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Europeans don't mind PlayStation 3 release delay

SCE Worldwide Europe VP Jamie MacDonald says European consumers don't mind the launch delays for PlayStation consoles. (PS3)

unleash bass  +   3153d ago
OH yes we do!!!
Ravenator529  +   3153d ago
Nice Spin!
I love how he just "ASSUMES" that Europeans don't mind the delay!

The problem this time around is that there was never any competition before. The PS2 had already launched in Europe way before the XBox.

The truth is that no one will know until the PS3 is launched in Europe.
DC RID3R  +   3153d ago
"SCE Worldwide Europe VP Jamie MacDonald says European consumers don't mind the launch delays for PlayStation consoles"

of course they don't mind, they're ALL getting 360's instead!!!

Schmitty07  +   3153d ago
Haha good one!
How would people not care about the delay?
TheMART  +   3153d ago
We don't mind about the PS3 at all, finaly discovered as the actual delaystation
kingboy  +   3153d ago
ps2 is still doing it`s job with me,so no major probs for me here.Sony just send us beta online testers FIFA 07 online and i`m rocking it to the fullest
andy capps  +   3153d ago
The ironic thing is that probably none of you were planning on getting one in the first place yet you're the first ones to post negative comments (and won't be the last I'm sure)...

To give more context to this article, consider the below:

"GamesIndustry.biz: Were you disappointed to learn that the PS3 is going to be delayed in Europe?

Jamie MacDonald: I was gutted. Absolutely gutted. Like many people, I was looking forward to having a PlayStation 3 under the Christmas tree. But, you know, that's a privilege that the people in the United States and Japan are going to have. It's just unfortunate we couldn't do that in Europe. So yes, of course I'm disappointed."

"What would you say to consumers who like Sony and want to buy your products, but perhaps feel that because they're in Europe they're always last in line?

European consumers have shown that historically they don't mind that, because they end up buying as many PlayStations, if not more, than the US and Japan. In Europe, it doesn't seem that the release of our platforms after the US and Japan - in the long run - affects how consumers feel."

He is strictly talking about in the long run, and goes on later to mention that in 5-6 years, no one will remember that Europe got the PS3 4-5 months later than US and Japan. He actually had some good points, but you can always count on people to take quotes out of context.
OutpostCommand  +   3153d ago
Well I hate MS and their BS 360, but its rather assumative of him to assume that I dont mind.
Ofcourse I mind !
RealDoubleJ  +   3153d ago
A lot of "fanboys" & kids mind
in their eyes, christmas is ruined!!!! In a lot of other eyes, they couldn't care less as a load of people are going to wait a year or two for the price drop.

Personally, I didn't mind the push-back as I don't have to decide between the Wii or PS3 & i've got more time to save up money
deepio  +   3153d ago
Once again Sonys arrogance shines.
I'm in the UK and I know people who do mind, inface they were gutted when they heard it was delayed!
USMChardcharger  +   3153d ago
Man, so sony tells the Europeans how they feel. next they will expect you guys to say, "Sir, yes sir!"

i don't care what points he was making, i would not like anyone telling me how I feel.
Gamer13  +   3153d ago
I don,t mind the delay because ive got a next gen console already -
and its the Xbox 360, and i can,t wait to play GOW CD3 ETC on it.

FreeMonk  +   3153d ago
It wouldn't of been to bad if Sony's campaign for the PS3 wasn't based on lies.

If Sony had just came out and told the truth that USA and Japan would be getting the first consoles, with Europe six months later, when they announced the release dates, it wouldn't of been too bad, especially since Europe are use to getting consoles later (PSP told over a year!!)

Unfortunatly, Sony lied to everyone (and I don't care what anybody says, they knew they weren't going to hit 2million console for launch, even I knew that), and it's bit them in the ass!!

Just hope that Sony keep to there word and release it in Europe in March, because a lot of Europeans remember the botched release of the PSP, which kept getting delayed because they wanted to meet demand in the USA rather than Europe.
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hamburgerhill  +   3153d ago
Well im sure the people saying they don't mind waiting are the extreme fanboys anyway! I mean who in the heck could even touch a PS2 after watching the killzone trailer at E3'05 and after seeing GOW and Motostorm in action! People definetly need to speak for themselves and stop voicing there opinion for others that im sure are ticked about this and don't want to wait another 5 months! Now im going to say something and don't want to offend anyone but this action there taking seems kind of racist if you think about it! Anyways this would be the perfect time for Europe to buy 360's and send a message to Sony that they don't have to wait for them! Nintendo on the other hand is taking advantage of this situation but as far as im concerned won't see my money until the price drops to like 150.00 and they come up with a true online strategy and not some download crap only! I mean really what is the wii other than a souped up gamecube barely on par with the xbox 1!People can hype it up all they want but I feel it's way to much for what it offers and watch how people still buy it based on price and after a year or two want to get a 360 or PS3 because they realise the next-gen means alot more than innovative gameplay! Brand loyalty sucks and hopefully the European market can get over that hump because there are alternative Next-Gen systems and they will each offer a unique experience!
kewlkat007  +   3153d ago
Was this
A poll taken from the european gamers or just the Sony boss over there working on some damge control?
Daewoodrow  +   3153d ago
We don't! Oh that's cool then! False alarm people, it turns out we actually don't mind. I'd better go and tell my friends they're buying a PS3 afterall.
Phew! What a mistake that would've been!
Boink  +   3153d ago
the arrogance of these people BLOWS MY F**KING MIND.

europeans don't mind that we ruined xmas for millions. they will love us anyway.

people would buy it even without games, cause they are that dumb.

next generation doesn't start till we say so

ken "doesn't care" about the competition.

WTF is wrong with these execs @ sony? are they trying to make sure sony fails?
Stone Cold SA  +   3153d ago
Listen to you pathetic MS f@gs, do you here yourself, they don't mind the delay of PS3 because the 360 is here, what a stupid comment, fact is all the PS2 owners won't touch that thing no matter what it's got or how hard it tries, all it's efforts are for nothing because us PS gamers don't give a flying fu*k about GOW, Mass, Effect and bla bla bla, is that all you got, please us PS gamers wanna play real games, fun games, good games, not some 12 hour depressing game called gow that's had like 3 years of paint over coats put on it, Sony has the best line up of game, the best console, the most powerfull console, full stop i won't be told any different this is how i feel and all you MS f@gs can start linning up to kiss my a*s, i'm with Sony all the way, don't like Ms console it's so weak, last time it was anyway!
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nuclearnipple  +   3153d ago
Not true i am afraid, i have been a sony gamer since PS1 released and i had 4 PS2. i was a true sony gamer. now i am the proud owner of a 360, the games are great and are getting better i have invested in some of the old xbox games and i have to say i missed out by sticking to sony. i will never make the same mistake again, but if you want to thats fine. now i am sure when the PS3 is finally released in my neck of the woods it will have some great games and i will get one when the price comes down a bit but for now i stick to my 360. you are not a gamer you are a fanboy which i was guilty of untill just over a year ago now i am a gamer, you see its not about the consoles its about the games, gamers want good games thats what i want to. you have just proven that you are not a gamer cos you do not take games for their own merits, if you had GOW, mass effect etc as an exclusive for the PS3 you would be raving about them. as it is they are bloody good games for a bloody good machine, and a lot of other people will agree with me. so if you really want to class yourself as a gamer then stop being so onesided and rate a game for what it is not what its on.
Daewoodrow  +   3153d ago
oh this is priceless. You have no bubbles left. And no wonder, when you spout crap like that.
Dante1  +   3153d ago
He has a point!
All these Ms supporters are sorta living in false hope, after all PS2 sold 104M+ units and still selling, hard ware faults or no hardware faults it sold 104M+ units and still selling , so if that were fans rebuying it, they would be serious devoted fans; and i'm assuming $500 or $600 would be very affordable to them taking that into consideration. Let's also point this out if that was true how many of the units were down to people buying a second console, i'd have to say at least 80M consoles were sold without people buying a second repacement console and the reason i say this is because PS1 never had all these problems and it sold 100M units, PS2 sold so much because it was the console to have at the time and as far as i'm concerned and many other PS2 owners PS3 is still the console to have, sorry Xbox fans you will have to cry harder to gain my attention, also i imagine a large number of Xboxes were also replaced due to faults, so take that "5M number and take it down a million or two.
Scythesean  +   3153d ago
We don't care about GOW, ME, LO, or Halo. We want really good games that draw you into the game. We have MGS4, DMC4, MoterStorm, White Knight Storys, AC, R:FOM, GTA4, GT, Heavenly Sword, Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire, L.A. Noire, Lair, Untold Legends, F.E.A.R., and many more coming out for the PS3. The games on the 360 that aren't on the PS3 will be on the PC in a few years if that.
nuclearnipple  +   3153d ago
i wasnt trying to convert anyone over to the Xbox way but i was just stating that true gamers want games. they dont suck sony or MS a**. while you guys are waiting for the next gen and your precious PS3 i and a lot of other gamers will be enjoying HD quality gaming. ill See All the gamers on live!!
Dante1  +   3153d ago
It would also be the case if half the ps games came to xbox you would be raving about them also, but as for GOW as nice as it looks the gamesplay looks to be in question and i believe they have had a number of years to paint this game to look so glossy, so if it doesn't live up to the hype it's gonna get flammed to hell!
kewlkat007  +   3153d ago
haha this is priceless
Someone with no bubbles still jibber jabbin about non-sense.

Then to say " i'm with Sony all the way, don't like Ms console it's so weak, last time it was anyway!"

So that means last time it was weak, so it's weaker this time around or something. What a complete thought. How old is this fanboy?
Anyhow to say that the euros don't care will leave a bad taste in thier mouths. How can you get more excited after a proposed launch. How can you not care.

Hey I have PSone/two and I still have an Xbox360. Remember people, only fanboy fanatics care about one system only. Real gamers will make good judgment on what they purchase everytime a new console comes out.

While some will get everything eventually, like me and others stick with one and bash the other.
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Dante1  +   3153d ago
It goes like this!
People who bought the PS2, bought it because it was the console to have, so therefore for them the PS3 is the console to have and if it gets any better people were buying the console for games like Singstar and guitar heroes and stiuff, this is for real Sony actually influenced more customers into the market, so therefore they did bring innovation to the market, i mean i'm refering to women inparticullar here when i say this, Women customers preffer Sony to MS.
Grown Folks Talk  +   3152d ago
stone cold is right
when i worked at gamestop, i never saw ps2 owners come in and ask about halo, fable, jade empire, doom, ninja gaiden, ect for their ps2. wait a minute...yes i did. a good game is a good game regardless of platform. i wouldn't, nor would i recommend anyone else to buy a system for 1 game, but don't discount it because it's not on your console of choice. when i saw shadow of the colossus come out, it looked interesting to me. instead of buying a ps2, i borrowed my buddy's from work, bought the game, played it, then traded it in towards a 360 game. i prefer xbox and 360, but i'm not going to refuse to play a game that peaks my interest just because it's on a sony console. i still can't figure out why so many people treat these machines like they are family members or loved ones. as i've asked a most likely banned poster in the past. if you like sony/microsoft but your best friend buys a 360/PS3, are you going to stop being his/her friend?
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super bill  +   3153d ago
no 17 you dont know what you talking about,microsoft has won the console all ready.as for that delaystation sony are a joke.sony ps3 is the weak console and the xbox360 is the daddy.
ZeroAlarm  +   3153d ago
Probably beacuse they all don't care about the PS3 now anyway!
testerg35  +   3153d ago
Do you even read what the Sony execs say? They make it so easy for MS fans to talk smack. I like the PS line (well except for the PSP... what a waste), but you can't ignore the stupidity and damage that the Sony comments make.
nuclearnipple  +   3153d ago
just one more thing. you sony guys keep spouting figure at us about 100m PS2 sold and stuff. as i said before i was a dedicated sony gamer and bought 4 console after they kept breaking. if everyone got through just half what i did that brings the sold figure down to a tamer 50m.
just thought i'd add that
Dante1  +   3153d ago
Mines lasted 5 years!
Then i had to replace it with a slimline and i had a PS2 since near enouth when it was launched!
Scythesean  +   3153d ago
same here I had one after launch and it just recently broke. I had two though one for home and another for my truck. So no loss really my ps2 will go back to my truck and the shinny PS3 in my house hooked up to the nice new 42" DLP tv we just got.
Karibu  +   3153d ago
Understand what you read.

Ofcouse we mind it delays here, BUT he meant
we, after all, don't care it delays. Europeans will buy it like bread even if it delayed 2 years.

Damn, must they make you a map how to read things or are most of you really that simple?
andy capps  +   3153d ago
You are correct. He is expecting them to be as "gutted" as he was, but in the long run he anticipates those Europeans that were planning on buying a PS3 in November to still buy it after it launches, or at least to buy it in the next 4-5 years. Basically, he says people will be mad about it in the short term, but thinks that over time that once it is launched there, people will still support it and it will be as successful in Europe as the PS2.
eddie14  +   3153d ago
they probably don't mind because it's no big deal...there are two other systems that will be just as good...chuh...
Dlacy13g  +   3153d ago
He is right....but
Look, he is right...the avg. consumer isn't really going to care that it was delayed because the avg consumer probably doesn't even know it was delayed in the first place.

That said...it will hurt Sony's X-mas sales for sure and Sony will need to really prove to Europe its quality when it launches because there is no big gift giving holiday around the launch window.

Other than that I just think this is a slap in the face to the hardcore fans of Sony and early adopter gamers period. They are the ones who mind...They are the ones that feel slighted the most regarding the delay.
UndergroundMan  +   3153d ago
Now this is their forefront
Gears of War, Mass Effect, Bioshock and Halo. Man some people are seriously dumb. I don't care about these games to e honest i don't care about the 360, my mind is on the PS3 and the PS3 is in my mind. Sony have fans just because you think that the delay is gonna put 360 sale to teh roof doesn't mean that it will happen. Same thing happen with the price, you all said that it was over, but the 360 sales stayed the same. Christmas time, the games coming out for the PS2 are AAA titles, this is the advantage that Sony has, the PS2 will hold people until the PS3 arrives. Believe that.
Boink  +   3153d ago
seriously guys
I wasn't trying to start anything, the ps3 will do well, as will all consoles as the market is expected to expand drastically.

all I was saying is that I am sick of the arrogance the execs at the sony offices who give no repect to the intelligence and loyalty of their fans.

they have become like MA BELL in their thinking of "hey, we're the phone comany, what are you gonna do about it".

and those phone comanies are losing business faster than they can count due to their arrogance, and disrespect for their customers.
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BlackCountryBob  +   3153d ago
There is a pretty big difference between not minding/ caring if consoles and games are delayed (which implies like you were given a choice in it) or stuff just getting released late and having to accept it! It still aint fair and it shouldnt happen, we live in a global connected world and one region shouldt have to be undervalued so consistantly!
malachi23  +   3153d ago
After reading those remarks, i've decided not to get a PS3...i just can't give money to a company THAT arragont.

Plus i have the best Next-gen console allready...the 360!
tom1595  +   3153d ago
argh! we very much mind. we always get stuff soo much later than you guys in japan and america. its not fair:'(. meh, im complacent with my 360
FeralPhoenix  +   3153d ago
karibu & andy capps
uhm I think you guys are missing the point....yes he say's he was dissapointed and etc. but it's still foolish of him to speak for MOST Europeans and say they don't mind the delay. It's really stupid to think that average PS fans "don't mind" waiting for a console that was already promised at an earlier date....of course "hardcore loyal PS fans" will buy the console no matter how long they delay but I would at least think that the delay annoyed them a little, if not more. Honestly, he was on the right track about the disappointment he felt, but then in typical Sony fashion he had to insult the MASSES, by "slapping" them in the face with the ARROGANT European fans don't mind comment.....which in translation sounds like: "Yeah we're disappointed we couldn't launch at the same time in Europe liked we promised because we're going to lose a little money, but the American and Japanese market is more important to us right now, so the Europeans just have to wait, hey they WILL buy it anyway".....yeah I know thats overdramatic....but thats the arrogance he displays. Why not just say, "Hey we're very disappointed we couldn't make the original launch, we apologize and we're doing our best to ensure a "great" launch for Europe in March 07? -no need to make ridiculuous assumptions, especially when yes the PS1 and PS2 launched in Europe after U.S. and Japan but Sony never PROMISED a worldwide launch for those consoles.
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