Hands-On Preview of Super Smash Bros. Brawl at Gaming Target

From the preview: "My pre-order has been in for a few weeks now and after playing the game I know I made the right move in doing so and am even more pumped up for its launch on March 9th. If I was you, I would first get a haircut and then definitely get that $5 pre-order down ASAP because I believe a large portion of Wii owners will be grabbing this day-one, especially all those hardcore Wii owners who complain that there is nothing for them. From the early impression it seems that Famitsu's 50/50 rating is on the mark."

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l Drop Dead Ed l3947d ago

I don't know if I should go to wal-mart at midnight...? I'm debatin

wiizy3947d ago

you better do something or you going to be left out since you didnt preorder.

SwiderMan3947d ago

I don't pre-order anymore, and I never seem to have a problem going into my local EB Games and finding the newest, hottest game on launch day.

KeiZka3946d ago

If the Japan launch is of any indication, this might be the first time... But who knows?