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"Fans of the Devil May Cry series should be familiar with Dante and his fight against the demons. What fans did not know before was how he was in his younger days and the real relationship between him and Vergil. If these are the things you’ve been asking, DMC Devil May Cry will give you an answer. Despite not being closely related to the four original games, Ninja Theory tries to expand the story a little bit more, giving background and adding some twists to the alternate reality of the Dante we knew through the years."

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Sevir1830d ago

With the vast majority being High 8s and 9s with a sprinkle of 7s... I'd say this game is a success and that the diehards who dismissed this game should really let go of the notion that its trash. It's a reboot and so this interpretation of this game should be looked at as its own game and not a follow up to DMC4 or the past.

There's nothing wrong with having an open mind, and by the looks of it even no name review critics scored this game favorably. So that should quell the doubts. I can't wait for my copy tomorrow!