Why The Playstation Vita Is The Best Thing To Happen To Me Last Year

GameStyle - Well in a gaming sense at least. Life has been pretty busy this year, I have a six year old son who does hockey training twice a week, as well as playing hockey games. It means I spend more time away from home at this point in my life, than I ever did before. That in turn means less time to sit down with a home console or PC.

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KimikoGaming1954d ago

You will be in a treat for Persona 4 Golden, and it will definitely fill your time going to the hockey games.

It took me 93 hours to get everything I wanted to get in the first playthrough, and I still need to do a second playthrough to be able to get everything and get the rest of the trophies.

izumo_lee1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I need a few more lines to get that 'Hardcore Risette' trophy but for me i spent over 200+ hours on the game to max out some of my most used Personas.

The game made me rememember how great the original game was & it made me sad that a lot of people missed the game cause it came out so late into the life of the PS2.

I even shed a few tears during my playthrough just cause of the heartwarming & brilliant writing of this game. A legendary experience to say the least.

It is a shame that many are not aware of the brillance of the Vita cause of fanboy glasses & just plain lack of knowledge of what is available on the system. There are many many high quality games on the Vita that people fail to see.

vikingland11954d ago

Well said and I agree. There is alot of good gaming to be had on the Vita.

poo3429472947921954d ago

the vita changed my life and made me the man I always wanted to be it sold me on sony and now I hail to kevin buttler tv ads ohhh the joy the joy praise be vita

KimikoGaming1954d ago

Did you know about the lawsuit filed by Sony against Kevin Butler because he was in a video that had Mario Kart in it?

imXify1954d ago

People just can't understand how the Vita is awesome :P

Protagonist1954d ago

Bradley Marsh did ;)

Great article and Bradley just wait until you try Soul Sacrifife... beyond awesome. The demo alone has replay value!

HarryMasonHerpderp1954d ago

Most of my gaming highlights last year were played on my Vita.
I still get excited just thinking about Gravity Rush!.....that sounded wrong.

Hingle_Mcringleberry1954d ago

Failing to see how that sounds wrong =__=

Ultr1954d ago


well sounds like a part of him got excited...

yeah really, I also fail to see how that sounds wrong :D :D its totally justified

Gravity Rush... I would download everysingle extraepisode! got 100% of everything in there. such a great title

Sketchy_Galore1954d ago

After getting a Vita for Xmas I have to agree with most of this article. I've barely touched my PS3 since I got the Vita (but I'm sure that'll change once this year's big titles start appearing or at least once I get Ni No Kuni). Thanks to ps plus I already had an amazing bunch of games to play the moment I picked it up too. From the big hitters like Uncharted and Gravity rush to amazing low key games like Mutant blobs attack but the absolute best thing on it for me though is the ability to play PS1 classics. They look great on the little screen with bilinear filtering and it's great to be able to lie in bed for half an hour before sleeping and do a little questing in a classic JRPG.

doogiebear1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I ordered a vita the week that vita got ps plus. I looked through my download list and discovered I have a backlog of 56 games ready to play on my Vita (since I had ps plus for 2 years--collecting ps1, ps mini, etc games). So on day one of owning my vita, i had 56 games, and there was a sale on psn that same week for Valkyria Chronicles and Disgaea 1 for psp. Add to that my purchase of Persona 4 Golden and now my PS3 is barely ever turned on. I actually enjoy my Vita even more than my ps3 right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.