Pre-order Devil May Cry For PC Today For Only $37.50

STFUandPlay writes, "With an early 2013 gameageddon upon us I thought I would try and find some ways to help save you guys some money."

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OOG1566d ago

Now if only I could get cheap console deals... I usually rent these games but videos stores are hard to find to rent games now.

Jac5al1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Never played a DMC game before, I might give this one a try.

OOG1566d ago

It looks decent... you definitely would need a controller tho... if not I just don't know.

kevnb1566d ago

I know people who have never used a controller who enjoyed devil may cry 4 on pc using mouse and keyboard. Its certainly playable that way, but if you played these games when they were only on console you might want to stick with the familiar control scheme.

OOG1566d ago

thats pretty interesting... must be quite the trip playing it on the mouse and keyboard... would be interesting to try it