Remembering The Playstation 2

STFUandPLAY's Romudeth writes

"After 12 years, Sony has stopped worldwide production of the Playstation 2. Hearing this news really affected me. I’ve been attached to other systems before but there was something special about the Playstation 2 that will be hard to replicate. It isn’t my favorite system of all time, that honor goes to the Sega Dreamcast, but it is easily the one console I owned that has had the biggest impact on me and the gaming industry. What I want to do now is give you guys a brief history of my experience with the Playstation 2."

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Jac5al1984d ago

Quite possibly the best overall gaming console. Tons of great games.

Romudeth1984d ago

It was an amazing system. Another one like it will never be released.