PlayStation Store Preview – January 15th, 2013: Wintery Blues

I’m not sure if it’s a Vitamin D deficiency due to the gloomy winter months, but this week’s update feels a little depressing. Ninja Theory’s new take on Dante in DmC Devil May Cry hits this week, and could be just the pick me up that we all need. If you find yourself nodding off, download the PS Vita’s newest app, Wake-Up Club. That, or play some of the PS2 Classic Siren, and you might never be able to get a sound night of sleep again!

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Sev1954d ago

Siren is one creepy ass game.

DA_SHREDDER1954d ago

Still waiting on Clock Tower. Bunch of non gamer idiots that have too much decision making power that work at Sony.

doctorstrange1954d ago

Most of the problems and delays come down to legal restrictions that were made when the games were released, with the publishers having no clue that in the future people would want to magically have the game transported to them on a new system over the air.

E2S1954d ago

I wonder why hasnt the 1080p PSN version been knocked down in price yet.

Crazyglues1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I thought we were getting Bioshock 1 free when you bought Bioshock Infinite so why is this package on PSN???

I already have Bio 2 so I just I was looking forward to getting part 1, but if this is on PSN maybe it's because it will no-longer be free with Infinite???

Anyone kNow Anything about this?


TrendyGamers1954d ago

I'll download Wake up Club just to see what it's like.

dbjj120881954d ago

I'll give it a try. If it helps my brain wake up from the fog I'll be happy.

Snookies121954d ago

It's pretty neat actually, I used the Japanese version for a little bit. I personally can't wait for Corpse Party though. Getting that right when the store updates...

NovusTerminus1954d ago


Still no MGR:R demo? So much for "early" January...

dbjj120881954d ago

Yeah total shame. I wish it were here already since I didn't get Zone of Enders HD.

ftwrthtx1954d ago

The demo is fun but not what I was expecting from a MGS game.

NovusTerminus1954d ago

It's not MGS, it's MGR... MGS will continue with Ground Zeroes.

ThePsychoGamer1954d ago

Can't wait for Copse Party BoS

Snookies121954d ago

You and me both my friend, you and me both...

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The story is too old to be commented.