This, children, is called hypocrisy

Stevo writes: "Apparently video games are so bad that the NRA have joined forces with MEDL Mobile, Inc. to create NRA: Practice Range for iOS. How are they doing this? By marketing it as a "knowledge" game."

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Zhipp1889d ago

Don't they only blame violent videogames? An app where you shoot at targets while being supplied with (possibly)helpful gun safety tips doesn't seem all that "violent" to me.

DragonKnight1889d ago

It could be interpreted as promoting gun use. And guns are instruments of death no matter what anyone says. Used responsibly, they still result in the ending of one or many lives.

Zhipp1889d ago

Sure it could, but then you'd be using the same broken logic that the NRA uses in regards to violent videogames, wouldn't you?

From the features listed in the article, it seems more like this "game" is for gun owners. Regardless of how stupid the NRA can be, I don't see anything wrong with this app, especially if it goes towards making people more responsible when in comes to taking care of their weapons.

I agree that a gun is an instrument of death, which is why, if used responsibly, a gun would seldom ever be fired at another human being in the first place--and rarely ever is, by licensed gun owners. If the owner does indeed have the gun for "self-defense purposes"(i.e. hurting another to prevent them from hurting you or others) naturally it should only ever even be drawn if the owner is threatened. Besides, not including suicides, the vast majority of shootings are committed by illegal gun owners. The #1 thing licensed carriers need to do is keep tighter reins on who has access to their gun at any given time.

That's my take on things, anyway.

DragonKnight1889d ago

For starters, I'm not interpreting it as anything. I'm merely showcasing one extreme that will be used against this "game."

Two, there really is no such thing as using an instrument of death "responsibly." By their very nature they cause death. You can NOT use a gun. That's probably the most responsible thing to do with one. But even in "self-defense" the likelihood of death is almost certain. I mean, I don't understand why anyone would ever consider a gun a tool. It's not a tool. A tool facilitates a project. The only way a gun would be a tool is if you were a hitman. But anyway, I'm just saying there are extremes on both sides and this game will be judged by one extreme as promoting gun use.

SilentNegotiator1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

NRA promoting gun use? Oh my god. really? No way. I'm floored. gasp. /s

Of course they promote gun use. And you don't have to agree with them on video games or gun control to know that they DO promote safe use among legal, law abiding owners.

"there really is no such thing as using an instrument of death "responsibly." By their very nature they cause death. You can NOT use a gun. That's probably the most responsible thing to do with one"

I consider using a gun for protection more responsible than trying to subdue a criminal without one or otherwise just balling up in the corner and crying. If it's me/someone else innocent or someone endangering INNOCENT lives, the person endangering others is dead. I'm not going to coo him until the cops show up 8 minutes later "Ohhh, you po' widdle murder; your mental needs are just not properly attended to!" -- responsible gun use is the difference between a dead murderer and a few innocent vs a bunch of dead innocent people (and probably a cop or two) and murderer.

I'm up to date on the idea of mental health and helping people, but the difference between liberal sensibilities and liberal bulls**t in this case is additional lost lives. Fearing everyone as an irresponsible threat is well worse than fearing people not being prepared to stop one psycho as he slaughters a room of people.

DragonKnight1889d ago

@SilentNegotiator: What's with the tone dude? Did I come at you and try to steal your gun or something? I made a valid point and you turned on Second Amendment Defense Mode? Seriously, you should just learn to chill out a bit.

I've been in enough gun debates with so many logical fallacies being thrown around to last multiple lifetimes, so I'm not getting into another one. Especially with someone who may or may not be very high strung at the mere thought of anyone or anything being "anti-gun."

SilentNegotiator1889d ago

The first thing a person with no logical retort does is invent a "tone" of the other(s) in the debate and pretend to be too much above them to retort at all.

DragonKnight1888d ago

Dude, your first sentence was sarcastic. I didn't invent that. The rest of your response was blatantly pro-NRA/pro-gun, I didn't invent that either. You created your own tone, I didn't do it for you. Like I said, I'm not getting into another gun debate where logical fallacies are thrown around just so yet another person can defend a poorly worded and outdated "right." Argue with yourself.

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omegaoftime1889d ago

This article is pointless and not written well. There is a large difference between just shooting a gun in a game at targets that resemble people and shooting as a discipline, so I don't see how it is a hypocrisy. When I first started out with guns, I was afraid of them and wasn't too sure of the safety rules because living in California, nobody here knows how they work. Over time, you spend quite a bit of planning and tinkering on trying to figure out how your equipment works, how to customize it, make it smooth, yada yada, boring stuff.