DmC: Devil May Cry Ending

Devil May Cry 5 Ending in HD

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Welshy2008d ago

Why does this sh*t get approved?

Seriously, don't draw publicity to a game that released TODAY'S ending! What if this ends up in the front page, everyone watches it then spreads it elsewhere? especially with all the DMC that's going on around this one.

If we want endings early, let people seek it out on YouTube, i don't want ending rammed down my throat before i even get to play it.

NeXXXuS2008d ago

I actually don't care since I'm not buying it anyways but it does need to be moved somewhere else so it's not ruined for the people that are going to get it.

Hakoom2008d ago

embargo ended today at 12.. its legal to post it
ALSO its writen spoiler on the 1st line..
if you cant read english its not my problem

NeXXXuS2008d ago

a lot of people are "dyslexic" on the internet.

Mio2008d ago

There is clearly written ENDING.
No1 force u to click it.
Those comments r useless.

ThanatosDMC2007d ago

Far Cry 3 endings were approved as well as Assassin's Creed's... you're complaining now?

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Ares84HU2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

I don't like this game and I have my reasons but this is just not right. Why do people feel the need to ruin this game for some who actually want to play it through??

Things like these should not be approved!!

EDIT: Before anyone is going to say anything, there are people who just can't resist and will watch this. Just keep that in mind!

Hakoom2008d ago

o myyyy.....
seems you ppl registerd with n4g just 1 hour ago.. lol
welcome to N4G (news for gamers)

fei-hung2008d ago

Hakoom, seems you have played and completed this game. What are opinions of the game? Does it play well compared to DMC1 and DMC3?

Revolver_X_2007d ago

Tsk.tsk..... Hakoom your no gamer. You trophy whore by glitching trophies and sharing your account with multiple users. You started a website to brag about yourself. Desperate much? BTW, I watched your RE6 playthrough. That WAS before embargo and you died like every 20 minutes. Your garbage.

PS4isKing_822008d ago

"Devil may cry 5 ending"
This ...... is not devil may cry 5!
This is a reboot which means its starting over.
This isn't even worthy of being called dmc period!

Hakoom2008d ago

5th instalment
the title has no 5 in it.. its the official name

thaking1552008d ago

Crap ending to a crap game! I'll stick to DMC4 and the HD Collection until (Hopefully) DMC5 comes out.

Bumpmapping2008d ago

DMC4 Zzzzzzzzzzz id rather play this to be honest if that was the case.

thaking1552008d ago

I will say, Nero's parts always get skipped because his moveset lacks and the retread of levels was lazy on Capcom's part but DMC4 is def a good game with Dante! DMC 1&3 is instant classic, DMC2 well it has it's moments I guess you can say haha. But DMC 1,3 and 4 is where it's at.

DmC is zzzzzzz Snore out Loud to me, plays like Heavenly Sword with the Angel/Demon (L2 & R2 buttons) stances in which in Heavenly Sword you have the Range/Power (L1 & R1 Buttons) and that's not a good thing... Obviously, asthetics wise it's different from Heavenly Sword but it def has that games elements in there.

ThanatosDMC2007d ago

Yeah, i couldnt stand going through Nero's gameplay a third time. I wish they're re-release game with just Dante. DMC4 Dante's moveset is ridiculously fun.

I just wish i had access to Agni and Rudra... but i guess it's fine.

Hakoom2008d ago

for me best dmc was 1
but this dmc is realy nice and i enjoyed playing it..

animegamingnerd2008d ago

"we're not changing dante'e hair white"
the ending say's other wise

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