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Leet writes:

"When a game is announced and the developers mention that the franchise has been rebooted and has taken on a new look and feel, critics tend to rain down on them with negativity and a lot of the time the reboots definitely do the original franchises justice. DMC Devil May Cry from Capcom and Ninja Theory is one such franchise recreating the demon hunter Dante giving him a new look and feel, a tougher attitude, a fouler mouth and a new playground whilst maintaining the soul and aura of the classic PlayStation 2 games that started it all."

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LOGICWINS1830d ago

Thank you for taking the time to comment on a DMC review to let us know :)

BXbomber1830d ago

Good 4 u, I'm buying day 1 tommrrw

Temporary1830d ago

Same. I used to believe the hate on this game, then I played the demo and now i feel like people are just complaining for the sake of's pretty ridiculous.

I hope more and more excellent reviews keep coming out. Capcom mustve spent millions "buying" these reviews right??? lmao...what a bunch of losers.

Blacktric1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

"then I played the demo and now i feel like people are just complaining for the sake of complaining"

And then, people who hated it from the get go played it and voiced their concerns from what they've seen from the demo, and they kept being called haters while some guy who liked it by playing the demo, while still being ignorant regarding to why people who hate it actually hate it, is being heralded as "right".


"lmao...what a bunch of losers."

lolz I know right!

xD ;) :))

It's like NT's juvenile, tasteless fanbase is all going on a rub-in-the-face comment rampage today, just because this abortion is getting good reviews...

mamotte1830d ago

Dont buy it.
In silence.

Temporary1830d ago

lol you kids are so silly...

Great reviews, Great Demo, but since you convinced yourselves NOT to buy this BEFORE the demo was even released, you'll think of any excuse not to get it.

Miss out on a good game cause of your stupidity then lol...Ill be enjoying the hell out of it.

zerocrossing1830d ago

Isn't it possible some people just dont like the game.

I'm happy you do but why hate on those who genuinly don't and are disapointed?

aquamala1830d ago

^^^ because they haven't played the game! They already decided they don't like it

Temporary1830d ago

EXACTLY Aqua, they already knew theyd hate the game before the demo even came out...theres nothing to respect's just childish.

MadMax1830d ago

There you are again! Biggest DMC troll on n4g!!!

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1830d ago
Hufandpuf1830d ago

I love the reactions to the people that claimed this game would fail.

zerocrossing1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

I just thought people had better taste... No, maybe that's unfair.

Well OK, obviously Im missing something with the new DmC or maybe it's just not for me, but play it enjoy it and I sincerely hope Capcom don't screw you guys over like they did me and the other fans.

TheEnigma3131830d ago

It hasn't sold one copy yet, so it can still fail.

hulk_bash19871830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Critically and reviews wise, I had a feeling this game would do good. Seeing as all the previews from different gaming outlets pointed towards the positive. But as far as it doing well financially however, it still remains to be seen.

Sevir1830d ago

And then calling someone ignorant! it must burn them up inside to know the game is ACTUALLY performing well critically. LOL it'll likely sell well enough to warrant another sequel. already purchased it just waiting to pick it up tomorrow!