Multiplayer? I Didn't Ask For This

TPR: "Can a game thrive in the current market without the inclusion of multiplayer, or have single-player only experiences simply died off?"

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Ultr1868d ago

I have to disagree
Games that were singlePlayer and got a Multiplayer ontop can be a blast

best example for me is Uncharted. I never put so much time into a multiplayer before.

OH and God Of War is shaping up to be one hell of a mutliplayer game


IT IS obvious that this game will have a stunner SinglePlayer. The demo they showed already is included if you buy the Blu-Ray of Total Recall.
Better they show off more Multi ahead of its release, so I will get bombed off if front of my television when I play it myself... :)
When did Sony Santa Monica ever left you disappointed?

ziggurcat1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

re: god of war MP

i disagree. tried it out, it's ****ing garbage, and confirmed my concern of it being a bad idea when they first announced the addition of MP.

GribbleGrunger1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Are you serious? I hate online play but GOWA is fantastic to play online. Granted I've only tried the Arena mode, but nevertheless, it's fantastic. And I'm one of those people who died a little inside when they announced it.

specsmatter1868d ago

Disagree completely as do the majority of ppl who are posting vids on youtube and commenting on the forums.

The GOW asc. mp beta is awesome!!!!!

Finally mp is a very great addition a game adding longevity and replay value. Yes Uc2 is def one of those shining lights and now the mp is one of the best out there.

You have to look at the devs creating the mp and wether or not you trust in them. I trust Santa Monica, ND, Media molecule and devs of that caliber to come through if their adding a new aspect to the game and its more than welcome. The latest mp that i did not like and thought was atrocious was Far Cry 3 but then again unlike others i dont see ubi as strong a dev as the ones aforementioned.

cpayne931868d ago

No offense but if you say that I can't help but think that you didn't get past the learning curve and hated it because you weren't good at it. The multiplayer is a lot of fun, pretty skill based, and has some good rpg elements to it. I think it will be one of the best multiplayer games we've seen in years.

FunkMacNasty1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Once developers saw the blockbuster success that games like Halo and Call of Duty had, mostly because of thier multiplayer portions, everyone wanted a slice of the pie. Nowadays, just about EVERY FPS that comes out promises a "groundbreaking and addictive" multiplayer... but really, most times its a shoddy, poorly executed copy of CoD multiplayer--and those games with thier copy cat multiplayer don't usually have staying power with the online community (with games like Uncharted and Battlefield being exceptions)

Love it or hate it, Infinity Ward really got it right back in 2007 when they set the template for CoD online. They delivered a high quality multiplayer portion with fun gametypes, smooth 60fps gameplay, one of the best lobby systems in any multiplayer to date, and plenty of unlocks to keep people addicted. Granted, the quality of the CoD games to follow are questionable, but still the Multiplayer still delivers the same feeling. People are creatures of habit and latch onto brands very easily, once they find somethign that suits them. People are still playing CoD 4, CoD:WaW, MW2, MW3, and the original Black Ops.. where-as games that tried to copy the CoD multiplayer formula in recent years have all but shut down their servers

@ Specsmatter (above) Far Cry 3 is a great example of a needless multiplayer! I tried it myself and I thought that the "Firestorm" gametype was a lot of fun, but running at almost 20fps on console, limited unlocks, and a convoluted lobby system, it got old for me very quickly. And it made me think, if I was going to sit down with some friends for some multiplayer shooting action, it's gonna be Call of Duty or Battelfield. What else really compares in terms of that certain 'getting it right' factor?

specsmatter1868d ago

Not even that the graphics were grainy to me and underwhelming and half the time you cant even get into a game. The red lazer kill cam is tremendously annoying imo lol and the mp just feels so weak and tacked on.

I know your using Farcry3 as an example and hey if any game has a great sp mp may be needless in anyone's opinion but Farcry3 mp is just shoddy because the devs made it that way. It could have been something good but they dropped the ball. It had nothing to do with mp being superflous it had to do with the incompetence of Ubisoft. Imo GOW mp is turning out to be awesome!!!!

I play several older games with mp that still have avid followers and i can get into a game whenever i want examples are Uc2, Res. 3 (although ppl complained about the mp i liked it), kz2 (although mostly radec academy), kz3, and a few others.

Tontus1868d ago

The God of War: Ascension beta is brilliant, the final game will be even better.

We'll get the same masterfully crafted single player experience but now with a brilliant multiplayer component included to sink 100's of hours into, how can ANYONE complain about that!?