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Submitted by karizma916 1121d ago | opinion piece

Franchises Microsoft Should Consider Bringing Back For Their Next Xbox System

Let the wishful thinking begin – we want to see these beloved franchises come back! ( Crimson Skies, Battletoads, Conker: Live & Reloaded, Conker's Other Bad Day, Crackdown, Mech Assault, Project Gotham, Voodoo Vince, Xbox 360)

PandemicPrawn0  +   1121d ago
My List.

Crimson Skies
Viva Pinata
Banjo Kazooie
The Gunstringer
Eldyraen  +   1121d ago
Good list--I think MS's biggest failure by far was lack of exclusives and its not like they don't have some nice IPs to draw from. Instead though they went with too many new, overly casual Kinect titles since it was introduced. That and several of their new IPs changed developers or they shut down the developer completely (Crackdown and Halo Wars for example).

I would really like to see a new Halo Wars personally as it was the best console rts I can remember playing (it really was a Halo rts--everything about it just screamed Halo). It couldn't really compete with top PC rts games but it was a welcome change and sold pretty well to top it off.

Another new IP I actually enjoyed was Kameo. Again it wasn't necessarily the best example of a platformer but it looked and played great. For a launch title was easily one of the best examples of the difference between generations. If they expanded and refined gameplay a bit more would had been a great franchise possibility IMO. Again, they just let it die like every IP that doesn't sell around 5m copies (exaggeration, but every IP they continue are big sellers--a few of the good IPs sell nearly as much as many PS3 titles but guess "not good enough" of a cash cow first time so they move on).
Y_5150  +   1121d ago
What about Kameo? It was a fun game from what I played of it. Even though the sequel was canned it could still return.
Belking  +   1120d ago
Something tells me we may see a few of those coming back.
BlackIceJoe  +   1120d ago
I would like to see another Phantom Dust, Crimson Skies, Black & White, Freelancer, Jet Force Gemini, Brute Force, Perfect Dark & Zoo Tycoon. Those games would be pretty cool. Black & White plus Zoo Tycoon would even work well with Kinect. So seeing those games on Kinect could be pretty neat.

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