DMC: Devil May Cry – Review | TGN

TGN writes:

"Dante is back in a reboot of the Devil May Cry series. This game has all the charm and style of the previous games. I am in love with juggling enemies in mid air while I swap from guns to sword to axe. A lot has been said of Ninja Theory and not all of it good, but give this game a chance. I did and I’m happy I did. The story is told in such a stylish way with cut scenes and great voice acting. We meet our hero Dante in his trailer park home as a cute little witch called Cat starts talking to us. We are then flung into the game head on. The story is that Mundus is controlling the world and he has used a financial way to control the world through debt. As for Dante himself he knows he is not human but not his life story."

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