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Hey Ninja Theory, We Care About DMC’s Gameplay [MonsterVine]

MonsterVine: "So I wrote some thoughts I had about Ninja Theory’s upcoming entry on the Devil May Cry franchise and with all the love in the world I decided to play the demo for DmC in hopes that it would win me over. I ended up coming out of it with conflicted thoughts." (DmC: Devil May Cry, PS3, Xbox 360)

WeAreLegion  +   998d ago
They pulled off the gameplay very well though... Have you not read ANY reviews?!?
Summons75  +   998d ago
reviews don't mean s**t, go play the demo with the super easy button mashing on the hardest difficulty, not getting hurt and getting a SSS for a rank. Add that to the broken platforming, the run down a hallway to get interrupted by a cutscene and a cutscene for every new enemy that spawns.

Reviewers big or small are giving this a good review to look good or troll. Most people who played the demo or the actual game hate it and can see the terrible game design.
smashcrashbash  +   998d ago
Who do you know has played the actual game? It hasn't even come out as yet.Are you saying every reviewer out there is lying, that Capcom paid them ALL off? Even Edge, hater of games, who everyone says they don't give good scores easily gave it an 8.Why should they lie? They never had any problem tearing games apart before so why this one? Reviewers hate games like this.Look how harshly they treated the new Duke Nukem.Why should anyone be trolling because they said they like the new game.So every reviewer that reviews this game is just giving it good scores to piss you off and to look good? Why? The new Tomb Raider looks like crap to me so will be okay if I just say that every review is biased and wrong because I don't like the new format? If you don't like how the new DMC is fine but really, stop the rage because they aren't reviewing the game the way you want it to be reviewed.You played one level and it could have been the first level before the difficulty ramps up or since it was a demo it needed adjusting in difficulty or other minor fixing.
AsimLeonheart  +   998d ago
I agree with you. The great reviews are just a backlash from all the deserved hate the game has been getting. Media does not wants to look like close minded haters/antis so they are giving the game a free pass.
Anyway the article is a great read. Finally an article by someone who understands gameplay mechanics and knows what is wrong with this game. I really hate all the noobs who make it sound like the greatest game ever just because they can pull combos easily and because Donte swears. Casuals are the worst ever thing to happen to the gaming industry.
Temporary  +   998d ago
Yeah Asim, the media just wants to give the game a free pass! You're right! lmao

it's all a part of a huge conspiracy, the game cant POSSIBLY be good!!!

what a bunch of lunatics...lmao.
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AsimLeonheart  +   998d ago

Dude, I have completed the game on Nephilim difficulty and gave it a chance. I have played all other DMC game at the time of their releases so I know what a DMC game is like when it comes to gameplay. The media is giving it a free pass because they blatantly ignore and forget to mention the gameplay, graphical and story related issues with this game. They are just happy that it is a reboot by their beloved Ninja Theory, it is easy and westernized.
Temporary  +   998d ago
Dont worry Crow. We can enjoy this awesome game while the haters sit around being keyboard warriors trying to shoot this game down in every article on the internet.

The combat system is smooth and fun, hopefully they fix the SSS bug which never happened to me but i heard someone mention (which mightve been untrue anyway).

This game is great, reviews and the demo speak for themselves.

Haters gonna hate.
prototypeknuckles  +   998d ago
not knocking you but, why do gamers trust reviews from the mainstream media, half the time its not as good as they say, and they give hidden gems crap scores, thats why i always look on youtube or metacritic for reviews by gamers, that have played, not the mainstream media.
BlackWolf  +   998d ago
Agree. There are some douches there too, but in general, Youtube reviewers are more trustworthy than some mainstream reviewers.
Whitefox789  +   998d ago
I still think there's a running theme with DmC portraying that the media controls how we think, so the mainstream media is controlling us to believe DmC is the next best thing to slice bread?

*I'm probably going to get knocked down a peg or two for this one.*
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Whitefox789  +   998d ago
Let me pose you a question have reviewers ever knock a game off points for having easy gameplay? None that was a triple A title. Though look at a game like Demon Souls that game had many reviewers knocked points off it for being too difficult.

Being a critic is more or less a state of mind if your a video game reviewer and if the game in some way has really ticked you off your going to feel a little bitter about that segment when your compiling your review. Cause like anything its purely subjective. You may think the gameplay is awesome, I on the other hand think its a step backwards and offers nothing new that has already been done in the franchise.
ThanatosDMC  +   998d ago
"There is an argument to be made that, when judged alongside the rest of the series, DmC is a bad Devil May Cry game. The suggestion may be debatable, but there's a potential case to be made. It's more streamlined, it's not as challenging, and ultimately it has stripped away what a significant portion of the fanbase love most of the series. However, even if one sides with the argument that this is a bad Devil May Cry game, that does not preclude it from being deemed a terrific videogame on its own merits, and in my estimation, that's exactly what DmC: Devil May Cry is." - Jim Sterling

It's a good casual game but a bad Devil May Cry game. If only the title, wasnt being sold as a Devil May Cry game, nobody would care.


DMC4 perfected Dante's combo system too. So sad. No more rapid teleporting for me. They made the gameplay of this fake dmc so easy.
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smashcrashbash  +   998d ago
Yeah.STOP harping on about the demo,actually play the whole game and THEN b***h a lot.Read some reviews and get current.The game has been getting 8s and 9s all around.
Temporary  +   998d ago
The people bitching about the game never even played the Demo. They had already decided months before the demo came out that they would hate the game.

Their opinions on the game are irrelevant because they talk about it as if they've played it in its entirety.
Lord_Sloth  +   998d ago
*played the demo and watched the entire story leak on youtube, still accused of not having a relevant opinion simply because it isn't shared by you*

Conversely, your opinion is also not relevant because you decided months ago you were going to like it so you're bias to by your own logic. Since you've not played it in it's entirety either so you can't say anything about anybody's opinions being relevant or not.
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prototypeknuckles  +   998d ago
temporary, stop i have played the demo and im trying to rent it, why cant you see that there are people with legitimate complaints, its not about the hair color dude, im gonna be reasonable and say that the game is okay from what ive played, heck i never said it was crap, but it is not a DMC game, and after watching the entire story, its not that good either, now i know there are some fanboys that still only moan about the hair, but its very few of them, i was a person the defended this game when it was first announced, but now im not going to buy it because of the crap thats happened.
AsimLeonheart  +   998d ago
The guy is making valid points noob! I can verify because I have played the complete game. If you understood gameplay mechanics, you would appreciate his analysis. Reviews do not mean a thing because the reviewers are biased and noobs too. Most of the reviewers admit that they never played the older DMCs or do not play hack and slash titles. They are only impressed by the red, blue and yellows color tones, the nightclub level, dumbed down gameplay, Ninja Theory and Tameem himself. The only thing left for the media to do is to masturbate to Tameem's picture. Noobs and casuals are the bane of gaming industry this generation.
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Whitefox789  +   998d ago
I would be interested in hearing of your opinions on the complete game, you can just send me a PM.
AsimLeonheart  +   998d ago

Sent you a PM with concise impressions and no spoilers.
kevnb  +   998d ago
You might be right about the game, but damn go get laid or something...
rainslacker  +   998d ago
People still use the word noob?

Edit: Also noobs are the bane of gaming? Seriously are you so elitist that you don't want new people to share in our hobby? Or do you just consider a noob someone who doesn't share your opinion. People like you are more a bane than a noob ever was.
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Lord_Sloth  +   998d ago
Good read, dude.
LordMe  +   998d ago
Well said. This game is nothing like DMC, and now, I will keep this link saved for a response link. You did a fine job going in depth on the gameplay.

Good write up!
Grimhammer00  +   998d ago
Getting mine tomorrow. Haterz gonna hate.... I play games.
Whitefox789  +   998d ago
Then what do you hate?
delboy  +   998d ago
Ninja Theory knows shit about gameplay,a action game like DmC need to be 60fps,not 30fps.
It's a action game, not final fantasy.
What's next, a fighting game on 30fps lol
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