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Submitted by Dailynch 1121d ago | news

Next-Gen Consoles Will 'Be Better Than The Wii U' - Pachter

NowGamer: Industry analyst Michael Pachter is predicting trouble for Nintendo's Wii U when Sony and Microsoft release their own next-gen consoles. (Microsoft, Next-Gen, Nintendo, Sony, Wii U)

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Kingofwiiu  +   1121d ago
In terms of what Power ? Wiiu will be better in terms of innovation and exclusives. You can't beat Zelda , Smash bros , 3D mario , Metroid , Donkey kong , Starfox , etc.

That's just my opinion though which means nothing to a lot of you just Like Pachters means nothing to a lot of us.
user3915800  +   1121d ago
Innovation? Please, my pad dies in 2 hours, thats not innovation its simply poor planning, and yes both consoles will be more powerfull, heck they are now with the cpu been faster, its a fact, graphics look better but cpu strugles as stated by almost all developers. The only reason why I bought it now was cause it was a gift, otherwise I would have waited. Dont matter what system big N creates, I always buy their system for first party games, otherwise it would be a dead system, great software with poor hardware is nintendo style, it always been, with the exception of Super Nintendo. All their hardware has been the inferior its a fact.
1upgamer99  +   1121d ago
N64 was inferior to PS1? Gamecube was inferior to PS2? Really, thanks for the info.
decrypt  +   1121d ago
Lol Pachter

Console gamers.. Dont care about graphics.

Power is irrelevant, Wii U will be fine. Look at how the Wii turned out, highest selling console last gen yet was the weakest.
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deadfrag  +   1121d ago
DO you have a WII U?!So you brought it or was a gift?Because your comment dont make sense;im guessing you dont own a WII U and you are simple trolling!
cpayne93  +   1121d ago
"All their hardware has been inferior its a fact"

Check your facts man. That's just plain wrong.
riverstars86  +   1121d ago
Decrypt, console gamers don't care about graphics? I'm sure that may be true for Nintendo fanboys like yourself, but for the majority of console gamers, graphics are important. The Wii was so popular because it was the first console to implement motion controls. The Wii U doesn't have the same wow factor that the Wii had, the controller is a gimmick that will not catch on.

Also, the online infrastructure on the Wii U is worse than current generation consoles. In my opinion, Nintendo dropped the ball with the Wii U, third party support is going to be awful and it's sales will be affected by that at the end of the year. I look for Microsoft to claim the majority of casual gamers this generation.
herbs  +   1120d ago
Nintendo has always been King of doing more with less and the snes is actually a perfect example of this. It was by know means state of the art at the time but was a perfect balance of components that made it competitive even against rival 32 bit systems. Maybe history will repeat maybe not?
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a_adji  +   1120d ago
Dude that is BS my pad last for at least 3-4 hours straight play.

Why would anyone want to play more then that or up to that is sad. Get a life people
Dark11   1121d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
deafdani  +   1121d ago
Sony has a lot of strong exclusive IPs as well, so your argument ("you can't beat Mario, Zelda, etc) is purely subjective. At least you aknowledged it was your opinion.

Regarding the "innovation" part... we don't actually know what Sony's and Microsoft's next consoles will bring to the table, besides more power. So you can't make any statement regarding innovation until all the machines are out.
corrus  +   1121d ago
Nothing can beat Heavy Rain Beyond Two Souls Uncharted and The Last Of Us
Novistador  +   1120d ago
How can someone beast something that is not even out yet? Seriously stop saying the Last of Us is the greatest game in existence when it is still in production, will it be a good game? I hope so, but anything can happen.
Genuine-User  +   1121d ago
My assumption is that In terms of power, next gen from Sony and Microsoft will destroy current gen including the Wii U.

As far as innovation goes, PC and PS3 are on top of my list.
In my opinion PS3 has the best exclusives. Heavy rain, beyond, sly cooper, puppeteer, Uncharted series, god of war 3, heavenly sword, infamous 1&2, journey, flower, killzone 2&3, the last of us, little big planet series, metal gear solid 4, Ni no Kuni, papo & yo, ratchet and clank series, resistance series, siren, the unfinished swan, etc.

I really like Nintendo, I just think they need to up their game and innovate more often. Hardware innovation is all good but what about the games. The last new IP from Nintendo was Pikmin on GameCube. That's kind of pathetic to be honest.
pikey  +   1120d ago
Hmmm. xeno blade, last story, mad world. i think there were a few more.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1121d ago
"Wiiu will be better in terms of innovation and exclusives. You can't beat Zelda , Smash bros , 3D mario , Metroid , Donkey kong , Starfox , etc. "


Anyway can't wait for ps4 & 720!!
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360ICE  +   1120d ago
Can't we just reserve judgement? Is it really your opinion that no matter what the other manufacturers dish up you can't beat that line-up? I'd say that line-up has been beaten three generation is a row now, but I'm willing to be convinced that they can win this generation. To be honest, I'd like to see three major new franchises from Nintendo this generation. Three major ones, that they can keep for generations.

There were hardly one on Wii.
SugarSoSweet  +   1120d ago
What innovation? a Ipad wannabe?
Dailynch  +   1121d ago
"Zelda , Smash bros , 3D mario , Metroid , Donkey kong , Starfox , etc."

Yeah, all those games that fail to change with each iteration.

You've already played them. I'm waiting for new consoles with real power and can implement actual change - not just a redundant second screen.
Zechs34  +   1121d ago
Anyone who thinks the second screen on the Wii U is redundant obviously doesn't own one.

People complain because we need new consoles, that we need a Wii HD, that we need realistic graphics for Nintendo games finally. We get all that and now it's something else,

:Sigh: Bunch of crybabies. No wonder society is a state of decline.
riverstars86  +   1121d ago
I own a Wii U and find the second screen to be more of a distraction. I just don't see the major innovation with it yet, I'm looking for Nintendo to wow me this E3 with it's first party games, which will be the only games worth purchasing once the new Xbox and Playstation come out.
pikey  +   1120d ago
river, your inablity to focus when presented with two screen is your problem. Doesnt mean its not a good idea.
chadboban  +   1121d ago
Wait, so you're telling me that Super Metroid is the same as Metroid Prime, or that Wind Waker is the same as A Link to the Past or Ocarina of Time or even Majora's Mask. That Mario Galaxy is the same as Mario Sunshine. That Starfox 64 and Starfox Adventures are exactly alike. All of those games are quite different from each other be it aesthetically or gameplay wise.

I mean, I could say the same thing about the Halo series but even that wouldn't be true seeing that each interation does see refinements in the gameplay department.

"Actual change" as you put it is up to the developers, not the hardware. We still have absolutely no idea what Sony and Microsoft have in store with their new consoles, we don't even know Nintendo's plans for the Wii U for the rest of the year.

We are in a market that becoming increasingly harder to read, I mean people said it was curtains for the 3DS when the Vita was revealed and look what happened there. I think we should all wait and see what each company has in store. I'm rather excited to see what all 3 of them are coming with this year.
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Joegrine20  +   1120d ago
dude idk why u bother with them. they are a bunch of backsides. Anything nintendo gets bashed left, right and centre. A good article from nintendo doesnt get any views. That's this site and the "gamers" on this site doesn't really care. Give it rest man stop trying. As for me, i'm getting a wii U as soon as E3 comes and nintendo announce their 1st party titles along with that RETRO STUDIOS game. That's all i'm waiting to see.
Novistador  +   1120d ago
Bold claim from the person with a halo icon Dailynch. Each Zelda, Smash bros, and Mario sit in development for years and when released make consoles fly off the shelves. Hell look what Mario and Rayman did for side scrolling games, like it or not Nintendo has had a major impact on the gaming industry and much of it is attributed to many of the games you say "fail to change"
herbs  +   1121d ago
Why are this idiots flip floppy opinions even considered relevant and why must gaming sites continue to promote his B.S. Please stop...
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1120d ago
All analysts flip flop, except the psychic ones, but they don't exist so we're stuck with Pachter.
Nevers0ft  +   1121d ago
Who decided that gaming world has to pay attention to this d**khead and why wasn't I asked to vote? The guy cannot even keep a consistent opinion so why would anybody pay attention to it? Why is this post formed entirely of questions?

Related image(s)
LOL_WUT  +   1121d ago
I think we can all agree with Patcher on this one. And For those that don't agree they're either scared or don't want to admit it. ;)
3rdDimension  +   1121d ago
Patcher and everyone else also agreed the 3ds would get destroyed by the Vita.
donman1  +   1120d ago
@ 3rdDimension..A very valid point.

Every generation and every nintendo product release is met with these so called experted making the statement this is the end. At what point will they collectively take their heads out their own ass and just be quiet. Hmmm lets look at the facts shall we... Wii U currently is selling at a much higher rate than the Xbox360 and PS3 when they release respectfully at the same early stage of their life cycle. Dont believe me then go and research it.

So how exactly is the Wii U failing when it is selling more then the Xbox360/PS3 during their own respective launch window? I for one work with and have an educated discussion on facts and not fanboys stupid comments or so called gaming experts personal agenda against a profitable company.

At the end of the day I will compliment my Wii U with a PS4 when it release because Nintendo and Sony have the best 1st and 2nd party titles of the three gaming console companies. Whatever 3rd party AAA title the Wii U doesn't get... I know the PS4 will. That combo will be the best gaming option moving forward. The reality is we now live in a two console gaming culture. Getting a PS4 and the Xbox720 doesn't make much sense if you are looking for a diverse gaming experience.
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Novistador  +   1120d ago
What do you mean the Vita isn't selling as well as the 3ds!?! Just look at the charts.. oh wait... Well look at all the amazing games in development for the vita... Crap looks like Sony is botching another handheld system. You think they would have learned something from the psp.
Nevers0ft  +   1121d ago
Better graphics != Better

Few will doubt that the MS and Sony consoles will push a few more polygons but I'll take a few Nintendo design choices over more realistic facial hair any day of the week.
SilentNegotiator  +   1120d ago
But more power = better potential

How do you know what design choices will be made in the 8th generation?
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Nevers0ft  +   1120d ago
@SilentNegotiator - I don't and I never said I did. My point is, Nintendo has some of the best designers in the business and first and foremost their games tend to be incredibly playable. I've seen plenty of games with whizz-bang graphics that played like ass. In many respects graphics get can in the way of excellent design (and introduce bugs), as evidenced by the popularity of games like Fez, VVVVVV or even Angry Birds.
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exfatal  +   1121d ago
i bet you dont even own a wii u, by that comment. Patcher can make some good points, kinda like those times when there's a blue moon out. But he's super bias and anyone who doesnt see that is either a cod fan boy or a ninty hater.

or both lol
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PopRocks359  +   1120d ago

I think it's really sad you think everyone can agree with Pachter of all people.
bigfish  +   1121d ago
Thats the only bit of sense Patcher has spoken since he started his job.
disturbing_flame  +   1121d ago
Can an administrator of N4G confirm me tht we can report "Pachter news" or everything related to "Pachter predictions" .
Because by still pusblishing those news we promote his name, and this guy is less reliable than my young cousin or is always saying things that we know from months/years.

I am very serious, i think that this is a freedom for all contributer of N4g to start reporting all those news and stop considering what he says like something special. We are making him famous, and he doesn't deserve that.

Thank you for reading
pedroyamato   1121d ago | Spam
strigoi814  +   1121d ago
of course patcher..what do you expect?? they will make something same to the old ones...its called innovating and attracting consumers
Theyellowflash30  +   1121d ago
Just like the PS3 and Xbox 360 were "better" than the Wii. He obviously mean graphics and yes the PS4 and Xbox 720 will be better that sense. However, we need to let things play out first.
sandman224  +   1121d ago
I think that's common sense. When it comes to electronics next gen is always better then current gen.
Genuine-User  +   1121d ago
My assumption is that In terms of power, next gen from Sony and Microsoft will destroy current gen including the Wii U.

As far as innovation goes, PC and PS3 are on top of my list.
In my opinion PS3 has the best exclusives. Heavy rain, beyond, sly cooper, puppeteer, Uncharted series, god of war 3, heavenly sword, infamous 1&2, journey, flower, killzone 2&3, the last of us, little big planet series, metal gear solid 4, Ni no Kuni, papo & yo, ratchet and clank series, resistance series, siren, the unfinished swan, etc.

I really like Nintendo, I just think they need to up their game and innovate more often. Hardware innovation is all good but what about the games. The last new IP from Nintendo was Pikmin on GameCube. That's kind of pathetic to be honest.
specsmatter  +   1121d ago
Omg you hit it on the money when it comes to software innovation like games like Journey, LBP, Modnation racers (build and play), StarHawk and many others Sony is the cream of the crop. Nintendo always talks about innovation but always take the safe route with games and keep spewing out rehashed games.
tehpees3  +   1120d ago
"Nintendo always talks about innovation but always take the safe route with games and keep spewing out rehashed games."

And Sony aren't? The bias coming from you is incredible. Sony is guilty of more re-releasing then anyone this gen. How many more HD "collections" do we need? How many more HD remakes do we need?
pedroyamato   1121d ago | Spam
chadboban  +   1120d ago
Sorry but the last new IP from Nintendo wasn`t Pikmin. Xenoblade, Pandora`s Tower, The Last Story, Pushmo, Dillon`s Rolling Western, Elite Beat Agents, Sakura Samurai, Ketzal`s Corridors, The Wonderful 101 etc. all came out in the last couple of years (with the exception of Wonderful 101 which doesn`t have a release date as yet)

I know it`s easy to knock on Nintendo for their lack of new IPs, especially in contrast to Sony, but they seem to really be trying lately so I`m willing to give them a chance and see what they come out with for the Wii U.
Triggytrolls  +   1121d ago
I'm more then happy with my Wii U, I think it's a great console, I will also enjoy the next xbox when that releases, and maybe a few years later the ps4 too.
no_more_heroes  +   1121d ago
I should be an analyst. Looks like the easiest job in the world.
akaakaaka  +   1120d ago
well you should try.. he is there because he went for it and got the job and you are not there because you did't, it's as simple as that..
stop hating and move you ass and work it out. and this goes to everybody and apply's to anything and is not a personal attack just a wake up call.

if you think you could do better which i bet most people can do better then other then go for it.. because if you don't others will.
good luck ;)
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ElectricKaibutsu  +   1120d ago
I would but these video games aren't going to play themselves.
xflo360  +   1120d ago
pachter? is that you? lol
specsmatter  +   1121d ago
Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! We all know Sony next console is going to turn heads!!!!

And for KingofWiiu your name of course says it all and comments in your past history, but let me let you in on a secret. Their are tons of gamers that don't buy a Wii or Wiiu like myself because games like Mario, Metroid, Zelda etc.... either don't interest us or dont warrant a purchase of the system. I make good money and can easily go by a Wiiu today but Mario nah ill pass lol In my book nothing i mean nothing beats Sony first party studios and a ton of professionals that gave Uc2 the most awards in gaming history agree and gave awards to Kz, Journey, etc...... There is just no comparison imo but we all have our tastes so i dont knock you for yours.

But when ppl see the next Sony machine their going to be like "damn so this is what next gen hardware looks like wow", not "oh damn these games dont look better than current gen. offerings why would i buy this"
younghavok  +   1120d ago
most awards for UC2 maybe, but highest ratings of the gen I believe goes to Mario Galaxy
specsmatter  +   1119d ago
That is irrelevant especially since if you do research Mario Galaxy 2 and 1 were reviewed by way less ppl and have them aggregated into their scores. Maario galaxy was reviewed by maybe 75 ppl to 90 but uc2 was reviwed by over 130 ppl. So you tell me what that means? More scores computated in the higher the probability the score will be lower. That is not a fair comparison. If Uc2 had the same amount of reviews computated in there is no doubt it would have outscored all games!!!!

Mario galaxy is rated higher by 1 whole point and given the amount of ppl that reviewed uc2 as oppossed to mario galaxy we all know whats the highest rated game this gen and it sure isnt MG lol

Furthermore metacritic is no way or shape or form is the go too site when they have never clarified how they weigh in scores and omit others. Very shadyyyyyyy and for one game theyll let a website add their score but then for another they wont? What kind of shit is that lol

When metacritic adds review scores fairly all across the board and Mario galaxy has the same amount of reviews computated into its meta score then you come and talk to me about it being the highest rated exclusive lol until then no its not uc2 overall is!!!
younghavok  +   1118d ago

Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are both rated higher here, and mario galaxy only has 2 less reviews than UC2. You are going by assumptions, I'm going by whats there, and whats there says Mario Galaxy is the higher rated game which imo seems better than awards, hell it is a reward in itself. I'm not taking anything away from Uncharted and if thats your cup of tea than drink up.
#15.1.2 (Edited 1118d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
1upgamer99  +   1121d ago
Nintendo Wii u, had a strong launch, When a game system first goes live, do you thing their are going to be 10,000 people playing on game on line at the same time? Uh no, When I had my 360 (don't have that anymore) I picked it up day one, and guess what, It took time to build up the online community. Duh! I could put my Wii COD Modern Warfare in right now and their would be tons of people playing. Pachter is a troll. The Wii U has at least a year head start over the other next gen systems. The newer tech will be utilized by next holiday season. I really like the system, and the gamepad makes games, internet, tv, very cool. It is like nothing I have ever used before. I have as IPAD but find myself using the gamepad more than my IPAD at home. Nintendo gave us a new way to play, if you don't like it don't buy it or hang out on Wii U news posts. I wish this Pachter guy would just STFU. He is the most negative, and very often wrong analyst ever.
riverstars86  +   1121d ago
There will never be a big online community for Wii U games. The online infrastructure is worse than the original Xbox Live that came out in 2002. Only two games I can see myself playing online for Wii U, Smash Bros. and Mario Kart. Nintendo really dropped the ball with online gaming.
1upgamer99  +   1120d ago
LOL, you must not have a Wii U, Because the online is far better than on my PS3, and it is just the beginning. Playing games or just hanging out on the net, is way better than it has ever been on on any Nintendo console, also again better than my PS3. Nintendo has really done a great job this time around with online functions. The first few weeks playing games online sucked, but I expected that. Now I have no problem finding people to play with, if fact last week I traded My PS3 BOPS2 in, and picked up the Wii U version, because it is that much better of a multi-player experience. When my friends come over, one of us can play on the gamepad and one with the pro-controller both online, also now that I have picked up a second pro-controller we sometimes just use those and use the gamepad for a map. I dropped my 360 3 years ago and picked up a PS3 I was tired of paying for Live. I have no online fees and I really am enjoying it.
sway_z  +   1121d ago

You asked for clarification, so I will define better for you...

PS4/720 will be better because...

Better Visuals, Better franchises, Better media options, Better controllers (stuff that touch screen gimmick!) Better longevity, Better third party support, Better online...Just Better!

You can argue all day long about Nintendo franchises Metroid, Mario, Pikmin, Super Smash Bros, Starfox,'s the same old shhht all over again generation after generation....Nintendo don't innovate either...they use already existing (touch screens??) tech and implemented to the base controller first..innovation would mean to invent or create from scratch.

I'm so sick of Zealot Nintendroids forever making excuses for Nintendo Corp. The truth is...Nintendo hasn't had a new IP worthy of mass market attention in over 10 years!!

This is not an attack on those considering Wii U or early adopters, but more towards those who are blind to some uncomfortable truths. Nintendo are stuck somewhere between 1990 and 2002.

The truth isn't always popular....
#17 (Edited 1121d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
chadboban  +   1120d ago
I know The Last Story, Pandora's Tower, Xenoblade, Pushmo, Dillon's Rolling Western, Sakura Samurai, Ketzal's Corridors aren't exactly "mass market" as you've said, but they are new IPs Nintendo has released in the last two years. I hope Nintendo can continue to release new IPs like they have been recently.

And we have no clue what Sony and Mircosoft's consoles are going to be like other than a bunch of rumors. We don't know how powerful they're going to be, what their controls are going to be like and seeing that you're so against the touch screen "gimmick" I guess you don't see yourself getting a Vita in the future, right?

Still, I'll enjoy my PS4 and my Wii U when I get them. While you can continue to spread your "truth".
sway_z  +   1120d ago
You're dang right! I have no interest in Vita or any portable, not just because of touch screen controls either.

A lot of the titles you mention are not actually Nintendo's IP's, they are just publishing.

I'm happy that you're happy dude :0)

* I liked your response so I gave you an agree ;/
#17.1.1 (Edited 1120d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
chadboban  +   1120d ago
Wow man, I honestly wasn't expecting such a kind response. Cheers to you for being so cool about that.

Well Xenoblade, Pushmo, Dillon's Rolling Western, Sakura Samurai, Ketzal's Corridors are definitely Nintendo IPs because those games were made by Nintendo's first party developers. The others being Pandora's Tower and The Last Story were collaborations with other studios. Nintendo published those games but they do in fact own the IP as well, the same way Eternal Darkness was developed by Silicon Knights but the IP is still Nintendo's.

Anyhow man, just wanna say that for being so chill about this, I have some respect for you. All the best and happy gaming! :)
7uff1  +   1121d ago
In terms of hardware, that is kind of obvious, Wii U is having a head start in the markets thought, but let's not go deep in that and focus on the main topic. They will be more powerful than the Wii U, that is a fact. And I know the Wii U's tecnology doesn't innovate like the Wii or the 3DS did, but it's well applied and a great evolution, the gameplay is pretty good and there are many other possibilities. I believe Wii U will be quite "in pair" to compete with the other consoles in terms of hardware. Plus, Wii U will have it's awesome IPs so I'm not expecting the new PS or Xbox to be any better than it.
Jadedz  +   1121d ago
That's up in the air for now
It'll be all about the exclusives and Indie developers, next-gen.

Take; Steam (Valve), Nividia, Ouya , for instance. There's a lot more to consider this time around.
chronoforce  +   1121d ago
this guy only seems to be right when he's stating the obvious
trikster40  +   1121d ago
In other news, the sky is blue today.
tbon3man  +   1121d ago
They are 6 to 7 years behind the PS3 and the 360 took this long for them to get HD while the other console makers are looking to the future.
ziggurcat  +   1121d ago
"Next-Gen Consoles Will 'Be Better Than The Wii U'"

... says captain obvious.
MilkMan  +   1121d ago
No such thing as better, just different. Cause I gotta tell you the Illumiroom for the next Xbox besides migraine inducing, looks like total @ss.
DwightOwen  +   1121d ago
Yep, as if there isn't enough shit on-screen vying for your attention, now you have a laser light show to contend with. Brilliant!
M-M  +   1121d ago
The Orbis and 720 is when next gen will start for consoles.
donman1  +   1120d ago
He lost me when he made the moronic comment “Nobody in their right mind would buy a Wii U and say ‘I’m going to play Call Of Duty’. That’s like saying ‘I gave up Facebook, and it’s Google+ now’.” Really Patcher... The last time I checked the Google+ community is growing in record numbers and is very active. I personally prefer Google+ over FaceBook.on any given day.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1120d ago
Nintendo really should learn from Sony and Microsoft. I mean look at Vita and PSP! And now look at how 360 & PS3 are beating WiiU.

All of Nintendo's systems NES, Super, N64, Gamecube, WiiU all have sold less than Sony and always will.

Yep, this is Sarcasm- BUT do you know why it is Sarcasm?
millzy102  +   1120d ago
it annoys me when people say zelda Mario starfox etc are the same each generation. if you actually played a zelda game you will know every single one is drastically different from the other and almost every zelda game uses a new game engine, the world is compleatly different in each game, different items the only simalarities are that there are dungeons an over world and bow and arrow, the music is different in each game and every zelda game has a deeper story line than almost any other franchise,

twilight princess and skyward sword are more different from each than uncharted 1 is to 2. or halo 3 to halo 4

Mario apart from side scrolling are complearly different games, Mario 64 is a lot different than sunshine and that is different from galaxy,

capcom have been making castlevania since snes, and resi evil sinc 95 why no one dissing on capcom for releasing the same games, its because there not they have the same title that's it.

also let an eight year old play donky Kong and see how far they get.

since 1998 there has only been 4 core zelda console games, ocarina of time, wind walker in 2002, twilight princess in 2006 and skyward sword in 2011, compared to 5 halos 6 if you count the real time strategy in 10 years, and 3 uncharted in 5 years so if Sony and Microsoft keep releasing there games like this there going to be milked more than zelda, Nintendo's only franchise they milk is mario and pokemon, starfox is few and far between and its took 8 years for a new pikmin. what about luigis mansion no one ever mentions that or eternal darkness.

I love uncharted and can't wait for last if us but if I had to chose i'd rather play zelda, you get more than a 10 hour campaign and story has more depth than uncharted and halo put together.
#28 (Edited 1120d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1120d ago
it doesn't matter how powerful the Wii u really is everyone who buying the Wii u is buying it due to the 1st party titles
seanpitt23  +   1120d ago
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