Opinion: EA Must Be Stopped

"EA must be stopped. Their recent bid of $2 billion for Take Two Interactive is just the latest in a long history of using money to eliminate the competition, and only fuels the anti-EA sentiment felt by millions of gamers."

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toughNAME3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

Microsoft would save the day...

Genesis53916d ago

Was there any sarcasm in there Tough? Maybe a little.

Joey Gladstone3916d ago

EA = The Borg from Star Trek....they assimilate to no end, until there are no other gaming companies left to assimilate.
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

MikeGdaGod3916d ago

they've got enough issues to deal with

toughNAME3916d ago

Of the two gaming companies that like to throw there money around...I would have Microsoft make my games over EA any day.

ruibing3915d ago

Microsoft isn't that great at keeping their first party developers either. Unless of course you forgot about Bungie and FASA Interactive already. But I suppose it is the lesser of two evils...

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Anything but Cute3916d ago

Stop these guys before we see yearly GTA installments for every console on the market. Money isn't everything in video games. It's a passionate and creative business.

EA must be stopped for the sake of video gamers.

Tempist3916d ago

Yeah, EA the omni-corp of games has been getting to me. They seem to have this overwhelming games as a product and not games as entertainment that really needs to stop. I don't want a bland game, I want to be entertained and engaged by my games.

EA seems to stick to a 'what's going to be popular' instead of 'what's new and entertaining.' In fact, look at what happened to Black. Part of the company was disbanded.

But really the power is in the gamer on this one. If we where really adamant about stopping EA, then we would all take a vow never to buy a game made by EA if they buy up Take Two. I'd be for doing it, even with Spore coming out.

Makroyale3916d ago

And I don't know about you, put it makes me cringe just to think about fake products in GTA such as Sprunk being replaced with real products like Coke...

Take-Two needs to stay independent.

Statix3916d ago

Good thing I don't really care for Spore, or any of the Sims games. And I'm not a football fan, so Mediocre-Madden can go fu** itself.

DJ3916d ago

They disband their own internal studios, regardless of creativity or critical acclaim. Like MS, all they look at is quarterly revenue. Def Jam and Fight Night were great games, but even that didn't stop EA from firing everyone in their Chicago studio.

Salvadore3916d ago

But how does one stop a monster like EA?

EZCheez3916d ago

So they could afford making crazy offers to buy out other publishers.

kewlkat0073916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

I've never been so upset until today..

We are looking at 1 version of SPORTS games forever..

The Overtaking of some of our favorite franchises, which might be watered down.

Somebody has to do something..EA has been eating companies since early 90's and no sign of stopping. Anybody has money?

R.I.P 2k sports

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