the Japanese and makes war on the Soviet Union.
Bathyj  +   826d ago
There is an alternate history shooter. Its called Resistance.
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Mutant-Spud  +   825d ago
I don't own a PS3, there was also Singularity and wolfenstein but that's not what I'm talking about, I like the idea of something that's historically accurate except for the story, so no aliens, monsters, psychic powers or genetically engineered Nazis.
tdogchristy90  +   826d ago

A ww2 game that is using current engines and game ideas like open world ect. would be nice. Ww2 is so diverse, large, and unique it'd be nice to see given gaming advancements. The last game we've had was either Michael Bayafied (world at war) or using old ps2/Xbox engines (cod3?) I haven't seen anything since.

So yes, a modern game with modern techniques would be nice.
PockyKing  +   826d ago
I just rebought Call of Duty 3 the other day, and that game has aged very well surprisingly enough, I was surprised when I loaded it up for the first time in like 4 years haha.
MelonSaurus  +   826d ago
Shooters are suffocating the modern shooter scene. I agree, it's time for a relapse.
lawks_land  +   826d ago
The cause of Modern shooters was an oversaturation of WWII shooters. Mayhaps it works in reverse?
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Bathyj  +   826d ago
I'm not groaning. I haven't loved a CoD game since part 2.
FarCryLover182  +   826d ago
Yes, WW2 would be a "fresh" setting for some new FPS'es.
tdogchristy90  +   826d ago
A world war 2 using the frostbite 2/battlefield 3 engine would be a nice experience I'd like to see.
Bathyj  +   826d ago
I just want a new Brothers in Arms or Full Spectrum Warrior. No shooters have proper squad commands now.
KMCROC54  +   826d ago
Isn't BIA a Gearbox game,didn't the developer behind full spectrum shut down.
Bathyj  +   826d ago
yes and yes.

but a man can dream you know. theres never gonna be another tenchu but i keep hoping.
DasTier  +   825d ago
I really feel like all games should include basic squad controls, even games like halo 4 would have been much more fun if you could order marines to hold, move to this position/get in vehicle follow me and fall out, nothing in depth but even that would have improved the game for me.

And they need to fix the GODAMN files hate! They have all but killed custom games right now.
HeroReborn  +   826d ago
I think it's more than just the setting, they need to clean up their act and fast as a dev. Warfighter was a joke of a game, and I own it. Subpar singleplayer, g-d awful multiplayer I would love to see them maybe take a risk do a first person shooter on the role of a spy in the Cold War jump to different chracters, or something around that type. They just can't continue to put this type of product out with a promise to a beta of a better game in hopes of getting a few more sales
Cam977  +   826d ago
I'm sick of modern shooters, bring back WWII!!
KMCROC54  +   826d ago
Didn't they cover every theatre of WW2, would be dump to create some far fetched theatre of that war seeing how it is an open book & has been exploited to death.
aliengmr  +   825d ago
Not even close. WW2 is the largest conflict in the history of humankind. China and the Aluetian islands are 2 that I don't think have been covered, just off the top of my head.

WW2 was so far reaching I seriously doubt we will ever see its like again.
Lisica  +   826d ago
There are so many WW2 battles that were not covered.
There's always enough material for a new WW2 shooter.

SciFI/WW2 was cool, but Wolfenstein ruined everything...
csreynolds  +   825d ago
This article. Medal of Honor: Frontline is one of my all-time favourite FPSs. The setting was great, and the gameplay (for its time) was first class.

I'm tired of modern shooters - there are far too many. Bring back the 1940s!
CaptCalvin  +   825d ago
I still remember MoH Allied Assault when combat was a lot more close and personal. The enemies were a lot smarter and harder to bring down. The challenge was provided with brains not numbers. They need to bring back that espionage deep behind enemy lines feeling. They can also go into the mysticism behind the Nazi regime. Strange devices, weapons, vehicles, human/biological experiments, maybe even supernatural elements.

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