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EuroGamer Germany: "This is focused on the fight, everything else is secondary. Just like back then."

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BXbomber1924d ago

still buying day 1 2mrrw, ya haterz stay hatin :)

maximus19851924d ago

while i am a fan of classic dante i will have to give this a chance. just like i did resident evil 6, after all that game was as good as its reviews....i think

WolfLeBlack1924d ago

As a DMC fan, I personally say pick it up. I've been playing since Friday and having a blast with it. Yeah, combat is a bit slower and not as deep, but it's still satisfying and fun. The artistic style is beautiful, and I also found myself quite liking the new Dante as well.

Go into it with an open mind and a willingness to judge it more on its own merits and you'll have a blast, or so I feel.

VileAndVicious1924d ago

I think all DmC fans should try it out personally...
I mean we probably won't get another DMC/DmC for some years to come anyway.