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Submitted by sarydactl 1049d ago | opinion piece

Is Sony Going Down an Old Road?

"This announcement begs the question—will Sony be supporting this technology with its next console? They’d be fools not to, since it’s a technology that they’re investing in. However, if they do opt to support it, they might be in for another difficult generation with their next console. They’d be going down the same road as the PS3 traveled." | (PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Sony)

strigoi814  +   1049d ago
getting old..omg! run for your is doomed
Cam977  +   1049d ago
"Getting old" - what do you mean? Sony IS old, it was formed after WWII.
Minato-Namikaze  +   1049d ago
Doom articles already? Guess they have to get they ball rolling sometime, lol.
millzy102  +   1049d ago
read the article its about wether or not ps4 will have 4k and should they push it. its not a doom article, if people read they will know it isn't even close to a doom article. they said if they push 4k it will be like what they did with ps3 by releasing the most powerful console at the top end of the market. the author thinks ps4 should push 4k
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Ult iMate  +   1048d ago
Before we start to properly read articles, writers should learn to properly title their articles and not to rely on such sensationalism in naming their articles. I guess the story between Kotaku and Hideki Kamiya didn't teach them nothing.
specsmatter  +   1049d ago
The thing that sets Sony apart from its competitors at least in my eyes is the fact they always aim to push console tech and have power behind it and first party devs have tapped into alot of that power. If it wasn't for the way Sony handles business and pushed tech in consoles i wouldn't even be that invested in it and would probably just settle for the competition. I own several Ps3's, Vita, move, almost all of their exclusives for a reason

On that note i bought a 1080p 50 inch when it was still thousands just to be able to play games unscaled on my ps3 (dont mention 1080p games because those are far and few)and even went out and bought a Samsung 3d tv to play kz3 in 3d. My point being there are adults that work that can and will go out and buy the next big thing. We all know 4k wont be in games because 1080p native console games are a rare breed but in a few years time i would buy a 4k tv for 3,000 (but that's just me).

I hope the new ps4 has 4k capability so that i can watch movies in the future in 4k doesn't matter if i have to wait three years or so.

If Sony didnt push boundaries tech wise it wouldn't distinguish them from the competition. I mean 1st party games would but part of the magic of those first party dev games come from the tech housed in the ps3 and their products.
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millzy102  +   1049d ago
almost everything you said only applies to this gen, ps1 and ps2 where weaker consoles than the competition but ps1 came with audio cd playback and ps2 with dvd (xbox did but you needed an add on) which where huge selling points at the time, they also had alot of third party exclusives mainly silent hill, resident evil (on ps1) and final fantasy, but over the years they lost all of there third party exclusives because there now multi plat. because of this sony brought alot of independent and second party devs to make exclusives for ps3. im not a sony hater infact i love them and owned all there console home and portable, but it annoys me that for the first time that they release the most powerful console everybody re writes history and says they always have when its not the case.
specsmatter  +   1049d ago
Who said always has had the stronger console? I never said that lol Im 34 years old and have been playing games longer than most so sorry bud you have the wronf person. Not once did i say they have always had the stronger console. I said that is what is setting them apart now. Vita is also a testament to this.

Thats what sets them apart now and thats what matters, not them now!!!!! because there is way more competition now on all fronts. And is the part of the reason I go with Sony over others.

Ppl that have been gaming for years dont need a history lesson in consoles ive owned most of them from colecovision, turbografx, neo geo, 3do, saturn, ps, nin 64, etc......

I said push console tech and tht includes dvd, blue ray, etccc and that is something they always do. Psp was also stronger than ds and had better tech behind it.
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cee773  +   1049d ago
ps1 and ps2 were like the first of there gen so of course they would be weaker. But ps1 was has more power than saturn its direct comp thats what you dont realize microsoft and sony are in direct comp this gen and next for specs
zebramocha  +   1049d ago
Both playstation systems came out before both of nintendo's so couldn't do anything on the hardware side to make any deficit.
profgerbik  +   1049d ago
Yes but in my opinion the depth in PS1 games compared to N64 were beyond what Nintendo was even doing at the time. Some of these games were even developed by Sony.

That is what he means by pushing boundaries even though the PS1 was only 32bit and the N64, 64 bit they still managed to produce games that had more depth and much larger scale than most Nintendo games.

What good did it really do when Nintendo wasn't utilizing either of those systems well at the time. They really weren't.

As for the PS2, I don't remember really any Gamecube games other than animal crossing, harvest moon and probably a few others that I played often. I owned it and I had a bunch of games I never played,the Ps2 I was always on there, was always something amazing on it to play.. A lot of games Nintendo just didn't have.. even though the PS2 may not have been more powerful their games and the system showed it didn't need that to beat Nintendo in the same sense of the PS1.

Not to say N64 didn't have some great games but I remember far more from Playstation and like I said what good does it do when you aren't utilizing your hardware to the fullest potential?

Call me hater all you want but just how I feel.

Not to mention you could play imported games on Playstation consoles which added even more variety from games that never even came over seas. It's nice never having your console tied to region like Nintendo's.

Playstation to me has always had the best variety of games to choose from. I would say Nintendo isn't trailing far behind these days and Microsoft to me lacks the most as far as games are concerned but I am sure as they are around more their games will grow.

Luckily for me the company I stick with now is known for putting out the best hardware and software to go with it. It may take them time but it never lets me down.

I prefer a strong finish over a fast start. In my opinion Playstation always finishes the strongest. Maybe not in terms of sales but in terms of what they bring to the table every time.
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joeorc  +   1049d ago
"Sony recently announced a new line of 4K displays, each with far more resolution than anything on the market using a single screen. "

Did these media folks go to CES 2013?

Because i doubt they did, because if they did, this 4K claim is not only wrong, but that Sony is not the only freaking company doing such move's


Nvidia's 'Project Shield' - First portable device to output 4K video

just because your Hardware has the capability does not mean you "Have to" OR WILL DO! it just means you CAN support it.
porkChop  +   1049d ago
Project Shield can only output via HDMI to a 4K TV. That's completely different. These Sony TVs can actually *display* 4K. Understand? Also, last time I checked, things like Project Shield aren't "on the market" as they haven't been released yet.
jukins  +   1049d ago
Until 4k TVs are actually available and affordable Sony should only offer 4k support via an add on then if it actually catches on start baking it in future versions of the ps4
KwietStorm  +   1049d ago
An add on is one of the worst things a game console can offer. I'm suprised anyone would even suggest this. Besides, penetrating the market is the only way products can naturally come down in price.
porkChop  +   1049d ago
I don't think Sony should offer 4K at all with the PS4. You need a tremendous amount of power for a resolution like that, and even top of the line PCs of today struggle to play games in 4K. Sony shouldn't bother with 4K because not only will it be expensive, it would be pointless. 4K won't really have a meaningful penetration of the market for another 5 to 10 years. They should just stick to 1080p, and support 4K when it comes time to release the PS5.
jukins  +   1049d ago
I know add on suck for GAMING, but right now 4k is, in a practical sense, only for benefiting movies. 4k gaming requires way too much power. so if sony really wants to push 4k with the ps4 then, imo, an addon is the only thing that makes sense. I can tell by the disagrees that people think its a bad idea but i think its an even worse idea to pay for 4k abilities when 99.9% wont be able to afford it.
chukamachine  +   1049d ago
I still really don't understand the 360 & 3ds tbh and probably never will.

Neither offer for me anything,lol.

Nintendo's business model is Mario. Gives you a gamecube repacked as a wii.

Microsoft's business model is Master Chief. Gives you Broken shoddy hardware, paytoplay online.

Sony's business model is try all different types of genres, appeal to as many gamers as possible, release games no other company would dare to.

And sony still get it in the neck.

Amazes me.
GribbleGrunger  +   1049d ago
Yeah, 'old road' Isn't negative in this context anyway. So even if people just read the headline, they shouldn't have drawn that conclusion.

I said in another thread that we don't need 4K and perhaps (having looked at that post again) I didn't make myself clear. I wasn't saying that 4k isn't wanted, I was merely pointing out that just throwing a 4k resolution at games won't make them better, and if developers think they can get away with offering us the same experiences again but in 4k, they will. And I still stick my my statement that 1080p at 60fps would be more than adequate, if the developers offer better AI, Better shadowing and more detail.

4K would likely be used for Blu-ray movies, which does offer an advantage for gamers. Why? Because it would mean that there would have to be more storage space on the Blu-ray and we all know how well 1st party developers have taken advantage of that extra space on normal Blu-ray. Imagine if they had 100GB to play with as standard.
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fOrlOnhOpe57  +   1049d ago
Being 4k capable is a great move by Sony in respect of the PS4. Im willing to bet 4k adoption will be significantly widespread and affordable within 3 years time.
If Sony give the PS4 a significant lifespan, then surely such future-proofing will pay dividends in the long run.
stone_cold  +   1049d ago
old but still strong
and not only strong but the strongest company of all time
Belking  +   1048d ago
They used to be strong but nowhere near what they were. Their Tvs, cameras, and music devices have been getting creamed by the competition lately. The game console competition is stronger than ever and they have taken some losses there too. They can get back to where they were though but it will be tough.
abzdine  +   1049d ago
i like PlayStation cause as the name suggests it's all about games!! They get gaming so well done everytime.

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