Xbox 360, not Wii, to win this console generation in the U.S.

DFC Intelligence's new report forecasts more Xbox 360s sold in the US than Wiis by 2017, and the PS3 isn't even close.

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Nyxus1681d ago

'In the US' is important to note here. Looking at the worldwide sales, it is actually very likely that the PS3 will overtake the Xox 360 soon, and Microsoft's console will end up in last place. At least as far as consoles sold goes.

berndogskate1681d ago

Already has in worldwide sales )

mr_kubrick1681d ago

IDC says yes
NPD Group says no

choose your poison....wait i know what u choose

wishingW3L1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )


IDC = World Wide sales

NPD = just North America


guitarded771681d ago

So winning == sales??? I'm not denying any of the consoles, but everyone talks about console sales, but never mentions attach rate and overall number of games sold.

Let's say a consoles have a 20% profit margin, but software has a 60% profit margin. Console A can sell 1 million units, and console B 500k units. But console A only sells 3 pieces of software per console, and console B sells 10 pieces of software per console.

There is a lot more to SALES than just SALES. And there's a lot more to success than just SALES. So sick of the SALES pissing match 10 times a week around here. Sales should matter to investors, gamers should be more concerned with games. The only reason sales are important to gamers is because it means more support from devs making games.

AngelicIceDiamond1681d ago

@Skate Shipments WW. People need to buy the console not the stores.

dredgewalker1681d ago

Can't we all just be happy that all our favorite consoles are selling well? Going by numbers this generation has the highest number of consoles sold and it shows that the market is still healthy. All three can co-exist in this market.

mcstorm1681d ago

The way I look at it is Nintendo have had the best console sales as the Wii Wowed the public like the Iphone did when it came out but its numbers have been dropping for the last few years and software sales were mixed as 1st party games sold well and only some 3rd party ones.

MS imo have had the best Gen out the 3 because at the beginning of this gen no one thought they could push out Sony in any way shape or form yet if you look at the sales numbers of the 360 it has walked all over the Xbox sales. Xbox is now a brand name and it managed to get a grip of the core market at the start and then eat into Nintendo's none core market with Kinect. Most of the 3rd party games sell more on the 360 to and a lot are created for the 360 and ported to the PS3.

For me Sony have been the biggest losers this gen as with the PSX and PS2 they walked all over Nintendo, Sega and Microsoft and I think because of that they thought the PS brand was bigger than it was. They had a very bad start and sales were very slow. Did not have many AAA exclusives out of the block and was way to expensive for the none core to buy when the Wii and 360 were at a lower price. Move was a flop to but im glad Sony messed up at the start as it has made them go back to the drawing board and see that they now need to offer some AAA exclusives and have given some amazing games like UC and LBP and in doing this they have managed to get the sales up to match and over take the 360 week by week in Europe and Match maybe even over take them in total sales but will have to wait for MS and Sony to give us the official numbers.

But the reason why I say sony where the biggest losers is because of the hold they had on the market with the PSX and PS2 as the PS3 dose not have this. Its sold very well and Sony have done well to get the numbers up to.

For me I cant wait for Sony and Microsoft to join Nintendo in the Next gen as I think the next gen will be even closer than this one in terms of all 3 selling around about the same number of consoles.

Once thing this gen has done is its shown us there is room for 3 big names in the console business and no matter if you a Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo fan boy you have to say having all 3 pushing each other every year and every gen makes it better for us gamers Core and none core in the long run.

badz1491681d ago

that's a LONG time from now and probably Nintendo might have already released their next Wii by then!

Ult iMate1681d ago

It's like a weather vane: "PS3 is falling behind in third place! Oh, it isn't already? It's "sales don't matter" then! Oh, it contradicts with what we said for the last six years? Then change the course for "it's only US sales matter"!"

ChrisW1681d ago

What's better than being 1st or 2nd in the Special Olympics?

Not qualifying for the Special Olympics!

sikbeta1681d ago

X360 = 1st in America = Almost there: -1m to pass Wii

X360 = 2nd WW = Fact -> PS3 still doesn't overtake X360 in sales, but it's getting closer

Wii = 1st WW = Still

SolidStoner1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

just for the information..

In my country (Latvia) people buy x box console more not because its better, but because you can play pirated games on it.. but on ps3 you cant.. so there's that... 70% console here are x box just for that alone reason (no one plays xbox online here, we cant afford that in this country)... (the idea is that no one cares about games anymore, mainstream auditory is interested for casual games, low price and easy to use..)
Sales dosnt mean anything, people buy many cheap slow cars, does it makes them better somehow? no!
I own ps3 if you wonder..

B1663r1680d ago

Sales forecasts are not sales results. For that IDC FORCAST to be correct, the PS3 had to have its best Christmas season ever, which it did not, it had its worst Christmas season ever.

No worries though, when Microsoft announces their real numbers in about two weeks, and Sony obfuscates their numbers again by combining them with ps2 numbers, we will all know the score.

hotrider121680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

i believe IDC report of sales worldwide sales more believable.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231680d ago

I thought it was confirmed World Wide SHIPPED. NOT Sales.

Amiroo1680d ago

shipment not sales.
over 76millions PS3 shipped worldwide and near 76 millions 360 sold to costumers in the world, it could be still 2 to 5 millions difference

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VINNIEPAZ1681d ago

'In the US' is important to note here.

Yeah Im sure WE CAN READ that, why do you feel the need to point it out? Stupid article anyways as all the systems are "winning"

The big 3 are not stopping anytime soon

EddieNX 1681d ago

Why does he need to point that out?

Because the tiles is missleading and says ''xbox 360 to win generation not wii'' . That title doesn't say just in the US as it should.

Nyxus1681d ago

Like Kingofwiiu said, the title is misleading.

jimbobwahey1681d ago

Yeah, it's certainly an interesting attempt at twisting the fact that as of right now, Microsoft is in last place for the second console generation in a row.

Of course that could change as time progresses, but since Microsoft dropped the original Xbox as soon as the 360 launched, and is already showing signs of abandoning the 360 to prepare for the launch of the next Xbox (given the massive drought in support for the console this year, amongst other things) it doesn't look good.

Microsoft does not support old hardware the same way that Sony does. Whereas the PS2 was still well-supported after the launch of the PS3, Microsoft completely abandoned the original Xbox and gave the adopters of their first console the finger. To think that the Xbox 360 will continue to shift units well into 2017 is wishful thinking at best.

AngelicIceDiamond1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

To be fair MS had a reason to drop the original Xbox. Beyond their 1st party smash hit Halo 2, 3rd party devs didn't really support the Xbox I remember certain games not releasing or coming out much later on the Xbox (GTA). Overall lack of support and very slows sales didn't help it either. It is amazing how MS pratically said "erase that, lets try it again." Attitude.

The Xbox 360 is whole different ball game. Great third party support, a hand full of exclusives that sale very well and a streamlined unified online service. And 10X more supported than the original Xbox ever was. I can realistically see MS supporting the 360 at least a year or less than a year in a half.

Now with that being said, this little prediction chart is a little unrealistic. Why would people in the U.S (or in the world rather) continue to buy a 360 when they know they have to pay to play? People might as well pick up the 720 and possibly get way more out of it?

nukeitall1681d ago


"Microsoft does not support old hardware the same way that Sony does."

You mean like how Sony poorly supports the PSP Go?

Let's get straight to the facts, the only history Sony has is pretty much of successful products when it comes to the Playstation console except for the last one. See Sony f'up PSP Go and they did the same darn thing as MS, just worse.

Sony is just as apt to pull support if the product is no longer profitable or makes sense in a business strategy. They are no more a saint than MS is.


"Why would people in the U.S (or in the world rather) continue to buy a 360 when they know they have to pay to play? People might as well pick up the 720 and possibly get way more out of it?"

The same reason consumers have been paying to play all this time?

If anything, the NPD numbers showed that MS outsold both competitors combined this Holiday. That is some serious strength and MS still have plenty of room to drop the price, but they don't have to.

Consumers are saying "we are willing to pay more for your product and pay to use the product than other competing products available".

kenshiro1001681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

"If anything, the NPD numbers showed that MS outsold both competitors combined this Holiday. That is some serious strength and MS still have plenty of room to drop the price, but they don't have to.

Consumers are saying "we are willing to pay more for your product and pay to use the product than other competing products available"."

Proof? The last I heard, the PS3 was beating the 360 worldwide.

PJF_Josh1681d ago

jimbobwahey has is right.

@nukeitall: Explain your reasoning please
"You mean like how Sony poorly supports the PSP Go?"
"See Sony f'up PSP Go and they did the same darn thing as MS, just worse."

Games are still being made and released in digital format for the PSP/PSP go. The PlayStation store has a dedicated PSP section with 839 games (and counting) available for the system. You can still buy memory cards, you can still buy games. The only thing it doesn't take is UMD's and we all knew that going in.

Sony never dropped support for the PSP Go. They discontinued the model, but that's not even close to the same as discontinuing support for the system. You can still buy one off eBay today and have access to over 800 games on the PlayStation store through the PS3 or the Go itself. That's a well supported system by any definition.

Does it have every title ever made for the PSP? No and it was never going to. It was an experiment, an attempt to see if a purely digital delivery device was possible at that stage of the game. They learned through resistance from a number of publishers and consumers that no, people weren't ready for that yet. That's why the PS Vita exists in the form that it does, a mix of digital services and physical cards.

1Victor1680d ago

@nukeitall your logic make no sense sure pick on the go that wasn't a new hardware but a attempt to go digital only witch costumers didn't like in price. Thanks to that mistake Sony learned that digital only wasn't the answer and now the vita got both on day one. Anyways enjoy the "win in the U.S" if that makes you sleep better at night but remember that "THE U.S IS NOT THE WORLD" stay trolling my friend like the Mets fans say "there's always next year/ gen

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Thatguy-3101681d ago

Honestly no console really lost. Ye they do have the margin of who sold more but each held there grown respectfully. No one got demolished like the past two gens. If that would have been the case then yea one console would have "won" but in the end they sold respectfully and that's what counts. In my opinion No one was left behind.

soxfan20051681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Did a recent report surface that shows the Gamecube passed the Xbox last generation? If it did, I must have missed it.

I don't know what's sadder - the fact that you have to post an outright lie in an attempt to make the Xbox brand look bad, or the fact that people actually agree with you. Just goes to show the minimal level of gaming knowledge among the masses here on N4G.

How can you accuse anyone of twisting facts when you don't even know what the facts are?

Rainstorm811681d ago

I don't know why u are getting disagrees , clearly the GameCube sold the worst out of the big three last gen.