Valve’s Steam Consoles Have Little Appeal

The rumors circulating around the Steam Console have become a reality. Valve is making a console and it will be running a version of Steam on Linux. As exciting as this news is, the announcement of other hardware partners begs the question, why would anyone buy a Steam Console over a PC?

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Godchild10202013d ago

I think the console will have some appeal to the PC gamers that like Linux, but the price may play a factor on how well it will do out the gate and long term.

It's Valve, so, I'm sure they will find a way for it to sell.

Moncole2013d ago

It wont appeal to PC gamers because they already have a gaming PC. If a PC gamer likes Linux they can download it.

decrypt2013d ago

Second that, why would a PC gamer drop their rig in favor of a locked down box, not going to happen. Part of the reason people game on PCs is because of the options it provides, Steambox seems to take those away just like a console would.

Letros2013d ago

Yea...if one really wants Linux, nothing is stopping them from installing it lol.

Godchild10202013d ago

I'm not a PC gamer and don't know much about Linux. But after reading your comment and the other that have replied to you, my comment was way off and this is definitely geared towards console gamers or gamers that are looking to get a gaming PC (Ones that don't have one yet, that is what I was really talking about).

More or less the price will make or break this unit.

kevnb2013d ago

well it isnt even a console, just another prebuilt pc. We will see what we think once we see specs and price.

fermcr2013d ago

From what I've seen from Valve’s Steam Consoles, they don't appeal to me. I already have a pretty decent PC for Steam games.

Unless they have exclusives i don't see the point of Valve’s Steam Consoles.

TheSuperior 2013d ago

I am a console gamer, always have been and qiute honestly i havent done much looking into the steam console. I probably should start tho because everyone seems to be pretty excited. Ive always had an interest in PC but never quite had what it takes in terms of computer to keep up with the games.

InMyOpinion2013d ago

Speak for yourselves.

I'm a diehard console gamer but the Steambox has my full attention.

Farsendor12013d ago

thats the point though,us pc gamers will keep our rigs and console gamers can get a small taste of pc gaming.

Ultr2013d ago

Im actually interested in it as a pc. I would love a little box as a pc

specsmatter2013d ago

Not on my radar to buy at all, nor does it peak excitement but i am curious to see what it offers. As of now my attention is full steam ahead on a ps4 announcement.

papashango2013d ago

contradict yourself much?

sjaakiejj2013d ago

How about price, ease of use, low required technical knowledge, support, and it actually being equivalent to a console?

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The story is too old to be commented.