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U.S. video game hardware in 2012: Winners, losers and retirees

Gamasutra: Five million. That's the number of traditional consoles and handhelds that were sold in the U.S. during December 2012, based on the latest retail estimates released by the NPD Group, a sales tracking firm. I have accumulated reports of their estimates running back through 2000, and this is the first time in those 13 years that December hardware sales were so weak.

If you accept the idea that the hardware sales of the present are a harbinger of software sales in the future, these figures are surely an ominous sign. But measurements of software sales have become a much thornier problem, and I'm devoting an entire column to them later this week. (3DS, Industry, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

chukamachine  +   743d ago
USA = zZZZZzzzz

USA Actually = bailed out.
USA = Cod crowd..
gumgum99  +   743d ago
sadly, yes.
Belking  +   743d ago
Still the biggest most important market and spend more on games than any other. Judging by the numbers it seem like the US cares more about PS3 than Japan does.
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GribbleGrunger  +   743d ago
What? It seems as is US cares more about PS3 than Japan does? Have you seen the size of Japan compared to America? Try Europe.
KrisButtar  +   743d ago
That's a lot of data there, good read. Would be nice if the world wide sales were in there too
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horndog  +   743d ago
Vita is a joke! NA is the biggest gaming market. Pro xbox though
CommonSenseGamer  +   743d ago
In terms of the original Xbox the 360 has been a real success for MS, especially since they had to dig deep to cover their completely avoidable RROD debacle. As for the Vita, it has gone nowhere fast and unless Sony relaunch it then it will fail. I know Sony/Vita supporters will disagree but nothing about year 1 sales suggest it offers what consumers are looking for. Time is running out as well since later this year Tegra 4 powered devices will hit the market and totally strip away any notion that the Vita is the most powerful handheld gaming device. Honestly, if Sony had opened the Vita up to be compatible with Google Play as well then they would have been onto a winner!
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tubers  +   743d ago
The VITA with complete Google Play access would have undercut the whole ph/ablet market. (May or may not undermine PSV/PSN/PSP Mini games because of how cheap Android games are-- debatable)

But, Sony was pretty stubborn. Likely because it will eat against their less than stellar (compared to the competition) tablets and PMP markets.
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Belking  +   743d ago
You obviously don't know anything about population sizes. If and when China comes completely on board, the US is the largest and most important market. The US has bought way more PS3s than japan has......even when the price was outrageous. A lot of people like to downplay the importance of the US to the gaming market. Take it away and the market will shrink considerably. E-3 has been in existence for about 18 years and guess where they are held? It not a coincidence, it's because the market is extremely important for any electronics.
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specsmatter  +   743d ago
Take awy the world where ps3 has not only caught up but surpassed xbox in sales and you h ave nothing. U.S. is one piece of the pie, but what matters is the hole not a fraction.

I know when you saw those headlines of Ps3 surpassing xbox in sales you died a little each day and your dying now.

Your stupid comments are only surpassed by your pitifull trolling abilities lol
SITH  +   743d ago
If he is dieing because of some shipped consoles, you must have been in a constant state of distress for years while the 36o had a grip on 2nd place this entire gen.
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Dlacy13g  +   743d ago
Data is always interesting to me...love to crunch on the crunchy crunchy bits.
Ult iMate  +   743d ago
What about "sales don't matter" articles?
Are sales matter till PS3 outsells X360 again?
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Max-Zorin  +   743d ago
Lmao at these comments. I wouldn't be surprised if a fight break out at E3.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   743d ago
I prefer worldwide sales data. This was interesting but it's just a part of the big picture.
xJumpManx  +   742d ago
Why do people care. Are people so insecure that they need to be validated by sales numbers to justify their console of choice. I own all 3 but 90% of my playing is on the 360, I could care less who win the sales title it is not going to change my opinion. I will buy the next microsoft and sony machine and the one I think is better will be the one I play the most. However this generation started achievement and trophies so for me the xbox live and its achievement point system will have a leg up. I might be more pro trophy system if it had been implemented at launch for ps3 and not just haphazardly thrown in by Sony after they saw how well points were received my xbox fans.
Jakens  +   742d ago
Intrested what platform makes it to 10m first next gen. WW sales of course.
younghavok  +   742d ago
I keep hearing people say that the Ps3 surpassed the 360, how when it was behind by about two million and doesn't seemed to have passed it in sales? Now if your talking about that random shipped article I guess if that floats your boat go right ahead. But sales say that the 360 is still ahead even if by only a small amount. But in the end both trail the Wii by quite a bit.

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