Monday Musings: Will the Wii U's remote play feature mean less dedicated dual-screen games?

Tom at El3tonline writes:

"The Wii U may not be renowned for its graphical horsepower but the console still packs plenty of punch in terms of innovation. The latency of the GamePad’s screen is less than many TVs and the controller allows for both dual-screen and remote play. As far as remote play is concerned, there’s certainly no handheld on the market that can compete with the GamePad in terms of number of buttons and the quality of graphics on display."

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metroid321958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

The wiiu is renowned for its graphics horsepower it's called a gpgpu that hasn't been exploited yet DX11/Opengl4.1 what a joke we havn't had an exclusive game that shows this yet,but there coming so negative,last time i looked a custom E6760/6770 hybrid with Edram is extremly powerful.

PopRocks3591958d ago

Possibly. It's not an outcome I would exactly mind. As far as I'm concerned off-screen play is a real innovation, and I wish it had existed back when I was a kid sharing a TV with my folks.