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Submitted by 4logpc 1051d ago | opinion piece

Valve’s Steam Consoles Have Little Appeal

The rumors circulating around the Steam Console have become a reality. Valve is making a console and it will be running a version of Steam on Linux. As exciting as this news is, the announcement of other hardware partners begs the question, why would anyone buy a Steam Console over a PC? (Next-Gen, PC, Steam, Valve)

Godchild1020  +   1051d ago
I think the console will have some appeal to the PC gamers that like Linux, but the price may play a factor on how well it will do out the gate and long term.

It's Valve, so, I'm sure they will find a way for it to sell.
Moncole  +   1051d ago
It wont appeal to PC gamers because they already have a gaming PC. If a PC gamer likes Linux they can download it.
decrypt  +   1051d ago
Second that, why would a PC gamer drop their rig in favor of a locked down box, not going to happen. Part of the reason people game on PCs is because of the options it provides, Steambox seems to take those away just like a console would.
Letros  +   1051d ago
Yea...if one really wants Linux, nothing is stopping them from installing it lol.
Godchild1020  +   1051d ago
I'm not a PC gamer and don't know much about Linux. But after reading your comment and the other that have replied to you, my comment was way off and this is definitely geared towards console gamers or gamers that are looking to get a gaming PC (Ones that don't have one yet, that is what I was really talking about).

More or less the price will make or break this unit.
kevnb  +   1051d ago
well it isnt even a console, just another prebuilt pc. We will see what we think once we see specs and price.
fermcr  +   1050d ago
From what I've seen from Valve’s Steam Consoles, they don't appeal to me. I already have a pretty decent PC for Steam games.

Unless they have exclusives i don't see the point of Valve’s Steam Consoles.
TheSuperior  +   1051d ago
I am a console gamer, always have been and qiute honestly i havent done much looking into the steam console. I probably should start tho because everyone seems to be pretty excited. Ive always had an interest in PC but never quite had what it takes in terms of computer to keep up with the games.
InMyOpinion  +   1051d ago
Speak for yourselves.

I'm a diehard console gamer but the Steambox has my full attention.
Farsendor1  +   1051d ago
thats the point though,us pc gamers will keep our rigs and console gamers can get a small taste of pc gaming.
Ultr  +   1051d ago
Im actually interested in it as a pc. I would love a little box as a pc
specsmatter  +   1051d ago
Not on my radar to buy at all, nor does it peak excitement but i am curious to see what it offers. As of now my attention is full steam ahead on a ps4 announcement.
papashango  +   1050d ago
contradict yourself much?
sjaakiejj  +   1051d ago
How about price, ease of use, low required technical knowledge, support, and it actually being equivalent to a console?
jimbobwahey  +   1051d ago
I'm interested since I'm a PC gamer that made the transition to consoles due to my preference for gaming on a comfy sofa with a big TV screen. If Valve's console can effectively transition PC gaming to the living room then I'll definitely pick one up, but it's all dependent on how well they can integrate controller support for the Steam catalog of games.

The thought of getting to play Project CARS for example on a decent Valve console at maximum settings is a very exciting prospect.
Moncole  +   1051d ago
You do know you can connect your PC to a TV?
jimbobwahey  +   1051d ago
Having a large computer tower under the TV along with a keyboard and mouse for navigating Windows every time I want to play a PC game, of which traditionally only ports of console games support controllers anyway? And then if I want to do anything other than gaming with my PC I then have to move it all back onto a desk or deal with trying to use a keyboard and mouse on a sofa?

Sorry but that's not even remotely comparable to what the supposed Valve console would offer to bridge the gap between console and PC. Sure you can connect a PC to a TV, everybody knows that, but it's only a sensible idea if you're using a smaller HTPC primarily for watching movies or listening to music. The whole idea completely falls apart if you use a PC to play games or do work.
SolidSystem  +   1051d ago

controller is pretty well supported. I use it all the time. Big picture mode also makes it so the interface is designed for having a controller.

sounds like you are a little ignorant to the changes valve has been making already.
SolidSystem  +   1051d ago
so get a wireless controller, turn on big picture mode and sit on your sofa?
aquamala  +   1051d ago
Valve wouldn't need to make a list of "controller enabled games" if all games on Steam supports it.

Mass effect games don't work at all with a controller, Assass's Creed 2 doesn't support the xbox wireless controller. and some games you need to use mouse first to enable controller in the settings, and a game like Binary Domain where controller is supported but when it prompts you for a button it doesn't say A,X,Y as in the Xbox controller it tells you to press the keyboard key mapped to the button (space bar, F,E...) ,etc.

Not a huge problem for me as I would just use mouse/keyboard if a game is like that, but if I only have a gaming PC and only want to use a controller to play games... I wouldn't be happy.
cyguration  +   1051d ago
Steambox will easily be for the casual gamer who can't afford or doesn't have the drive to get into the hardcore PC gaming arena.

It's an entry-level box NOT aimed at core PC gamers.
4logpc  +   1051d ago
But isn't that what consoles are for? (meaning Xbox, PLaystation and Wii U)
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bluetoto  +   1051d ago
Can you play PC games on consoles?

How hard is it for pc heads to understand there are TONS of console gamers like myself who don't give two craps about super graphics or perfect fps's or all the other crap that comes with building a PC and just want to play awesome pc games because ya know as gamers it's about the games, not where you play them.

It seems the only people who want this to fail is pc heads. they hate consoles so much that it's more about their hatered and than about having fun for all.
4logpc  +   1051d ago
Can you play PC games on consoles? um yea?

There isn't some long list of games that are exclusive to PC.

Nobody said its going to fail, you implied that was said.
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Somebody  +   1051d ago

I'm a PC head and I want the Steam Console to succeed. Some of us just worried what it will do the the core PC gamers - those who build their machines from the ground up and uses Windows. And personally I'm just perplexed at the mere existence of the Steam Console itself.

I want to support it but it's a closed system even if it uses the open Linux. A contradiction just like traditional PC heads who have an open platform but runs on a closed system like Windows.

Just like how I reacted to Nvidia Shield: At first I was excited of the prospect of having a handheld console that can can stream games from my own PC. The best of both worlds. Then I realized that I've been gaming on the living room for months with my gaming laptop so that eliminates the need for me to buy Shield should it is released. As for the Android games it offered, I'm not interested.

Console gamers would be excited of Steam Console but PC gamers just sat there and wondered "but I already made my own PC..." We're not sure how to support this new platform since we'd still be building our own machines. I was hoping Valve was developing something like nvidia Shield's personal streaming technology (your powerful PC in the bedroom do all the polygon crunching and the game is wirelessly streamed to the controller/HDTV in the living room) but instead it's just another PC. There's nothing wrong with that just that...I already have one and enjoyed building my own PCs.

Let's not forget the dangers of Valve suddenly announcing exclusive titles for it's own machines. Where will that leave non Steam Box PC gamers? How should we react/whine? It's hypothetical and an unthinkable thing to think of Valve but we all know it lingers at the back of our mind.
Psychotica  +   1051d ago
@4logpc - You must not be to familiar with PC gaming. There are far more exclusive PC games then there are exclusive console games.
iamgoatman  +   1051d ago

"There isn't some long list of games that are exclusive to PC"

Uhh I think you'll find there is.
SolidSystem  +   1051d ago
It has my interest as an idea, not as a product.
doctorstrange  +   1051d ago
Look, everyone's all hot and bothered about this, and all you're doing is pouring cold water on it. Steam.
DudeJets  +   1051d ago
Anyone who believes the steam box is going to be super expensive and going to have no support has been reading to many articles by uneducated haters. Any true hardware geek/tech nerd/gamer can see the true potential in the product and realistically another console on the scene who else would you rather have build it than a company that acts the complete opposite to Activision
KentBlake  +   1051d ago
I have a good PC, but it's quite heavy and sits in a room across the house from the tv, and I just can't stand playing sitting on a chair close to a monitor anymore. Since I have a lot of games on Steam, I'm certainly getting a Steambox to sit beside my Ps3, 360 and Wii. In fact, I'm anticipating it a lot.
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SolidSystem  +   1051d ago
my only concern is 99% of my steam library will not run on the steambox. Other wise I would be right there with you man.

whom is going to support steambox? with their support will steam box be able to make itself stand out compared to the next gen consoles? (not really questions at you, more discussion topics)
KentBlake  +   1051d ago
There are two PC gaming companies I always trust: CDProjekt/GOG and Valve. I think they know what they are doing with this thing. Even if they don't have a very high percentage of compatible games at launch, I'm pretty sure they will in no time.
SolidSystem  +   1051d ago
I stopped buying things based on my hope it will get games.

Valve will support the system... but my existing library wont work (not linux games) so it really will be like a new console instead of inheriting the games of last gen like my PC normally does.

I guess the best thing is to push PC games out of our mind... the steam box isnt a PC.

The modular design of the Xi3 prototype also has me worried we will be upgrading these more often than we would lets say a console.... also depending who they go with, hard for much more than AMD's APUs in there for graphics...

Though they could go for one of the other manufacturers and that wont be an issue...
darx  +   1051d ago
Same here!
Mounce  +   1051d ago
Vavle's.....VAVLE'S.. ..



To this opinion piece, I would like to say, if you want to be viewed with any intelligence or credibility, you have to reduce not only the spelling errors, but also not to use declarative statements as if implying that they're fact. Valve's Steam console has little appeal. . . . To you? (Who is the article aimed for, your audience? To Gamers? To the market?) I honestly never like people who state things blatantly as if their opinion is majority-say or is just there to create traffic-stunts.
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TheSaint  +   1051d ago
More console/PC/gaming options is always a good thing.
dirthurts  +   1051d ago
I have an idea
I know it sounds crazy...
But how about we wait until we at least see it before we make judgments?
Mounce  +   1051d ago

To me....
dirthurts  +   1050d ago
What about this thing you know nothing about turns you away? And makes you spell so poorly?
brettyd  +   1051d ago
As a console gamer I'm very intrigued. I hate PCs but I always see PC games I would like to play, just don't have the patience of know how to build and maintain a PC. This seems to be a solution to my laziness.
KrisButtar  +   1051d ago
Steam box, looks like digital only games if the pics are of the final version, I was hoping this would also have physical discs. But steam is digital so I shouldn't get my hopes up
Dlacy13g  +   1051d ago
What has me wondering the most is what exactly this steam box is going to offer. Unless I am not seeing things correctly Valve wants this to be a Linux machine, they don't want to put Windows on the machine thus avoiding the licensing fees that come with it as well. That eliminates almost 90% (possibly more) of the Steam Catalog from being playable on these machines. Many say well they could just put a Windows emulator in the Steam box but I am pretty sure that would open Valve up to a lawsuit from MS for license infringement. Sure you as a individual can download a freeware emulator and not get in trouble but a company selling a product cant put something like that in to avoid paying a license fee. It would be like Sony installing a Nintendo emulator on the PS3 and saying you can run Nintendo games on our console now.

So...if you can't run Windows games on the Steambox how much attraction does it really have when you have such a limited catalog vs just staying with your pc?
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nikoado  +   1051d ago
I wonder is it possible to connect this to a laptop?

The device looks small and portable. Since it needs to be connected to a screen and controls; a laptop is a good fit imo.

Then it would be possible to upgrade your laptop specs (including GPU) which isn't usually the case.

But, I think its too small to provide enough cooling for a good GPU, and the PSU is a bit low :(
WiigotU  +   1051d ago
Nah it's not for me.
aliengmr  +   1050d ago
I think its premature to really judge what Valve is trying to do since we know so little.

That being said, people probably should not view this in "console" terms. Meaning that judging it on existing "console" business models is probably why people are getting confused.

The assumption that Valve isn't aware that 1000$ for an underpowered console running Linux would hardly compete with the next gen consoles, is kind of silly. Valve wasn't started yesterday. They been around long enough to avoid obvious pitfalls like that.

Not only that but Gabe mentioned he wanted the "base-model" priced at around 99$.

Based on what has been discussed, my guess is that one of the ultimate goals would be to have a PC from which you can stream games in any room in the house and even mobile devices.

In any case its far too early to tell and Valve isn't stupid.
ufo8mycat  +   1050d ago
This thing is going to fail.

What CORE games will I be able to play on the SteamBox that I won't already be able to play on my PS4/720?

Whats this a mini-PC which has the same games that can easily be played on PS4/720?

If yes then it is going to be just as useless as the PC platform.

I can already play these games on 720/PS4 where 99% of the core audience will flock to anyway.

Competition is always good, but this will fail.
aliengmr  +   1050d ago
The thing about trolling is there is fine line between provoking an argument and coming off stupid.

By the way congrats on being the first to own 720/PS4. Kind of weird that's what they named them. So what games do you have? I bet they look SO sweet.
3-4-5  +   1050d ago
How many games are available on Steam right now ? 50-100 ?

I would assume most are of pretty high quality.
aliengmr  +   1050d ago

and you assume correct.
mochachino  +   1050d ago
It would have a huge advantage if PC games were optimized for Steam hardware.
Npugz7  +   1050d ago
This console won't go anywhere! It caters towards pc gamers who already have gaming rigs!
Rifkens  +   1046d ago
It's not a console. GTFO :)

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