Top 7... Games that were originally totally different games

GamesRadar - Your favorite game was originally a licensed Smurfs RPG.

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SeraphimBlade1921d ago

I think it's brilliant that Devil May Cry STARTED as a wild departure from an established franchise that would have pissed a lot of fans off.

caseh1921d ago

Ahhh a System Shock 3 sequel would have been epic. Turned out to be Dead Space and I never really got into it. :/

prototypeknuckles1921d ago

ive heard of most of these except halo being a third person, rts

they should add Assassians Creed, it used to be a modern day prince of persia game, with, then it became AC ,only at that time, Altair was a woman.

deafdani1921d ago

No mention of Super Mario Bros. 2?