5 Reasons Why The Steam Box Might Fail

The most exciting announcement coming out of CES this year was by far the partnership between Valve and computer manufacturer Xi3. While some gamers are understandably excited for what has been dubbed the “Steam Box,” I am not so enthused. Despite Valve’s track record, it’s undeniable that the Steam Box has some factors working against it. Here are 5 reasons why the Steam Box might fail.

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aliengmr1958d ago

The fact that there seem to be obvious problems with the concept of the "SteamBox" should say something equally obvious. Valve isn't that dumb.

Steam wasn't successful overnight. Its taken nearly 10 years to get where it is and Valve had to fight an uphill battle to get gamers to accept it.

Way I see it, we should probably wait until they unveil the actual product and plan before pointing out why it will fail.

mrprice331958d ago

Well, to be fair, the piece is titled "Why the Steam Box *Might* Fail."

Rifkens1958d ago

Half Life 3 won't be Steam Box exclusive. Valve aren't greedy like most developers / publishers

mrprice331958d ago

This piece is mostly in response to pieces like this...