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PlayStation Vita getting too many "Tech Demos?"

Many argue that the PlayStation Vita’s lineup hasn’t been very strong, while others think the Vita has had a great lineup so far. Now many are arguing that the PlayStation Vita has too many “Tech Demos!” (PS Vita, Tag Invalid)

Snookies12  +   807d ago | Well said
It's cool to hate Vita for some reason. Whatever, their loss for the people who pass it up. I've owned it since launch and am STILL immensely satisfied with it.
jujubee88  +   807d ago
Yeah, me to..
Snookies12  +   807d ago
Haha, there are quite a few who have more than I do.
jujubee88  +   807d ago
I wish I could have that many. :(
Anon1974  +   807d ago
Sometimes, I miss my bubbles. I had eight of them a few years ago. They were cute. Each had it's own name. Then they were taken from me, never to return no matter how many people bubble me up. *sniff*

Anyway, I'm a little at a loss as to what all these "tech demo's" are they're referring to? They mention Little Deviants and COD. I never played LD, but how on earth is COD a tech demo? The article never explains or elaborates.

I haven't had an issue myself with the Vita's lineup. I've played hands down the best games I've ever seen on mobile on my Vita. Uncharted still amazes me that I'm playing a game that close to the console version on a console. Gravity Rush is fresh and original, Rayman reminded me why I used to love platformers again and I haven't even had a chance yet to break out AC Liberation which I received for Christmas. Meanwhile, I keep finding myself going back to cool little downloadable titles like Retro City Rampage, not to mention I'm still playing PSP games on my Vita.

Anyone else with problems with "tech demo's" on the Vita?
Skate-AK  +   807d ago
There is this one dude I see here evey once in a while that has over 13 bubbles.
Sithlord-Gamble  +   807d ago
I agree. I play it daily.
Soldierone  +   807d ago
I've had a few minutes of spare time, and I spent them playing my Vita instead of my PS3.

I wish (well I know) more games come out. Can't wait to play NHL 14 on it!
Axe99  +   807d ago
Well said - I'm incredibly happy with mine, which I've had since launch in Feb. The article hardly helps - picking out two games, one of which was clearly a tech demo, and the other one of the worst games to release on any system in the last few months. The Vita has a good number of full-sized games for its time on the market. The likes of Gravity Rush, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, LBP, AC3:Liberation, Unit 13, Playstation All-Stars, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter are hardly tech demos.
Zhipp  +   807d ago
I don't own one, but I played it in the store. It was nice, and they actually had demos of interesting games, unlike a certain other handheld. *cough3DScough* Seriously, how do they expect to show off the 3D aspect with games like NSMB2 and fashion designer, or w/etf that stupid little game is called.

Erm, anyway, the Vita seems pretty solid, and I'll probably get one 2-3 years into this generation, as is my custom.
sdozzo  +   807d ago
Immensely... no. but it is a nice handheld.
MastaMold  +   806d ago
Owned a PS Vita since launch and i've used it everyday since.

Sent from my PS Vita
sanosukegtr  +   806d ago
I agree 2 that owning a ps vita
khowat  +   807d ago
If there wasn't so much negative energy surrounding this console it could actually do great. Of course it has it's flaws and maybe a gimmicky feature (back touch pad) but what console doesn't. Instead, we hyper analyse everything bad about the console. It's a great handheld and I think everyone should buy it. It starts off with slow sales and everyone thinks that it must be defective it's just as good as your tablet, phone, or your 3ds. I love my vita (despite the fact that it refuses to fit comfortably in my pocket)
akhmenhawk17  +   807d ago
PS vita has no games>PS vita has too many ports> psvita needz exclusivez> PS vita has too many tech demos> PS vita has....
aah shatap already.
Irishguy95  +   807d ago
I have one and I think it needs moar games. Unlike Ps3 and PC, There isn't an overabundance of games.

Too little games - Vita, WiiU
Enough games - Xbox(including multiplats)
Lotsa games - Ps3/PC

When I don't have something to play on it or there isn't new games consistently coming out on it. It needs more games
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Snookies12  +   807d ago
You're comparing Vita and WiiU neither of which have been out for a year to something like PS3 and PC which have had years for games to come out? Give it time man, they'll get plenty of games.
TheLastGuardian  +   807d ago
If you don't have something to play on it, it's because you aren't buying games for it. I have a sh**load of games on my Vita and not nearly enough time for them all. Of course, I spend a lot of time with my other systems too. There's a bunch of Vita games I'm holding off on buying because I just have too much to play on it already. If you really want to get some use out of your Vita, go buy Persona 4 Golden. Who needs games releasing consistently when you've got games that last you months?
Protagonist  +   807d ago

Also " why Is P4G only for the PSVITA... Soul Sacrifice should not be an exclusive for the PSVITA, It Is too good!... I would prefer Tearaway on the big screen " etc...

The PSVITA is awesome!
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SAE  +   807d ago
declassified was more like an app not a real game . it doesn't try to be one. the campaign/graphics and even gameplay were short and weak just like app games ..

but vita proved that it can handle ps1/psp/ps2 and even ps3 games with little downgrade in few things ...
1nsomniac  +   807d ago
I think the author misunderstands what a tech demo is, because a game is poor it does not make it a tech demo. Despite how lacking the mentioned games are they are just that, lacking or poor quality games, not tech demos. They are however a good start to build from & hopefully a sign of things to build from & improvements further down its life cycle.

I was dead against getting a Vita purely because of Sonys poor attitude to its customer base this generation & all the negative press its got but I picked 1 up cheap & have to say I dont regret it, it's a great piece of kit & I always end up going back to it for a quick play.
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GameBlinx  +   807d ago
I know exactly what a tech demo is, that is why I listed the definition.

I also said at the end that I rather not call any of the titles a tech demo.

People are claiming half the titles as tech demos, I rather just say that they are still testing the full ability of the Vita.

"There is still plenty of room and power for the Vita to grow."
Protagonist  +   807d ago
I´m on different forums, but this is honestly the first time I´ve read about games being tech demos for the Vita.

How about some articles about the vast amount of games for the Vita or an article about a few ports is not a bad thing concidering we got P4G and that games for the PSVITA actually has great overall scores according to Metacritic.
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Hicken  +   806d ago
What people? All any of us here have seen calling games "tech demos" is you.
1nsomniac  +   807d ago
^^Exactly! I've never heard anyone call anything on the Vita a tech demo. Also I dont think there has been anything to this day released to the public for the Vita that could even possibly claim to be or viewed as a tech demo.
i noticed when it was just xbox 360 and ps3 everone bashed the ps3 mostly saying it aint got any good games etc.now the wii u and vita is the main two everyone is bashing? i dont get it this new breed of gamers we have today dont know how to appreciate nothing.gaming came a long way since my day which was coleco vision and atari.now that we all have a voice via the internet it just sad to see the under apreciation of developers hard time and work go to waste with people constantly bashing.if u guys want to play stick figure games on ur hdtv with no story maybe u should try those out instead, but as a old school and new school gamer im happy where we are today.all u got to do is make ur choice and stop complaining too much about things thats is so little.just have fun,not every game or game system is gonna have what u looking for.
TheDivine  +   806d ago
Currently playing P4 on Vita and Devil Survivior Overclocked, TWEWY, and Paper Mario on 3ds. Waiting on KZ and Soul Sacrifice for Vita. Waiting for Soul Hackers, Shin Megami Tensei 4, MH4, Castlvania, Luigis Mansion, and Fire Emblem for 3ds.

I love my vita but you see my point? Vita needs more games period. Doesnt mean its not dope and it will turn out alright eventually but right now it needs more games.
Godchild1020  +   806d ago
I have already listed all my games for the Vita and I have enjoyed them all. I have a backlog of games on it and 3 of which I haven't touch yet.

There is more than enough games on the Vita, that might not interest everyone, but if you own a PS3 and have bought any cross buy titles, you already have a backlog of Vita games. And you have less reason to complain when you get one.

I really want Sony to come out with the Blue and Red one and not wait until E3 to announce they are coming.
remanutd55  +   806d ago
Guys if you dont have Sonic&All Stars Racing Transformed and you are a kart racing fan then you seriously need to get it, its the best kart racing games i have played in years, pretty good game and it supports up to 8 players online and while on the lobby you can invite your psn friends/ shared play history/ online ID/ party, its really fun and you get a lot of stuff to do for only $29.99.
rulparra  +   806d ago
no se que es lo que tanto critican el psvita que le faltan juegos, pero la 3ds esta igual porque si hablamos de juegos la 3ds tiene mucha basura y tiene mas tiempo en el mercado.

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