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Iwata Says They Will Improve Slow Wii U OS

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told Japanese publication The Nikkei that they are aware that customers are dissatisfied with the slow Wii U operating system. Iwata says that the development team are currently looking into fixing this issue. Sadly, he wouldn’t say when we can expect overall OS changes, but it’s good that Nintendo recognize that it’s an issue for most consumers. (Nintendo, Wii U)

BlackWolf  +   859d ago
Well, it was a given they would have to work this out. Hope a fix comes around soon.
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exfatal  +   859d ago
I love the fact that Iwata comes out to tell us this information himself. It could have easily been a Nintendo rep of some sort saying this. along with Nintendo direct. i feel that Iwata is putting himself/reputation on the line along with this system thus giving me more reason to trust what he says about the future of the console/games. other gaming companies can learn a thing or two.
LOL_WUT  +   859d ago
other gaming companies can learn a thing or two.
Yes, and you're right. Other companies can learn a thing or two by proper testing and fixing any issues relating to the hardware before selling said product. Which in this case it was the Wii U. Nobody likes big patches at launch and a slow OS. ;)
Treian  +   859d ago
way to start a flame war....
PopRocks359  +   859d ago

Yes because the Wii U is the only console to have issues on and post launch. Oh wait.
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thezeldadoth  +   859d ago
your entire post made you look like a douche
deafdani  +   859d ago
You're seriously deceived if you think that the PS4 and Xbox 720 will launch perfectly, and won't receive updates to improve on things.
jaymart2k  +   859d ago
Looks at PS3's new store look, slow as heck.

There's no reason for that since they've been around longer in the online space.

Where's the bashing topics for there new store?

Oh ya, too many fanboys.
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profgerbik  +   859d ago

Really not trying to get into this stupidity but a store and a entire OS are a slightly different. That is like my computer with windows 8 is completely slow versus just the IE browser in Windows 8 running slow. Kind of a big difference.

Not saying these consoles don't have their problems there isn't a device or game in the world that doesn't need patches or fixes later on.. Some problems are bigger than others though that is important to note.

Another thing to note is a new patch or fix in any code can create another problem easily, it's endless. Nothing is perfect.
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crazy_man  +   859d ago
Didn't he say this a few weeks ago?
pedroyamato  +   859d ago
Ok, I dont know how fast/slow is the other ppl OS but my wii u runs pretty fast. Even the slowest changes doesnt take more than 10 seconds.
Belking  +   859d ago
10 seconds isn't really that fast.
pedroyamato  +   859d ago
I said the slowest.

Try to open you playstation home and see how much it takes
j4re  +   859d ago
All I know is its slow. I'm not sure why it's slow but it is. Just not sure why they didn't see this as an issue prior to launch. Hopefully tweaking the OS helps.
profgerbik  +   859d ago
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jlafount  +   859d ago
I never had a real problem with the OS speed. I would just prefer the apps like TVii to actually be completed and useful
MilkMan  +   859d ago
Its fine by me.
Stand to reason that the console is barely a month and a half old and "gamers" are complain about a truck load of shit as if it was in the market for 27 years.
Give your complaints and then wait for Nintendo to fix the issues.
....and lets stop comparing this new console to everything other the sun.
and I have always respected Iwata. He tries to do the right thing.
thezeldadoth  +   859d ago
finally got a Wii U, the OS is nice and i love the controller integration.
LordHiggens  +   859d ago
I really don't see enough games for me to justify spending the money to get a Wii U...but I have played one at my friends and the load time in the OS is just...god awful. Glad to know that they know.
HeroReborn  +   859d ago
If there two gripes I have with the system is

1) I think it's extremely unfair to the consumer that Nintendo made us download a 5Gb patch day one that takes up more then half the hard drive on the basic model

2) The inability the Os has to jump quickly between menus and options it is not next generation at all it is extremely slow and makes you regret making any mistakes because you pay for it dearly with your time

Related video
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gpturbo81  +   859d ago
1gb update
thezeldadoth  +   859d ago
my only problem is with the OS being slow. You have room to download the update plus super mario u if you'd like, maybe another game. Nobody cared when microsoft released a 4gb console that had no way to download map packs for Reach, took up over half of it with the OS, or the constant patches that would take hours every 6 months.
HeroReborn  +   859d ago
It was a different time hardeives although previlent were not seen as such of a asset as they are today. They could have been a little more bold and made either a bigger standerd hard drive or some other means of patching there console. What's done is done but I think we can both agree that both the new Xbox and new Playstation will both carry beefy storage space not only because its warrented but because in a case like this it is needed
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metroid32  +   859d ago
Look at smart tv's going into youtube apps on them take even longer ?
HeroReborn  +   858d ago
We are talking more than just apps they may take awhile to load understandble, but the load times just to get to the settings screen is really bad it is way to long and to take 1gb there seems to be a flaw in coding somewhere.

A device is going to run as well and quick as its software in conjunction with the hardware lets it. Put it this way if you had a 360 from the start of the console till today the vast changes that has happen to streamline the console all came from software
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Hozi  +   859d ago
Nintendo started out in first place, then it seems like they took a back seat with everything but their(own) games. They are far behind in terms of Graphics, Online Play,etc...
Triggytrolls  +   859d ago
The OS speed is fine?!
DivineAssault  +   859d ago
1st impressions last a long time but fixing it is better than leaving it.. Thats some decent news for owners or potential buyers.. 1GB of OS memory should be much faster than what it is now
metroid32  +   859d ago
Yes but OS on mobiles ect doesn't have a real time social network right on the menu screen so all in all it's very fast considering the background the wiiu has to cope with.
wiiulee  +   858d ago
of course it will improve only haters who doesnt have the wiiu are complaining to hate
corrus  +   858d ago
And how if that thing is from the CPU
Ck1x  +   858d ago
There wouldn't be much for Nintendo to patch if the CPU is what's slowing down the OS! People keep going on and on about the CPU, but the only thing that's been said is that the clock speed is slow in comparison to 360/PS3. The thing to understand is that with the CPU having OoOE it needs to be programmed for in this manner, not just porting games and expecting them to run great when the other two systems don't operate in the same efficiency as the WiiU.
Newsman  +   858d ago
Lets see. Old OS 600,000 lines of poor code, new OS 300,000 lines of better code.
I think it would run faster you moron
Ck1x  +   858d ago
@newsman, learn reading comprehension first! Im not saying there isn't anything wrong with the OS speed, but your hooked on phonics brother above was implying that the reason is because of the CPU design and not coding... Even a super fast cpu will run bad code poorly.
Speak when spoken to next time!
jmc8888  +   858d ago
The OS is slow, but it really doesn't matter all that much. Good to know they'll work on it, but it won't affect me much, because I'm not perusing around the OS like anyone does a PC.

I mean if I want to sit and do nothing on my Wii U but go from one area to another back and forth to piss myself off, well I could do that. But why would I?

Here's what happens when I turn on a Wii U. Hit power button, the Wii U screen comes up. In about the same time, maybe less than an Xbox 360 or PS3, the main screen comes up. Oooh.

Then I hit the start button on the screen and the game launches.

So if you want to play games, the OS 'slowness' doesn't matter a lick.

It only matters when you are transitioning from one thing to another. If you hit the wrong button, sure you might have to wait a little bit, but it's not that bad. But when you're in Miiverse, it doesn't take long for stuff to load. It's basically feels like each different section in the OS is trying to load different programs. That's what it 'feels' like. So don't go back and forth between things so much. It's not like it's needed to do that.

But overall if you want to play games, the Wii U OS is just fine as is. If you want to use a particular app, then you wait for 10-15 seconds or so.

If you want to be all ADHD and purposefully go back and forth between things with no other purpose, then you aren't doing anything but looking for flaws. Overall this is a small issue, and it's being addressed.

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