Iwata Says They Will Improve Slow Wii U OS

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told Japanese publication The Nikkei that they are aware that customers are dissatisfied with the slow Wii U operating system. Iwata says that the development team are currently looking into fixing this issue. Sadly, he wouldn’t say when we can expect overall OS changes, but it’s good that Nintendo recognize that it’s an issue for most consumers.

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BlackWolf1626d ago

Well, it was a given they would have to work this out. Hope a fix comes around soon.

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exfatal1626d ago

I love the fact that Iwata comes out to tell us this information himself. It could have easily been a Nintendo rep of some sort saying this. along with Nintendo direct. i feel that Iwata is putting himself/reputation on the line along with this system thus giving me more reason to trust what he says about the future of the console/games. other gaming companies can learn a thing or two.

LOL_WUT1626d ago

Yes, and you're right. Other companies can learn a thing or two by proper testing and fixing any issues relating to the hardware before selling said product. Which in this case it was the Wii U. Nobody likes big patches at launch and a slow OS. ;)

Treian1626d ago

way to start a flame war....

PopRocks3591626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )


Yes because the Wii U is the only console to have issues on and post launch. Oh wait.

thezeldadoth1626d ago

your entire post made you look like a douche

deafdani1626d ago

You're seriously deceived if you think that the PS4 and Xbox 720 will launch perfectly, and won't receive updates to improve on things.

jaymart2k1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Looks at PS3's new store look, slow as heck.

There's no reason for that since they've been around longer in the online space.

Where's the bashing topics for there new store?

Oh ya, too many fanboys.

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profgerbik1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )


Really not trying to get into this stupidity but a store and a entire OS are a slightly different. That is like my computer with windows 8 is completely slow versus just the IE browser in Windows 8 running slow. Kind of a big difference.

Not saying these consoles don't have their problems there isn't a device or game in the world that doesn't need patches or fixes later on.. Some problems are bigger than others though that is important to note.

Another thing to note is a new patch or fix in any code can create another problem easily, it's endless. Nothing is perfect.

crazy_man1626d ago

Didn't he say this a few weeks ago?

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jlafount1626d ago

I never had a real problem with the OS speed. I would just prefer the apps like TVii to actually be completed and useful

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