50 stunning Skyrim screenshots

GamesRadar - It’s not like Skyrim isn’t a nice looking game anyway. It’s got pretty vistas, sparkly magic, lovely lighting, and some darned impressive dragons to boot. But with the addition of mods and filters all tweaked and fiddled to perfection, Skyrim can be transformed into something nothing short of awe-inspiringly beautiful.

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2009d ago
OSIRUSSS2009d ago

I got tons of good Skyrim screenshots every 5 minutes when it freezes up.

Tr10wn2009d ago

PS3 Skyrim right? i'm sorry my skyrim run 60 fps smoothly no freezes or anything :( too bad... for you :D

landog2009d ago

man, respect to modders, i wish i had the talent and patience to make mods!

but i sure find time to play them

i should stop being a lazy a$$ and learn how to make them...because i really am in awe of some of the things people create

sourav932009d ago

Check these out:

They're amazing!

Note: I'm not the creator of the mods displayed in the above videos nor am I the owner of the videos. All credits go to their respective owners.

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