Sony: 'LittleBigPlanet potentially PS3's biggest game'

Speaking at an event for the game in London, Sony's senior product manager Nick Robinson told that LittleBigPlanet, which allows users to create and share platform-based levels and objects through PSN, will be a triple-A Blu-ray release and will be a fully priced product.

He said: "LittleBigPlanet is potentially our biggest Blu-ray release of 2008. We definitely see it as a triple-A Blu-ray release and will be a full price product."

Robinson also confirmed that Sony plans an open beta for the game at some point before its release, but said it will focus on the creation and sharing side of the game as opposed to traditional platform levels.

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darkvenom3947d ago

more can i say? Everytime I see more info on this game I get even more anxious to play,and create my own levels on this awesome future AAA game.

Skerj3947d ago

They better freaking ADVERTISE it this time.

Fishy Fingers3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

I'm sure they will, they have to!

They need to throw in one of those "real" Sackboys, seen them..?

why cant i upload images...? bah... sorry here's a link...

GodsHand3947d ago

That is pretty cool. I would hope they would release a collers edition with a character from the game.

masterg3947d ago

Im sure they will. But this is one of those games that I think will sell tons on word of mouth.

SUP3R3947d ago

I want that sackboy on Media Molecule's website so bad!
Girls will go crazy for it.

Lifendz3947d ago

this could be killer. "PS3...the machine for the whole family"

You could show a family watching a blu-ray movie. Parents singing along to Singstar, a teenager playing MGS4, and then the young kids playing LBP.

Starting at just 399.99

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deeznuts3947d ago

If they do a marketing blitz (which I'm sure they will) there is almost no chance this thing fails. It is just so appealing on so many levels.

Guitarded3947d ago

If LBP is Sony's biggest Blu-ray release of 2008 then they're in trouble. I predict a major flop.

whoelse3947d ago


Although currently this doesn't appeal to me personally, i know it will and DOES to a lot of other people.

mistertwoturbo3947d ago

If LBP is the PS3's biggest title, then I guess tiny miniscule titles like MGS4, Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 2, and Resistance 2 aint nothing worth mentioning.

*rolls eyes*

TheExecutive3947d ago

i give about a 5% chance of this flopping. Its not going to flop, you can take that to the bank. You would have to know very little about the industry, the trend of gaming in the industry today, and gamers in general if you think this is going to flop.

deeznuts3947d ago

"If LBP is the PS3's biggest title, then I guess tiny miniscule titles like MGS4, Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 2, and Resistance 2 aint nothing worth mentioning."

Why does it have to be one or the other? Nowhere does anyone say there can only be one major title. Only a Sith deals in absolutes! Ooops, I just quoted a movie in a trilogy that never happened!

Anyways, LBP is possibly the biggest title among Big titles. If not, then what's the point of proclaiming one big title among a bunch of small ones? Being the tallest midget isn't something to be that proud of.

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